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December 2011

Day 4 Part 2 – Ra-Men Bankara – The best Ramen in Bangkok

For me, whenever I travel or I know I have a friend in that country, the first thing I always will ask them is what is the best food you would recommend me to eat? I would want to have famous local food, then go to your favourite place to eat. . . Ra-Men Bankara One thing that I have in common with Goft is our taste bud pretty much the same and by far what ever she recommend the food…

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Ipoh Food Hunt (Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun, Best White Coffee & Ipoh Chicken Rice)

Sometimes, when you want to hunt for food, every state also got their own popular food. As for last round long weekend holiday, some friend brought me to his hometown for Ipoh Food Hunt to eat some great food which is nearby Ipoh called Pusing (click here). After that, we head back to Ipoh town to hit on some great food recommended by them. There is this one particular little stall hidden under this huge tree. Some called it Under…

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Value worth buffet – Nagomi Shabu Shabu @ RM32.80++

Coming to year end, its all about festive season and festive season means all about eating! Eat, Eat, Eat and Eat non stop and after my much effort in gym, now I have gain back weight to my previous size…:( I have been eating so much and there are a few places worth recommending. Nagomi Shabu Shabu One promotion is not to be miss is under this Nagomi Shabu Shabu which is a actual Japanese style Steamboat not like those outside…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9″ with Celcom

I have never actually own a tablet before, as I have just recently converted myself to a smartphone user. There are a few brands out there, that the device just evolve, some gets better resolution, system and performance, and some even got smaller, more compact and handy! I guess that  most people would like to get their hands on that devices or add on to their Christmas wish list. One of the latest tablet that just hit to the market…

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Motorsport @ Petronas: Part 2 – Jorge Lorenzo

Last round, you guys get to know who is Ben Spies (click here), and now this hot shot from a city that also famous for their football club. Hint, Lionel Messi .. So manage to guess which city that [email protected] going after? This round they are heading to yes! Barcelona one of the world famous city to go after Jorge Lorenzo that says: Hola a todos~ Its Spanish and that’s means ‘Hi Everyone’. A rider that idolize by many fans…

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Nostalgie Cafe @ Steward Lane, Penang

An island up in the north, which is rich with heritage and famous for its food, who does not know this island Penang? Well, one thing cannot be denied that, after a few areas have got awarded as UNESCO heritage area. . tourism industry had push up to another level, with a mark on the map by knowing its one of heritage spot! Nostalgie Cafe [UPdate: No Longer in Operation] Good thing is this heritage area had attracted many tourist and many…

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