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February 2015

Okonomi @ Publika

Eat eat and eat non stop was the moto over Chinese New Year and this is one of the latest outlet that we hunt for which is Okonomi, that just opens its door to public about 2-3 months ago. Its quite a unique shop as the item that they are offering is pretty interesting food menu, also one of their signature is their very own specialise customised sushi rolls from array of ingredient such as crab, salmon, shrimp, ebiko, baby octopus, lobster,…

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Ewe Hokkien Mee & Loh Mee @ Perak Road

While on the way back for CNY and my friend mention that, we should stop by one of her favourite Hokkien Mee stall before heading to another location. Of course when comes to food how can I reject and especially when back to Penang. She brought me to this apartment area and there is a small little shop that operate right below it. Ewe Hokkien Mee & Loh Mee is pretty well known among the neighbourhood and often its sold…

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Thailand Tomyum Mee @ Kimberly Street, Penang

[Update – 17th May 2015 : The Coffeeshop have close down, therefore all the stalls inside are no longer in operation, pending further notice from my friend on his new location, Kimberly Street] Street food is one of a well know signature for Penang and this round I am back to hunt for more food. So drop by to pay a visit at this little confusing shop Kedai Tauhu Beku Organic as one of my best friend had just open…

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The Big Fat Hen Cafe @ Chime Heritage,Penang

In my last round posting regarding on this upcoming heritage area in Penang, that also becoming one of the hotspot for cafe. I was walking around and undecided which outlet to go in then randomly pop into this outlet because of the friendly waiter. . The Big Fat Hen Cafe is also one of the latest addition to that area and have quite a unique concept itself. Love the interior as the past used old story books onto the wall to…

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CNY Roast Pork with Morganfield, Publika

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I have seen many companies are doing their closing ceremony dinner with their colleagues and friends. This year, Morganfield is also arranging something new to offer. Pork-sperity is available on 2 version RM18.80 (2-3pax) and RM 38.80 (4-5pax). served along with pork belly slices, mixed salad, roasted nuts, mandarin oranges, tortilla chips, sweet & sour plum. i The usual damage that cause after lou sang as this is a pretty decent one.…

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Shinyaki – Yakiniku & Sushi @ M Avenue, Segambut, KL

For a small little hide out, I would consider Shinyaki is a hidden gem in Segambut area. To pay a decent meal to get a decent quality is pretty hard till I discover this place. I have pass M Avenue numerous times as its just behind my house at Segambut area and did not even realise, in this area there is a gem in it. Shinyaki – Yakiniku & Sushi is a hidden gem in this area. Its more like,…

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