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February 2018

5 street food to order at Old Green House Kopitiam @ Burma Road, Penang

Well, alot of outstation folks come here to hunt for one item, particularly one food stall which is the famous Old Green house Hokkien Mee (prawn noodle) that is known to many travelers. The specialty is that you can add ingredient from the sides which makes them quite overrated and also very expensive. I come here for different reason and here is my Top 5 street food to order at Old Green House Kopitiam.   Curry Mee It is hard to…

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Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar @ Kota Damansara

Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar 如狄福 is one of a restaurant that I saw many people blogged about and also instagrammer do post alot. Many said that this is the most “atas” wan tan mee stall that you could find and I could’nt agree more. Street food that take a notch up. Love the ambiance of this place, is like modern Hong Kong downtown refurbish hidden joint. Reason of a noodle bar, as they do offer cocktails and alcohol too.…

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Cola cola Stevia now available in 7-11 in Malaysia

Cola cola Stevia now available in 7-11 in Malaysia. A new version of coke which is 35% less sugar and taste is pretty similiar to Coke original. Coca-Cola Stevia is available at 7 Eleven outlets nationwide from January 2018. From March 2018 onwards, it will be available nationwide in all major retailers. It is the latest addition to the Coca-Cola family which currently includes Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Light Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coke Vanilla “We are continually listening to the…

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Golden Shower by ChinChin @ Penang

Golden Shower by ChinChin is the most hype bar at the moment in Penang. For One simple reason, because everything is nearly in pink. It is a bar that near every instagrammer is hitting on cause there locations are pretty. Their grand entrance turns out to be a luxury toilet concept, which mark this the first location for shots. Upon walking through the toilet door, you are greeted with a dim room that is artistically painted like street walks in…

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Chan Sin Kee Pontian Noodle @ Kota Damansara

Chan Sin Kee Pontian Noodle is one of a new eatery that me and my colleague try it out. Read up that current owner is the third generation whom are holding the helm for this brand. They still make their own noodles and you have a choice of wantan mee and mee pok when ordering. The unique thing about this shop is that their Wan tan mee serve with chili sauce in it. That makes me quite curious about the…

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