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Nespresso Limited Edition Coffee Houses: Cafe Istanbul

You may be familiar with Turkish coffee, made in that little special pot dipped in hot sand. But today, let’s step back in time to the social beginnings of Turkish coffee, specifically in the vibrant city of Istanbul during the 16th century. Back then, it was said that the beans came from Yemen and then blended with coffee from the East Indies and India. People would enjoy the coffee in coffee houses, which are apparently ancient equivalents of kopitiams today…

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Pavilion Hotel @ Bukit Bintang, KL

Bukit Bintang is the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A shopping paradise for many travelers around the region. Easily pack with at least 6 shopping malls along the stretch. Not only that, hotel chains flocks around the area as the latest hotel that establish just right to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is Pavilion Hotel. The hotel just opened its door to public for less than 6 months. One of a convenient hotel that sits right in the same building as the mall.…

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Nespresso Malaysia with RM 288 Off

The coffee trend in Malaysia is still picking up as the months go by. We’re getting spoilt with more choices than ever before, but most brands come up short when offering an authentic coffee experience in the comfort of your own home – unlike Nespresso. Nespresso Malaysia offers authentic flavours from all around the world; a sustainable coffee experience from the cherries they pick to the coffee I can make on my own! A perfect cup, for a perfect start.…

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Julie’s Love Letters, A Taste You Will Never Forget

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. One of a occasion that every one will gather especially in the eve of Chinese New Year to enjoy a sumptuous meal together. Before the celebration, everyone will be busy sending and receiving gifts or hampers from friends, family or business associates. Julie’s Love Letters are not only a taste of beautiful memories for most Malaysians, but the most appropriate gift you can get for your relatives and friends. The love…

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Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) @ Ipoh

Drive pass by this place on the highway couples of times few years back when it was under construction. More surprising to me is that a theme park in Ipoh? Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) at Ipoh started operating since June 2017. When it mention Animation park, I certainly do have expectation in it and it is the first in Malaysia. At least it is something different that tons of water park we have in Malaysia. It was our company…

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