I am pretty sure that most of you have known this brand, The Chicken Rice Shop by now. A brand that is no stranger to most of us whenever it comes to a chicken rice chain shop. They are located in nearly every mall in the country. To mark their milestone in achieving 100 outlets, The Chicken Rice Shop will be running their Jom Sama-Sama Makan 100 Outlets Celebration to reward their customers that have been with them all these years.

It’s a good thing that I decided to come early that day to avoid the busy crowd because it’s usually packed all day long!

The Chicken Rice Shop (32)

On 1st July 2019, the first 100 tables will receive a FREE TCRS Single Combo Meal Voucher, TCRS Cooler Bag and TCRS Special 100 Outlets T-Shirt. This free giveaway starts from 12.30pm while stocks last.

Followed by their RM10 For 2 Single Combo Meal Set from 2 – 5 July 2019, starting from 12.30pm-1.30pm with a minimum dine-in of 2 pax. That’s right! You and your friend can enjoy 2 Single Combo Meal Sets as the picture above for only RM10!

The Chicken Rice Shop (1)

The Chicken Rice shop is indeed no stranger to me as I have been dining in at their restaurant since my college days, which is about 15 years ago. Also, whenever my Malay friends ask for chicken rice recommendations, this is one of the shops that I always recommend. The consistency of their product has always been there which always impresses me.

The Chicken Rice Shop (2)

The Chicken Rice Shop (35)

Over the years, their menu has expanded and they now serve a variety of chicken aside from their Roasted or Steamed Chicken.

The Chicken Rice Shop (3)

This is also their latest outlook for their outlet.

The Chicken Rice Shop (4)

from left to right: Berrylicious, Lime Mint Supreme, Soya Rainbow, Lychee Tealicious, Berry Jelly Fizz, Famous Kuching 3 Layer Tea and Cendolcino.

The Chicken Rice Shop (16)

If you come with a big group or team, their Family Fiesta Set for 5-6 pax @ RM 119.55 is indeed more than enough. I feel that it is possible to feed 7-8 pax instead. It comes with a huge range of dishes that packs your table like you are having a buffet spread.

The Chicken Rice Shop (17)

The Chicken Rice Shop (18)

I am not a fan of ladies’ fingers but I do like how they made their Spicy Savoury Ladies’ Fingers. It is nicely cooked and topped with their chili and soy sauce which is just perfect. The Kerabu Mango also has its own unique taste as the mango slices are thin and sour enough. Among these 2, I enjoy the Spicy Savoury Ladies’ Fingers more.

The Chicken Rice Shop (25)

The Chicken Rice Shop (19)

Hong Kong Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce

The Chicken Rice Shop (20)

Their Roast Chicken is soft and juicy. What’s important to me is the soy sauce base. Steamed Chicken is done well too.

The Chicken Rice Shop (21)

The Chicken Rice Shop (22)

Tofu with Oyster Sauce

The Chicken Rice Shop (23)

Famous Stuffed Fish Ball is pretty good too. Soft and slightly bouncy, it comes with juicy minced chicken filling too.

The Chicken Rice Shop (24)

One of my favourites is their Nyonya Pai Tee with its crispy cup crust and filling! Remember to drench it with their chili sauce. The quality has very much maintained since many years back.

The Chicken Rice Shop (9)

The taste of the Nyonya Assam Fish is like Asam Pedas which is sour and mild spicy end. If you love BBQ Chicken, this is indeed a good one as the bbq sauce is good.

The Chicken Rice Shop (10)

Prime Honey BBQ Chicken

The Chicken Rice Shop (11)

One of my fav Nyonya Assam Fish, eat it while it is hot.

The Chicken Rice Shop (12)

Hainanese Curry chicken

The Chicken Rice Shop (13)

Penang Famous Chicken Rolls is a good starter to hit off before the set comes in.

The Chicken Rice Shop (14)

Rojak Buah to finish at the end?

The Chicken Rice Shop (15)

Clockwise from top: Penang Rojak, Penang Famous Chicken Rolls and Spicy Penang Chai Boay (Spicy Mixed Vegetables)

The Chicken Rice Shop (26)

Spicy Penang Chai Boay (Spicy Mixed Vegetables)

The Chicken Rice Shop (28)

Family fiesta meal for 5-6 pax

The Chicken Rice Shop (30)

One of the main item that you shall not miss on your table is their sauce. Chili and ginger sauce is a must have to eat along with the chicken. Dark soy sauce will be depending on your own taste preference.

The Chicken Rice Shop (34)

Lets dig In.

The Chicken Rice Shop (36)

Lastly, Penang Cendol as a closure?

The Chicken Rice Shop is indeed one of my favourite HALAL Chicken Rice shop in the mall. Did my last Buka Puasa with my team in this place too.

For The Chicken Rice location – do click here.

Lammeeya had been establish as one of a household name in KL many years back or even when I was in college time. When comes to KL version Lam Mee, I thought of them. Now, they have new menu that rolling out and also introducing some new home-cook food style with super food of healthy vegetable that they specifically pick from a farm. Curry Fish head being one of the latest signature.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (2)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (3)

Curry Fish Head @ RM 98 (medium). A pot of pippin hot clay pot fish head is indeed a pot that you will be looking at during rainy season. A mixture of spices that pump into the claypot that give you the taste of a mixture of nyonya and Penang style combine. Slightly thick in gravy yet hint of spices at the after taste. Curry is not spicy as they are more on the fragrant side.

Best of all, can convert into mini steamboat after you are done. So it is kinda 2 in 1 pot. (scroll down for more)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (5)

Very fresh fish that they are using and easily about 6 pieces.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (6)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (7)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (8)

This is their super food Bio-Dynamic Vegetable – Pea Sprout with Egg @ RM 16.90. A simple dish that pack with flavour to my liking. Vegetable certainly taste different from what we always have. Texture and taste is also diff itself. – recommended

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (11)

Even their Four Season Bean with Chinese Olive does not taste bitter like what I usually have. Freshness of it and a little hint of sweetness at the end is quite unique. @ RM 15.90

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (9)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (13)

Ginger Wine Omelette is one of my fvourite simple dish from this outlet. A dish that I would always order.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (14)

Onion Oil Tofu is steam, drench with their own special soy sauce and best of all with pork lard. Yumz!

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (10)

When we are done with the curry, we convert it into a mini steamboat by ordering extra steamboat ingredient. They add in their house signature broth and do be aware that the soup is unlimited refill, however not the Curry in the claypot. The more you add, the flavour will be diluted.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (12)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (15)

House special mix pork ball.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (16)

Crispy fried fish skin

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (17)


Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (18)

Hong Kong style bean curd

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (19)

We are all quite satisfied after with curry fish head and with mini steamboat to end the meal.

Lameeya at The School by Jaya One
100-G21, The School Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7496 0670

Operating Hours: 11am – 9.30pm

I was told by a few friends, Setia Alam is like a dead zone when it comes for good Chinese food. Most of the folks in this area will either go to Klang or Subang. Past weekend, my friend insisted I head over to Klang to find them and introduce me this Restaurant Xin See Foo Zai Seafood Village.

xin see foo zai (1)

This place is indeed hidden from the main road of residence area as it is operating behind the busy main street for the past 5 years. I would say its a hidden gem in Setia Alam. The chef had vast Chinese experience by learning from different chef by preserving and serve the best of his skills to us, diners with authentic strong flavours. He has 15 years of chef experience under his belt.

xin see foo zai (2)

xin see foo zai (3)

When you ask for menu? We are ask to look at the wall, as the people in this restaurant works differently. So ended up we ask what is the best or recommended dish.

xin see foo zai (6)

Start off with chef signature, Special Pork Ribs with marmite and special sauce mixture @ RM 38. Pork is marinated over hours, steam then fried. When it was serve on the table, the aroma trails around the table is gooooodd! Then you know that this is going to be good. The colour, the caramelization on the pork, the thick sauce and goeyness of it.

xin see foo zai (7)

A piece like this is heaven, soft, juicy, meat just tears apart easily and fats that melt in your mouth. Sauce is spot on and if this could mix with asam curry on my rice, it will be match made in heaven.

xin see foo zai (8)

This is very interesting and it reminds me of my childhood food that my grandma used to cook. It had been ages since I last taste such food. Fish with Black Bean Paste @ RM 32. Filled with wok hei, and just look at the topping of pork lard in this dish.

Fish is soft, fresh, aromatic as the flavour of dry chili, onions and eat it along with a cube of pork lard is just bursting with flavours in your mouth.

xin see foo zai (9)

xin see foo zai (10)

Everyone can cook veggie. A veggie that is stir fried with ‘wok hei’ is not an easy task yet preserving the greens that the Kai Lan is still crips and top with salted dry fish flavour that is not overpowering the sauce with hint of chili spicy at the end.

xin see foo zai (12)

This was a random order as there was only 3 of us, then we decided to order a fried rice. My friend in particular want a veggie fried rice and it turns out to be one of a top fried rice in our list. The rice is punch with ‘wok hei’ , love the rice that is so dry and we wallop the whole plate till it clean like a new wash plate.

It had been ages since I last had a very good “tai chow” place and this certainly top in my recommended list. We will definitely be back with more friends to try it out. Could it be one of the best Chinese Restaurant in Setia Alam? Shall let you guys vote it out.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, very good, been ages since I last had good Tai Chow~RECOMMENDED -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restaurant Xin See Foo Zai Seafood Village
42 & 46G, Y, 9, Jalan Setia Indah
U13/10, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor

operating hours:
Tuesday to Sunday : 11am – 3pm/ 5.30pm – 10.30pm

tel: 012-394 6657

Who is in for this Portuguese Grilled Fish in Petaling Street? They used to be one of the most famous grill fish in this area and the queue was crazy. At least 60-90 minutes queue. Used to take number then walk around in the area to come back for this awesome dish.

portugese grill fish (2)

We decided to pay a visit again before heading into this new Speakeasy bar – The Deceased and upon reaching, we found that there is a separation seating area. How is it right now? Well, I believe still the same group of people are managing it.

portugese grill fish (3)

Fit with variety of home made gravy that hit on your palate.

portugese grill fish (4)


portugese grill fish (6)

Ingredeint are still being prepared fresh.

portugese grill fish (7)

My favourite when comes to grill fish is still stingray.

portugese grill fish (8)

portugese grill fish (9)

Ordered a few to check it out and seems that their gravy have toned down. Prawns are fresh and mini squid is just perfect combination. Spiciness of it is not longer a bit hit on spot and with very mild sweet end.

portugese grill fish (10)

portugese grill fish (11)

Lala was one of their best seller and of course its a must order too, for my personal liking order dish. Pretty good and fresh and serve along with ladies finger. those of you like this would find this a great dish.

portugese grill fish (12)

portugese grill fish (14)

here comes my grill stingray fish, as the fish is not too bad, meat softness is there and gravy for this is slightly spicier. Put onto your rice is just a great combination.

portugese grill fish (13)

portugese grill fish (15)

portugese grill fish (17)

portugese grill fish (18)

Portugese grill Fish Special pricing is not too bad as small starts from only RM 11 and the ingredient they give is pretty decent. Do note that they are pretty strict over no outside drinks.

portugese grill fish (19)

portugese grill fish (20)

As I mention there are 2 section of seating area now. The one right infront of Hong Leong Bank belongs to another hawker. For Ikan Pangang Portugis Istimewa is at this side alley.

portugese grill fish (21)

portugese grill fish (22)

After your meal, you must not miss to cool down your tummy with the famous Air Mata Kuching in China Town. This Air Mata Kuching in Petaling street had been here for ages and they have another outlet in Mid valley.

portugese grill fish (23)

portugese grill fish (24)

I always had 2 glass by myself.

portugese grill fish (25)

the Ikan Pangang is no longer as good as it used to be. Their quality had dropped over the years and no longer a bit hit as it used to be 15 years ago.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, used to be very good -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Portuguese Grilled Fish
by Hong Leong Bank, Petaling Street
50000 Kuala Lumpur
(landmark – Hong Leong Bank)

GPS: 3.144501, 101.697725
Tel: 019 315 9448

Operating Hours: 6pm – 1am

One of the latest introduction by one of the reader was told to come over this place to try it out.  So, since it was weekend and not too far from my place, hence drop by to try out this Hennessy XO Seafood Noodles at Kepong

Xo noodle (1)

Xo noodle (2)

Indeed a very busy stall at 12pm and operate by a young man.

Xo noodle (3)

More interesting is that the stall uses Hennessy VSOP to infuse into the soup. So imagine on the taste profile.

Xo noodle (4)

Xo noodle (5)

Xo noodle (6)

Xo noodle (8)

I am certainly impress with the amount of ingredient that they are using. Kinda generous though.

Xo noodle (7)

Their signature Hennessy XO noodle soup.

Xo noodle (11)

Ordered their both signature as was told by the stall owner that the Seafood salted egg yolk noodle @ RM 20 is also one of their best seller.

Xo noodle (10)

Serve with one big head prawn, scallop at least 5 pieces and clams. Seafood is indeed fresh, and did not over cook the seafood. Just nice.

Xo noodle (12)

First few bite of the noodle is indeed tastefully good. However, after a few bite, I felt it is too creamy to my liking from the salted egg yolk and milk. Best advise to share with a friend to enjoy the best taste of it. Love their been hoon texture as it is quite different from others that I have eaten.

Xo noodle (16)

Xo noodle (17)

Since the big head prawn was cook to perfection and not to waste on the oozing prawn head sauce, I just pour it out and mix it with my noodle. Little did I know that it did enhance the noodle taste.

Xo noodle (15)

As for their Hennessy XO Seafood Noodle is indeed fragrant, alcohol taste is not too overpowering and is just nice. Seafood sweetness taste is there too. I can just finish this whole bowl myself. @ RM 18

Once a while to have this noodle is not too bad. Worth to give it a try.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7.5/10 , once a while seafood noodle, quite good though! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Keng Nam Hai coffee shop
No 1, Jalan Prima 1
Pusat Niaga Metro Prima Kepong, 52100 Kepong
Business hours: 8am till finish

(Opposite Jusco Kepong)

How is your food hunt around Subang Area for Kopitiam after closure of Asia Café, hence come out with Top 8 food in Rock Café after recent discovery. Personally after the closure, it not a good experience for my end, and ended up at Uptown Damanara Hokkien Mee. this place was introduce by my friend there is this food court that they always visit especially for football matches. You will be surprise on the amount of crowd. Rock Café sure is not one of a hiddem gem but its an good old discovery. .

Rock Cafe (1)

Friend explain to me on a few fact about this Café.

  1. Open 24 hours. Like Mamak.
  2. With selection of more than 30 types of food. NONE Repetitive.
  3. A great combination of Halal and non Halal food that makes is a cool 1 Malaysia foodcourt.
    1. For some of the folks that are concern, there is some assurance for you reduce your worry. They have sperate cutleries and washing area through colour separation for utensils and plates.
    2. One of the manager came from hotel industry hence the strict separation cutleries and washing area.
  4. They have customer reward day. At times you can get Milo Ais for as low as RM 1.
  5. Have football match with some interesting event over big games. Do check out their FB.
  6. Best of all, they have lost and found department. If you lost anything here, do check out at their main cashier counter. Chances of you finding back, could be 50%-50%.
  7. Safety at night? Worry free as they work closely with Police to have Police peronda every 1 hour.

Rock Cafe (2)

The Café have indoor and outdoor area. Of course outdoor is more chilling in the evening. Tried a few items in this food court, and this is my personal pick food stalls if you are here.

Rock Cafe (3)

NO.1 Ayam Bakar – Jakarta. I have always miss my Indonesian food and this stall do give you one of the best for coffee shop quality. It is very near to the street food that I have miss in Jakarta Pusat.

Chicken is maritated to perfection, grill till it is not too dry, yet juicy inside out and you can see the shinning glaze of marination on the skin. To eat along with their Nasi Bakar is a perfect pair. Eat along with sambal with hit you with the heat and spiciness that you need.

Just a simple awesome dish that you should not miss if you are here.

Rock Cafe (4)


Rock Cafe (5)

No.2 Uncle huat Fried Rice

Classic food meet classic place. One of the most busy stall in this area is Uncle Huat Fried Rice. To do a fried rice sounds easy but it was never easy. Rice fried till very fragrant and love the texture of pieces with wok hei and dry. Top with a “hor pau tan” and soy soauce is the best combination that you could ask for. Best of all, can add char siew and prawns. Favourite! Do prepare to wait 45 minutes to 1 hour for this Fried Rice.

Rock Cafe (6)

Rock Cafe (7)

No.3 Uncle Tan’s Portuguese Grilled Fish

One of the best stall from Asia Café is Uncle Tan’s had move to Rock Café. Famous for their fresh seafood as uncle Tan himself head over to Pulau Ketam every morning. Choosing the best fresh ingredients to be serve at his stall. You can choose a few cooking style.

Rock Cafe (8)

Rock Cafe (9)

Rock Cafe (10)

No.4 – Mushroom King

Was told that this is the original founder of fried mushroom that started in kopitiam before flourish and boom into Pasar Malam and kopitiam. Using their own special recipe for their buttered fried mushroom. Something simple that I like and best to go with beer. Price is very reasonable.

Rock Cafe (11)

No.5 Grannys Nyonya Kitchen

If you miss your Melaka nyonya style food, then this is one of the stall that you can pay a visit. Curry is creamy thick and curry spices fragrant did not overpower it. Chicken is is cook nicely where it is still soft and juicy. Sambal brings you slight sweet spiciness to compliments it.

Rock Cafe (12)

Rock Cafe (13)

No.6. Western food Corner.

I have been looking out for Kopitiam western food and this stall turns out to be not too bad. Hence falls into my no.7 top choices.

Rock Cafe (14)

No.7. Japanese Corner.

As for Café quality, this Japanese chicken Don is not too bad a tall. Generous portion of fried chicken, top with an egg and their special sauce is indeed simple and no complains.

Rock Cafe (15)

No. 8. Indo Mee Spicy.

If I do not know what to eat, the easiest option is to go for Indo MEe and this version is Indo Mee Deli Hell Spicy. Not as spicy as it mention as it is quite alright for me.

Rock Cafe (16)

Rock Cafe (17)

Going for a value for money meal, then this Grilled Chicken with Arabic Pita (with an option to change pita to nasi Briyani). With the portion and amount that you are paying, it is in deed value for money. My version of eating is to tear my chicken into pieces and of course do remember to squeeze the lime onto it. Tear, the pita bread, add on some chicken and may noise then, bon apetite.

Rock Cafe (18)

Rock Cafe (19)

Other items that you can try is : TAndori Chicken, Roti Canai Burger, Japanese Curry Chicken Rice, Classic China pull noodle (available dry or soup) and if you love strong peppercorn taste, you will love it.

Rock Cafe (20)

Rock Cafe (21)

Rock Cafe (22)

For happy hour, they do have special promotion for 1 bucket of Sommersby with 4 bottles @ RM 46 and Carlsberg Smooth Draught @ RM 56 with 3 bottles (Large)

Certainly a nice place for simple food and value for money.

Disclaimer – I have visited during their lunch time and some stalls only operate in the afternoon. 

Rock Cafe
Jalan PJS 11/20,
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Subang Jaya, Selangor

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