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Just right before MCO bought a new Air Fryer and less than 18 months have to grab another one. This Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A Unboxing & Review attracted my attention. One because is digital and I bought it from Shopee.

gaabor air fryer GA-E6A

What I feel that digital and non digital does not make any much difference. I find that those with the 2 turn knob is better. Reason is you can control. Here is more like touch screen. 

I think they also famous for Gaabor Rice Cooker and also Gaabor Cordless Vacumm Cleaner.


 Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A unboxing

Gaabor Electric Air Fryer GA-E6A obtain the SIRIM certificate. The old packaging has no SIRIM label, but it does not affect the overall use and after-sale. The new and old packaging will be shipped randomly.

【Product Description】


Product Name:Electric Oven (Air Fryer)


Rated capacity: 6.0L

Rated power:1700W

Rated voltage:220~240V

Rated frequency:50~60Hz

Plug Type: Malaysia 3 Pin Plug

Color: White

Inner tank material: non-stick coating


🍚Controlled with PC, equipped with touch screen for precise temperature control;

🍚360 Degree 3D hot air circulation, heating evenly;

🍚Automatic power-off memory, energy saving, safe and assuring;

🍚Food grade non-stick frying basket, trouble-free cleaning;

🍚8 functional menus, easy mastery of various cuisines;

🍚 Anti-scalding one-key cover opening;

🍚 Low fat and oil-free, healthy and effortless cooking;


🍚Dikawal dengan PC, dilengkapi dengan skrin sentuh untuk kawalan suhu yang tepat;

🍚Peredaran udara panas 360 Darjah 3D, pemanasan sekata;

🍚Memori pemadam kuasa automatik, penjimatan tenaga, selamat dan terjamin;

🍚Bakul menggoreng tidak melekat gred makanan, pembersihan tanpa masalah;

🍚8 menu berfungsi, mudah menguasai pelbagai masakan;

🍚 Pembukaan penutup satu kunci anti-melecur;

🍚 Memasak rendah lemak dan bebas minyak, sihat dan mudah;


Gaabor Air Fryer Review

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Gaabor Rice Cooker Review



I try it out with frozen scallop and turns out to be not too bad. I choose prawn as one of the setting with 200 degree and 8 minutes. I think can set it to be 12 minutes would be great. Gonna do some more experiment with some air fryer recipe. 

Simple review of Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A.


Can shop at Shopee :Air Fryer 6L

One of my latest haul from Shopee is this new Gemilai CRM3605 Italian espresso Coffee Machine Review to share with all of you. Yup, I now have total 3 units of coffee and will be selling the other 2 (donlim and petrus)

Gemilai CRM3605 (8)

I was told that this is by far the entry lvl of proffesional series and decided to get one to begin with. Comes with very outlook and stainless steel body Gemilai CRM3605 is your barista. This is a 15-bar pressure power machine. Not only that, the coffee maker can make different kinds of coffee with steam function. My review and user experience as below.

Bought it from another seller, however this seller is now cheaper in Shopee and Selangor seller :

Gemilai CRM3605 (6)

Gemilai CRM3605 Italian espresso Coffee Machine unboxing for your reference. This is the new edition accoridng to the seller as the gemilai the branding word comes only in 1 logo instead previously got mini tagline below.

Winning point for me are:

  1. led lighting
  2. digital timer countdown
  3. love the pressure meter in the middle.
  4. auto stop which is set manually at 25 second.
  5. 58 mm portafilter  (weight about 480g) which is similar to cafe standard. (using average 18-22 gram coffee powder


  1. milk frothing pressure not consistent. Fast then slow then fast. will certainly impacting the swirl. DO let me know if you guys face the same problem as me – as the seller told me its normal, my friend said no.
  2. very sensitive espresso grind size. If you got the right grind size, the pressure meter will show in the middle 12o’clock and perfect drip
  3. if the size is not right, it will become watery and extract very fast.

Gemilai CRM3605 price


Gemilai CRM3605 lazada

The brush is for the purpose of washing the mouth of espresso.

Gemilai CRM3605 (4)

Close up look of the machine where it does look sturdy and solid with its stainless steel outlook. The rest behind are more like better quality plastic or PVC with heat resistance.

Gemilai CRM3605 spec

More professional look of steam head and knob.

Gemilai CRM3605 (5)


Gemilai CRM3605 (7)

Temping with solid head is different. certainly makes it more flat and compact compare to the plastic.

Gemilai CRM3605 (3)

This portafilter handle is very solid that easily weigh about 480 g compare to Petrus plastic holder which is about 160g.

Gemilai CRM3605 (10)











Look at the crema estract. quite perfect.milk froth

Even the milk froth is longer than usual. Which had a set back of slow and fast pressure. overall is kinda perfect.

Gemilai CRM3605 shopee

Look at my cuppa latte. Near to a glass of cafe quality.

  1. Gemilai CRM3605 comes with 1450W power, which allows it to be efficient and fast. The coffee machine can make a single cup of excellent coffee in just 25 seconds.
  2. The coffee machine is capable of electronically controlling the temperature. In other words, The smart temperature control in the CRM3605 coffee machine makes it possible for you to make coffee with a fantastic taste.
  3. The coffee machine has a 58mm single layer portafilter or coffee handle. The portafilter helps it brew coffee more effectively. Not only that, the pre-soaking function in the coffee machine enables the coffee maker to extract evenly.
  4. The design of CRM3605 makes it incredibly convenient to use. The coffee machine has a 1.7L water tank and a removable water tray that makes it easier for users to clean the coffee machine.

Gemilai CRM3605 Espresso Machine Spec Features:
Model: CRM3605
Voltage: 220-240 V, 50Hz, 1450 W
Capacity: 1.7 L
Pressure: 15 bar
Gross weight: about 8.5 kg
Product Size: 285x257x315 mm
Coffee time: 25 seconds / cup
Use: Cafe / Bar Ect.

Independent hot water outlet
Works 12 hours continuously (according to seller)
11. 2 seconds pre-soaking time, Improve the flavor of Espresso and increase the extraction rate

​Tips :
1.For the coffee powder, normally we suggest use the fresh coffee bean and use the coffee grinder to adjust the fines .
For the double cup: we suggest 18-20g

2.The pressure of coffee is not as high as possible. The best pressure is 7-9Bar, but if you want higher pressure, you should grind the coffee powder more finely, put a little more powder, and the temperature of the water should not be too High, otherwise coffee will have a burnt smell .

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Got this unit during Shopee 11.11 sale with an average selling price of RM 650. I got this Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Review at RM 580 , basic set that got a free 64gb ultra fast memory card, which is not too bad. The cheapest I saw was in Lazada at RM 530 after you collect all those vouchers.

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Picture unboxing

in the seller listing, I just choose Basic Set: – Original Cable – Original Adapter – 1 Year Warranty Card and the colour I got for this is grey.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite price

Comes in 2 colour.  Galaxy Tab Lite Grey or silver.

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite grey

overall my 4 tips for this unit are:

1. Budget branded .
2. sleek and lightweight
3. fast charging
4. budget friendly for parents and kids

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite vs A7

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Picture spec

Specification of Galaxy Tab A7 Lite:

  •  4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
  • 8.7” WXGA+ Display – Android – MediaTek MT8768T
  • 2GHz Quad-Core
  • Rear Camera 8MP AF
  • Front Camera 2MP
  • 64GB Storage Capacity + 4GB of RAM
  • Expandable MicroSD up to 1TB – WiFi
  • Support Fast Charging 15W
  • Accelerometer, Light Sensor, Dual Speaker
  • 5,100mAh Battery

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite video quality

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite picture quality direct from the tablet with no edit. Colour is abit pale and the contract of it is also off.

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Picture

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Picture review

as budget tablet that I bought for around RM 580 during 11.11 its quite a great bargain. Perfect for normal usage especially parents with kids that wanted them for their online class or a substitute for client presentation that is bigger than your phone or even for parents.

Not a perfect gaming unit for gamer as the OS is abit slow but for normal games still works well.

I bought this Galaxy Tab A7 Lite in Shopee. Do check out in Lazada too

buy here :

I am not too sure why my sister bought another handheld vacumm as I already got one. Oh well, then I am taking this opportunity to do Chigo Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Review and Unboxing.

to purchase:

light handheld vacumm cleaner

A lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner that perfectly suits for lady as it is easy to carry around, can be in your room, car, as  camping vacuum or even to parents house.


Chigo Vacumm Cleaner

  • Suction Power: 16,000 PA
  • Battery Type: 25.2V 2000mah LITHIUM-ION REMOVABLE BATTERY/4.8 Meters Insulated Power Cord
  • Run time: Cordless up to 40 minutes
  • Inverter Cyclone Technology: Smart Inverter Cyclone Motor with a high speed rotation of 76,000rpm, delivering powerful suction through cleaning while remaining cordless.
  • Cleanable HEPA Filter: Advanced cleanable HEPA filter, captures 99.5% of dust and mites in indoor environment, giving you a better, more hygienic living atmosphere.
  • Detachable Brush: Gets rid of tangled hair and fiber from the brush.
  • Agile Turning: Seamless design allows you to navigate easily around your home without hitting obstacles.
  • Removable washable dust cap: Just turn the dust cap and you can remove it totally and wash it clean. Model: wired + standard √Blue plastic tube*2√Composite floor brush√Long flat brush

Vacuum:16KPa Power: 600W
Noise value: less than 70dB
Net weight: 1.3kg
Line length:4.5M
Dust cup capacity:0.8L
Charging cable length:1.8m

Chigo Handheld Vacumm Cleaner

light handheld vacumm cleaner

to purchase:

Who is not a fan of Japanese Green tea or even Japanese Hojicha? This is actually quite interesting as Honyama Hojicha is a Japanese Premium Hoji Cha from Shizuoka Prefecture or Shizuoka Prefecture actually has a long history of producing high quality green tea and is one of the largest tea producing regions in Japan.

japan tea from Shizuoka Prefecture

The prefecture easily covering over 40% of the country’s overall tea production. They have the most ideal ideal climate of 14-16 degree in diverse topography. Most tea farms in Shizuoka are family-owned and harvest are still done by hand, ensuring only the best tea leaves are picked and sent for processing. .

japanese hojicha

I am also a big fan of Genmaicha or Hoji Cha. A popular method of processing is through roasting of the tea leaves to produce a distinct toasty flavour, or some burnt after taste.

Japan Tea Experience

The production of Hoji Cha is a precise process requiring the tea leaves to be roasted at a very high temperature to bring out the umami flavour of the tea. This part of the tea processing, heating, and packaging is usually done by a wholesaler rather than the tea farmers, who prefers to focus on the tea cultivation and harvesting.

As we know, Japanese certainly fully emphasis on their quality of nearly all their products. To ensure the best quality being produces, the expertise required for this process takes many years to perfect and thus, there are not many Hoji Cha manufacturers. So yah, the prefecture itself, the are about only 15 producers that specialize it and only around 50 companies in whole Japan.

Hoji Cha

Just look at the colour of the tea leaves after being roasted that gives us the umami flavour that we want. Even in powder form, there are many things that we can do with it.

As we know, Green tea is actually good for healthy and there are tons of articles that mention about it but little did I know that Hoji Cha actually do have its own health benefit, which I though it is the same.

If were to compare, HojiCha has lower calories compared to green tea and coffee.
1. As the tea is roasted at a very high temperature, it increases the level of pyrazine, a chemical found in tea which helps improves blood circulation and keeps you warm and relaxed.
2. It has low caffeine content making it an ideal drink to have before going to bed. This would be perfect for those who cant really take strong tea or even caffeine. Maybe this could be a good option.

If you are looking to buy this Premium Hojicha click here as not only Tea they do sell alot of other Japanese Products.

how to make smoothie

The classic, we usually take the powder form to produce a classic foamy Hojicha Latte that is love by many. This round, I am a bit adventurous and to test this umami flavour of Hojicha. I am making it with 2 recipe.

smoothie blender

Blueberry Honey Hojicha smoothie

  1. 30 g fresh blueberries
  2. 50 g ice
  3. 40 g Greek Yogurt
  4. 15-20 ml water
  5.  2 tbls Local Honey
  6. 20-30 ml water
  7. 3g Hoji cha Powder

matcha smoothie

Let the blender grind till it is all crushed and here you have the Smoothie. Taste is actually very unique as never tried any where in the market or local cafe. It is acceptable and if in a cafe menu, if there are such thing, I would definitely give it a try. Our mind is always filled with green tea but with Hoji Cha, this is actually acceptable.

Hint of honey, mild Hojicha , strong berries flavors and after sourish taste which is from the yogurt. Please adjust the recipe to your liking. If you like strong Hojicha flavour, do increase the “g” but do add by 2g / 2g as they are a strong element.

hojicha smoothie

Next I am doing this Smoothie Bowl, as I do miss this kind of combination when I was in Bali.

I name this : Yellow & Green

  1. 2 local banana (those that is perfect for Pisang Goreng)
  2. 2 table spoon yogurt
  3. 30g crush ice
  4. 20ml milk
  5. 10ml coconut water
  6. 3g hojicha powder
  7. 30g Granola – I use Matcha Green Tea Granola from Big Nuts (gram depends on your liking how filling you like it to go)
  8. Final fresh banana slices spread on top

umami hoji cha

smoothie bowl

This is actually very good. It was gone in seconds after I finish shooting. Nice mouthful crunch from granola with bits and pieces, yet smoothie is smooth, fragrant with Hojicha which is not overpowering yet it is very refreshing. The sweetness of banana is just nice and the slices on top do enhance the taste. both taste of Hojicha and Banana is actually quite prominent.

I did want to add coconut slices on top but then the meat is not available.


Final, with its fresh fragrant Hoji cha leaf, of course to make a pippin hot tea and pair with cake, apple pie or even drink as it is, is just perfect. Going to be my drink while I am working for next few months.

Love the light burnt after taste, and back of my mind, I believe it would make a good Hojicha Sponge cake!


I do have a tea filter as I drink tea quite often.  If you are looking to buy this Premium Hojicha click here as not only Tea they do sell alot of other Japanese Products.

I am actually a big fan of this Harbin Beer after discover it in my China trip last round. One of the best China beer I guess?Happy to see that now Harbin Beer is available in Malaysia and I saw it in a few outlets already available in like some China Steamboat and also

Bought a carton from them thru their isnta: @HarbinMalaysia  or can order thru their FB

harbin beer

The alcohol content for us is slightly different as this is at 5.5% compare to the one I had in China I think was at 2%. Certainly love the higher alcohol content. One of the best beer to go along with steamboat.

beer in malaysia

best beer

Love this lager beer as it is crisp, easy to drink and have to drink it at super chilled/cold. the satisfaction of drinking this in our hot weather is just perfect!

china beer in malaysia

china beer

harbin beer (1)

Of course must cheers with  my dad.

harbin beer (2)

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