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Well, since there are few entry level coffee espresso machine that I have review, decided to get this added into review. I bought it thru Lazada and 11.11 is just around the corner, check out my review of Petrus PE3366 Espresso Coffee Machine Review & unboxing

Petrus PE3366

Love the look of Petrus PE3366 as it looks like robocop. Another great thing about this coffee machine as it is a perfect for first timer home coffee brewer. Sleek, ecstatic and can fit easily in any corner of your house or petite.

filled with sensitive touch screen panel and strong brew foam output. Check out my review below including how to make coffee with Petrus PE3366, and coffee machine unboxing.

This machine can purchase thru here: 


Lazada: PE3366 (6)

Overall build is abit plasticky but with the price that I am paying in between RM 400 – RM 450, certainly a machine that cannot be complain.

Petrus PE3366 spec and measurement. size specpetrus coffee machineunboxing the machine, it comes with international adaptor and also a 51 mm portafilter. then handle is of course light.xiaomi coffee machine home coffee machine

One good thing about Petrus coffee machine is that the steam output for milk frothing, is stronger than many other machine. Consistently can create silky smooth foam.
best home coffee machine

On off is at the side and the base comes in a solid sticky rubber that prevent your machine from moving. I just glue it with white tape as I am moving the machine around. 

1.4L water tank.
Petrus PE3366 (7)Thinking of not breaking your bank, Petrus PE3366 is one of a cheap home coffee machine to purchase this as one of your training ground. After you found your love then you can slowly upgrade better machine.

Petrus PE3366 Espresso Coffee Maker Unboxing & Review.

As per compare to my past review of :

Petrus PE3366 Can be purchase thru: Shopee:


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ZOLELE Rice Cooker 1.2L Unboxing & Review. Just bought this for fun to do a simple review. Those of you on budget or staying alone outside, I think this is a cheap rice cooker that you can consider. For less than RM 50 you cook rice, maggie mee or soup. Kinda like 3 in 1

ZOLELE Rice Cooker shopeebossku rice cooker

If you are in rush and looking for quick cook, this rice cooker is certainly impressive. for 15 minutes you can get it ready. Just be alert on the water level as it seems it use abit more water than usual. You might have a mix feeling that the base might be crusty at certain times. One thing for sure it is non-stick.

automatic rice cookerDSCF7506shopeeZOLELE Rice Cooker


Quality is certainly quite plasticky on the outside layer, inside is stainless steel, which is pretty okay. Best of al it is compact and easy storage, also fits nicely in between my electorical items or can sit above my microve easily.

mini rice cookerDSCF7518


1. Anti-dry burning design, automatic heat preservation.

2. Humanized handle design, convenient and practical.

3. Quick cleaning, the inner pot of the rice cooker cover can be removed, and cleaning the product can save a lot of time

4.1.2 liters, can accommodate 1-3 people.

5. Non-stick pan material, can cook all kinds of food. 

Overall, it is a simple rice cooker that serve the purpose. 


Brand: ZOLELE Product Name:

Rice Cooker Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz

Rated power: 200w

Product weight: about 1.5kg

Product capacity: 1.2L

Color: Green, White, Brown

Product material: Environmentally friendly food grade PP plastic The package contains: 1*Rice cooker 1*Steaming tray 1*Measuring cup 1*Rice spoon 1*Power cord

cheap rice cooker in lazada

Can be purchase thru Shopee:

check out the rice condition :

How I came about to this kind of product is quite surprising. Little did I know that we do have this kind of flosser as in my mind, the flooser was the classic with fish strings. My dentist recommend me to such item like Xiaomi Mijia Electric Water Flosser Review. 

One of the reason was that my tooth was quite pain and I certianly do know it is cause by my wisdom tooth. The last kind of wisdom tooth I want to get is Vertical. Bingo, I got the vertical, luckily at the moment it is no impact to my 2nd last tooth and I need to take care it by flossing it with water flosser. my gum do open a little  holeb and the pain was cause by food stuck in there and causes gum infection if do not clean it well. 



Xiaomi Mijia Portable Water FlosserSo I bought this item thru Shopee  from this seller (click here)

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Water Flosser review


👉 Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty

👉 【Voltage stabilization system】which can produce a super-fast water flow of 1400 times/minute and water pressure of up to 140PSI.

👉【200mL large-capacity water tank + Nozzle Diameter of 0.6mm】Can accurately clean the stains between the teeth and the dead corners of the mouth.

👉【4 Function Modes】Satisfy the needs of many types of teeth cleaning.

👉【Intelligent 2 minutes automatic power off】To avoid from overheating.

👉【45 days super long battery life】 Charge for 4 hours with Type C interface can use more than a month.

👉【Detachable water tank design】 convenient for cleaning and sanitary use.



❤️Model: MEO701

❤️Color: White

❤️Rated Voltage: 3.7V

❤️Rated Input: 5V/ 1A

❤️Waterproof Level: IPX7

❤️Charging Time: Up to 4 Hours



😍 1 x Oral Irrigator;-

😍 1 x Water Tank;-

😍 4 x Nozzles;-

😍 1 x Type-C Cable;-

😍 1 x Nozzle Storage Box;-

😍 1 x Chinese User Manual;-

water flooser

I feel I am so noob that technology has evolve to such and it is also a perfect flosser for those with braces. Check out the video below: 


colgate Portable Water FlosserIt comes with 4 different heads to suits your usage. For those with bracess it is recommended with the last 2 with white tip. The have tongue cleaner too. For mine I am using the first one on the right as water flosser. 
cheap water flosser

comes with 200 ml water tank and depending how you use it. For me per round I use it is half tank, still trying to get hold of it and move in between the teeth area. 

First time user like me, might fee pain in the gum and it is encourage to use level 1 to begin with. It comes with 3 mode. It if it the gum too often and first timer might also encounter blood also. When you are used to the gap already then it will be very easy.Xiaomi Mijia Portable Water Flosser unboxing

2 button functions only. Power mode on the first button and 2nd button at the bottom is the mode/ intensity. Level 1 to go with and once you got hold of how to use it then you can move another mode up. zenyum Portable Water FlosserXiaomi Soocas W3 Pro Portable Water Flosser

during my first time finding the USB port, I could not find it as it is close with a white rubber on the grip area. Just move it out and you will see the charging port there. My friend told me that 1 charge can last about 45 days with daily usage (twice a day)

it is a new item discovery for me to use and it is quite interesting. . I bought it at around RM 125 with FREE Shipping.

You can purchase it at :




Just right before MCO bought a new Air Fryer and less than 18 months have to grab another one. This Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A Unboxing & Review attracted my attention. One because is digital and I bought it from Shopee.

gaabor air fryer GA-E6A

What I feel that digital and non digital does not make any much difference. I find that those with the 2 turn knob is better. Reason is you can control. Here is more like touch screen. 

I think they also famous for Gaabor Rice Cooker and also Gaabor Cordless Vacumm Cleaner.


 Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A unboxing

Gaabor Electric Air Fryer GA-E6A obtain the SIRIM certificate. The old packaging has no SIRIM label, but it does not affect the overall use and after-sale. The new and old packaging will be shipped randomly.

【Product Description】


Product Name:Electric Oven (Air Fryer)


Rated capacity: 6.0L

Rated power:1700W

Rated voltage:220~240V

Rated frequency:50~60Hz

Plug Type: Malaysia 3 Pin Plug

Color: White

Inner tank material: non-stick coating


🍚Controlled with PC, equipped with touch screen for precise temperature control;

🍚360 Degree 3D hot air circulation, heating evenly;

🍚Automatic power-off memory, energy saving, safe and assuring;

🍚Food grade non-stick frying basket, trouble-free cleaning;

🍚8 functional menus, easy mastery of various cuisines;

🍚 Anti-scalding one-key cover opening;

🍚 Low fat and oil-free, healthy and effortless cooking;


🍚Dikawal dengan PC, dilengkapi dengan skrin sentuh untuk kawalan suhu yang tepat;

🍚Peredaran udara panas 360 Darjah 3D, pemanasan sekata;

🍚Memori pemadam kuasa automatik, penjimatan tenaga, selamat dan terjamin;

🍚Bakul menggoreng tidak melekat gred makanan, pembersihan tanpa masalah;

🍚8 menu berfungsi, mudah menguasai pelbagai masakan;

🍚 Pembukaan penutup satu kunci anti-melecur;

🍚 Memasak rendah lemak dan bebas minyak, sihat dan mudah;


Gaabor Air Fryer Review

Gaabor Cordless Vacumm

Gaabor Rice Cooker Review



I try it out with frozen scallop and turns out to be not too bad. I choose prawn as one of the setting with 200 degree and 8 minutes. I think can set it to be 12 minutes would be great. Gonna do some more experiment with some air fryer recipe. 

Simple review of Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A.


Can shop at Shopee :Air Fryer 6L

During MCO last 2 years when all of us got lock down during this pandemic, we have start working from home and I started by using my dining chair. It is not giving me a comfortable sitting experience and I ended up getting a gaming Chair. However after using it 18 months, I am now looking at Ergonomics chair to support my back. I found out that my back start to get uncomfortable after using it for long hours. Then found this place One Office Solutions in Rawang that supply ergonomics chair to big size people like me.

Their office is situated in the heart of Aeon Rawang is, shop lot just next to it. Decided to come by their office to check it out on the variety of chairs that they have.

One office RawangSince working from home quite a while, I feel that getting an ergonomics chair is actually quite important for me. If I sit too long or have long meetings then the impact of my lower back is there. Currently I just put a pillow to support.

I have check out a few other places before ending up here. I tried nearly all the chairs and got a full explanation and sharing to all of you on the 2 that I feel comfortable which is actually also their 2 best seller.

Let me share with you on my challenges looking for a chair:

  1. I am tall and slightly wide. I am looking at sitting area to be wide
  2. I am looking for a back as my current gaming chair I am using pillow to support my back for long working hours
  3. I love to tilt back often when I just want to have some thoughts or thinking.
  4. I need a breathable sitting chair as I sweat easily at home. (No money on aircon la) expensive.

I stand at 184 cm and 90kg. Looking for a suitable chair is actually very challenging. It really depends on proportion of your body. Some people have longer bodies shorter legs, vice versa or balance. Was told by the team to drop by their showroom to check the chair out personally, to feel and to ensure the chair is suitable for your seating posture

Came about to actually this office and also is actually my friend new venture into this industry. They totally know pain point for people like me that is why they move into this business.

There are more than 30 types of ergonomics chair that they currently available. It is best advise to drop by their showroom to test it out as all of us humans have different preference.

My personal pick are these 2 because of my seating position and also know that it is actually their best seller.

  1. Vners
  2. Dorzal


ergonomic chair

Vners is actually one of the latest best selling chair. High performance ergonomic chair that is design for comfy seating. One interesting feature is Advance Body’s Auto weighing mechanism. As you sit on it, it is like the classic weighing scale that will make you spring jump back up.

breathable ergonomic chairNot only that, one of a comfortable mechanics is the slider seat. Can be able to push in and out easily that extand on seating capacity. Comfortably for some back comfort, it is design with S-curve adjustable backrest support.

It doesnt stop there. If you are a person who sweat easily and do not on your aircon 24/7 , it design with breathable premium woven fiber fabric seat could distribute your body pressure points evenly, keeping you cool and suitable for user who sits more than 9 hours per day. Even if you put a fan behind, can still penetrate thru and feel the wind, unlike my gaming chair it is PVC and stays warm, with no room of air penetrating thru it.

aeon rawangmodern office chair wheels


  1. Built to withstand 300kg
  2. Premium woven fibre fabric backrest & seat: Adopt grid-weaving technology, which is more breathable and skin-friendly
  3. Mechanism: Intuitive recline detector with 3 locking positions
  4. Auto detect backrest recline tension (up to 35°)
  5. Adjustable 4D armrest (4-dimensional adjustability: height, back-forward, inward-outward angle)
  6. 2-way adjustable cushioned lumbar support (up-downward functional adjustability)
  7. Headrest: Ultra-soft cushion with neck & head support
  8. Curvilinear seat design: Reduce pressure on hip and calf
  9. Adjustable chair height with hydraulic gas pump engineered technology
  10. World grade heavy duty class-4 gas lift c/w SGS and BIFMA certified
  11. Body frame material: Nylon, high strength reinforced body
  12. Slider seat / Adjustable seat depth: Yes
  13. Anti-noise & anti-floor scratch twin wheel high pressure polyurethane (PU) casters
  14. Aluminium leg base  & 360° swivel

ergonomic chair for tall peopleergonomic chair functionwith locking system for both front and back adjustmentergonomic chair support back

The S curve with adjustable back rest. It pushes it out to ensure your back support is comfortable. DSCF7681vnersDorzal Series

My Personal pick is this Dorzal. Not only comfortable but because of my seating style, I prefer this more.


The way I seat and how this chair supports me is just perfect. NOt only the seating is wide and deep enough, I also like to sit with my legs up and cross it. Still gives me a comfortable seating posture.

Its highly adjustable lumbar support cover comes with an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), reinforced with carbon fibers design inspired from automotive engineering. The backrest is completely adjustable, allowing you to find the right depth or height with minimal hassle ensuring your back is free of stress and pain at all timesDSCF8503

the back support adjustment is slightly different compare to Vners. It is slightly hard to adjust and support one way only where Vners can still adjust upright or downright.

Also comes with breathable design mesh.

the same like the other, comes with locking series


  1. Breathability & high elasticity mesh (with ventilation effects)
  2. Heavy duty chair made to support up to 300kg
  3. Adjustable height & angle cushioned headrest (up to 5CM height & 30° tilting)
  4. Adjustable backrest recline tension (up to 35°)
  5. 2-ways adjustable lumbar support (up-downward, in-outward functional adjustability)
  6. Adjustable 3D armrest (3-dimensional adjustability: height, back-forward, angle)
  7. High density polythene moulded foam seat (10 years warranty)
  8. Adjustable chair height with hydraulic gas pump engineered technology
  9. Heavy duty class-4 gas lift c/w SGS and BIFMA certified
  10. Mechanism with 360° tilting adjustment
  11. 3 locking positions mechanism
  12. 360° swivel
  13. Chrome leg base
  14. Anti-noise twin wheel high pressure polyurethane (PU) casters
  15. Recline adjustable with Tilt Lock: Available


This is not because I say, but highly advise for you to drop by their showroom to test it out yourself. I believe everyone seating style is different. I am a lazy person hence seating style sometimes I like to sit quite low.

At the moment find out more details in One Office Solutions website. 


One Office Solution

Anggun City 1, 121-2,

Jalan Anggun City 1 Pusat Komersial Anggun City,

Taman Anggun, 48000 Rawang, Selangor

Operating Hours: 11am – 6pm

Tel: 011-1076 8701

One of my latest haul from Shopee is this new Gemilai CRM3605 Italian espresso Coffee Machine Review to share with all of you. Yup, I now have total 3 units of coffee and will be selling the other 2 (donlim and petrus)

Gemilai CRM3605 (8)

I was told that this is by far the entry lvl of proffesional series and decided to get one to begin with. Comes with very outlook and stainless steel body Gemilai CRM3605 is your barista. This is a 15-bar pressure power machine. Not only that, the coffee maker can make different kinds of coffee with steam function. My review and user experience as below.

Bought it from another seller, however this seller is now cheaper in Shopee and Selangor seller :

Gemilai CRM3605 (6)

Gemilai CRM3605 Italian espresso Coffee Machine unboxing for your reference. This is the new edition accoridng to the seller as the gemilai the branding word comes only in 1 logo instead previously got mini tagline below.

Winning point for me are:

  1. led lighting
  2. digital timer countdown
  3. love the pressure meter in the middle.
  4. auto stop which is set manually at 25 second.
  5. 58 mm portafilter  (weight about 480g) which is similar to cafe standard. (using average 18-22 gram coffee powder


  1. milk frothing pressure not consistent. Fast then slow then fast. will certainly impacting the swirl. DO let me know if you guys face the same problem as me – as the seller told me its normal, my friend said no.
  2. very sensitive espresso grind size. If you got the right grind size, the pressure meter will show in the middle 12o’clock and perfect drip
  3. if the size is not right, it will become watery and extract very fast.

Gemilai CRM3605 price


Gemilai CRM3605 lazada

The brush is for the purpose of washing the mouth of espresso.

Gemilai CRM3605 (4)

Close up look of the machine where it does look sturdy and solid with its stainless steel outlook. The rest behind are more like better quality plastic or PVC with heat resistance.

Gemilai CRM3605 spec

More professional look of steam head and knob.

Gemilai CRM3605 (5)


Gemilai CRM3605 (7)

Temping with solid head is different. certainly makes it more flat and compact compare to the plastic.

Gemilai CRM3605 (3)

This portafilter handle is very solid that easily weigh about 480 g compare to Petrus plastic holder which is about 160g.

Gemilai CRM3605 (10)











Look at the crema estract. quite perfect.milk froth

Even the milk froth is longer than usual. Which had a set back of slow and fast pressure. overall is kinda perfect.

Gemilai CRM3605 shopee

Look at my cuppa latte. Near to a glass of cafe quality.

  1. Gemilai CRM3605 comes with 1450W power, which allows it to be efficient and fast. The coffee machine can make a single cup of excellent coffee in just 25 seconds.
  2. The coffee machine is capable of electronically controlling the temperature. In other words, The smart temperature control in the CRM3605 coffee machine makes it possible for you to make coffee with a fantastic taste.
  3. The coffee machine has a 58mm single layer portafilter or coffee handle. The portafilter helps it brew coffee more effectively. Not only that, the pre-soaking function in the coffee machine enables the coffee maker to extract evenly.
  4. The design of CRM3605 makes it incredibly convenient to use. The coffee machine has a 1.7L water tank and a removable water tray that makes it easier for users to clean the coffee machine.

Gemilai CRM3605 Espresso Machine Spec Features:
Model: CRM3605
Voltage: 220-240 V, 50Hz, 1450 W
Capacity: 1.7 L
Pressure: 15 bar
Gross weight: about 8.5 kg
Product Size: 285x257x315 mm
Coffee time: 25 seconds / cup
Use: Cafe / Bar Ect.

Independent hot water outlet
Works 12 hours continuously (according to seller)
11. 2 seconds pre-soaking time, Improve the flavor of Espresso and increase the extraction rate

​Tips :
1.For the coffee powder, normally we suggest use the fresh coffee bean and use the coffee grinder to adjust the fines .
For the double cup: we suggest 18-20g

2.The pressure of coffee is not as high as possible. The best pressure is 7-9Bar, but if you want higher pressure, you should grind the coffee powder more finely, put a little more powder, and the temperature of the water should not be too High, otherwise coffee will have a burnt smell .

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