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15 best Cafe in Bali at 2018

My past trip, I try to visit as many cafe as possible in my past trip. Here you go on my iteneary of 5 days 4 night in Bali. Here you go on some of the cafe that I have visited and here is my list of 15 best Cafe in Bali at 2018. 1. Sisterfield Operated by Aussie and if you are looking for Aussie breakfast, it seems this place is one of a top place to be. Great…

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15 best Sunset Bar at Bali 2018

There are many saying that, one of the activity to do is to just plank at one of the beach during evening hours and watch the amazing sunset along with the rays shinning up. Since I was doing research for my trip, hence might as well I blog about 15 best Sunset Bar at Bali 2018 This is my trip Itinerary for 2018. (click here) Seminyak 1. Ku de ta is one of my favourite hang out spot, as I…

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Best 8 Babi Guling in Bali, 2018

As some of you might know, that I just came back from Bali and ask me where is the best place to eat. Along the way I have compile quite a substantial list of it and here you go for Best 8 Babi Guling in Bali, 2018 according to the locals I met and drove me around. This round I only manage to try once which is in my list is to hit on 2 of it. Unfortunately I woke…

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Hog Wild vs Naughty Nuri @ Bali

Decided to make a simple comparison for this 2 famous pork ribs brand in Bali. Hog Wild vs Naughty Nuri For the past 2 rounds when I was at Bali, I only head to Hog Wild for bbq pork ribs as knowing its authenticity. However for my recent trip decided to give Naughty Nuri a try since many of my friends highly recommended it and also we have a few branches in Malaysia. My simple comparison comes out to as…

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5 Days 4 Night at Bali 2018

This will be my fourth time to Bali that makes it the first travel blog after all these while. Well, for instagrammer this is certainly an ideal island for you to shot alot of amazing shots and moments. Here is my first trip of the year and latest findings of how I spend my 5 Days 4 Night at Bali 2018. I will create another blog post for my past 3 trips which makes it a compilation of backlog. Airlines…

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Jet Ski Cafe @ Pantai Mutiara, Jakarta

Jet Ski Cafe at Pantai Mutiara in North Jakarta is one of a cafe that located in a prime residential area. The cafe is also well known among local cafe hoppers as it sits right next to the sea. While you are enjoying your conversation with your friends and also get to enjoy a nice sea breeze along with nice view into the city. Sunset here is pretty good view too. Gathering with my Indonesians friends as this is way…

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