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LUT Gastrobar TTDI is one of a modern dining that have created quite a buzz in social media. With their signature post under this area, I have seen many people that have check in here. Lut Gastrobar offers modern casual dining serving an upscale local cuisine with modern touch that is pretty interesting, 

fine dining in pjmodern dining in klThe dining ambiance is certainly those kind of modern hip chic hype that certainly simiiar to those in Melbourne too. Love the colour neon place.
LUT Gastrobar ttdiLUT Gastrobar klmodern dining in pjThe Signature photo wall. 
lut menuFor menu it is pretty straight forward. you can either order from their ala cart menu or even Set menu for 2. What I know is their signature Foie Gras Sandiwch is a must order Item. lut special menu
DSCF8808Sharing their Set Menu RM 688 for 2 pax and some of the item are sharing portion. with this, kicking off with 2 cocktail of the day serve with Premium Oyster. It had been ages since I had good oyster and this fresh oyster is really good. Meat is sweet!

  1. Lychee Martini
  2. Blue Ocean is slightly more on the sweet side. 
  4. angel hairNext is Uni Capellini with kelp, chives and truffle oil. Something punch with flavour to kick off. Capellini cook to perfection with springy texture and fresh unit to give a hint of creminess with truffle oil not too strong to pair well with it. DSCF8823Sharing : Spicy Salmon tartare – red onion, cucumbers, capers, avocado, kaffir lime and tortila chips DSCF8815signature foie gras sandwichSharing : Signature Foie Gras Sandwich – mushroom, miso caramel, pear.  Now I understand why this is a must order item. It is a mini square box that is so umami. Crusty bread with a bit butter taste that goes well with its creaminess of perfectly coked foei gras, miso caramel just give the edge it needed of sweet and saltiness balance. 
    Sharing: Chargrilled  caulifeflower : Kombu, Paramesan, aoili, soy caramelDSCF8845Sharing : Oven Baked Purple cabbage : Haloumi, macademia and caesar fine dine in klSharing Chili Lobster :  chili, dried shrimp, grilled bread. It is hard to go wrong with this dish where gravy can bend towards sweeter or more spicy side. I like this as certainly bring the classic flavours that I like similiar to Penang. Creamy base, with spicy taking the lead and sourish end. Dipping with grilled bread is a great option besides mantou.
  5. steak in klSharing : Australian Angus Rib Eye MB5 with assorted condiments. I love how they seared this beef perfectly. Slight crips burnt outer layer yet the meat is cook to medium rare as I requested. Great cooking. This dish is also uniqhe where the condiments is on the heaver side.  served with miso caramel, kimchi, seasoned garlic and wasabi. If you mix all flavors together, it is too powerful and covering the great perfect steak. 
    steak in pj
    Signature Black Cod Ikura Don : Ikura, wasabi, scallion, premium japanese rice. I wish they put fresh wasabi as a side instead of putting inside the rice. Once you stir it all together, the wasabi just take over the whole bowl. Even the cod is cook nice and soft with its fish flavour is still there. burnt cheese cakeBurnt cheese cake as the closing meal.
  6.   DSCF8787
    lut ttdi

It is a strong flavour dinner for 2 journey. if you are in for this then its a great combination of local with modern touch. I wish they can create a better flavour journey dishes over the 9 course dinner. 


LUT Gastrobar TTDI

30, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours:11.30-2.30pm/6.30pm – 12am

Tel: 014-383 8093

I guess some of us do back to office to work. With long stressful week and you are looking for a nice ambiance to grab your breakfast for the weekend yet do not cost a bomb is this new place Ultime Atelier & Boulangerie in Wisma Noble Land, KL.

New folder1

Upon walking in, you will be greeted with luxury waiting area.

fine dining kl

This fine dine place just operated in KL about coming to 2 months and indeed it is a lovely place. Helm by both Japanese and French chef, creating you French Japanese modern dining.

french pastries

Besides the modern dining, now they are bring you their awesome offerings of French pastries. With huge selection of it, you will be pamper with choices on line nearly all the selections there you wound want to have one each.

brunch kl

atas dining

french pastry kl


Ultime (7)

Ultime (8)

Ultime (9)

Ultime (10)

Another options you can do is, suggesting to sit outside, enjoying the view and early sun. Best to sit here before 10am.

Ultime (11)

Their breakfast set menu is at RM 25 , serve with 2 types of pastry selections + 1 home made butter and choice of jam.

Ultime (12)

For me, there selection is killing but personal favourite is Almond Croissant. 

Ultime (13)

Ultime (14)

Ultime (15)

In between the pictures both their Cinnamon series and their soft buns will be the next best choice for me!

Ultime (16)

Ultime (18)

Ultime (19)

Ultime (20)

Ultime (21)

Ultime (22)

For butter, I find that their unsalted, salted and Pesto butter is my favourite.

Ultime (24)

If you feel that you would want more than that, then scan on the QR code available and it will lead you to their breakfast menu.

Ultime (23)

with their popular series like their wagyu burger is one of the breakfast lovers choice.

Ulti (26)

Ulti (40)

Or you would wan to end with some sweets.

  1. Pecan Pie & Chocolate Tart
  2. Pandan layer cake, burnt cheesecake, chocolate tart

Ultime (25)

For pastry breakfast, definitely here would be one of the choice to consider if you are looking wonderful smell of pastry in the morning . Their response for breakfast had been gaining its attention. Do book a spot here before you head over. Dining place over here is consider as limited space.

Ultime Atelier & Boulangerie
Unit 3A-1, Level 3A,
Wisma Noble Land No. 2,
Jalan Changkat, Lorong Ceylon,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast Operating Hours
Breakfast is available from 8 am until 11 am

Tel: +60128588016

Website: https://ultime.com.my/

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