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May 2009

Myyy New Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Big Plaid

Last week, when I was walking around KLCC and decided to check on the Converse shop to see if there is any nice pair of shoe as I have been looking for quite some time already. When I was at Hong Kong could not find any pair that I liked. So as my old Converse already very koyak already(by the side, back, front – even open flower) so got no choice have to really really get 1 in a very…

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MacD @ Hong Kong

I have been always told by my friend saying that if go to Hong Kong must try out the MacD. Cuz got PORK! So the lunch we grab MacD nearby my hotel there. The best thing about their MacD also they got their very own Mac Cafe. Which is I can see that selected outlets and the one that I went heard my friend said that the coffee there is better than StarBucks. This is the ‘Pork McMuffin‘. Which is…

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Day 2 Mong Kok Eating Spree Continue

Second day of our trip. As we wake up early and gather ready to go and hunt for food. Previously at Mong Kok I did spot a shop there already as it was quite packed with people but I think every shop also was packed with ppl that night. While we reached LangHam Place to go for shopping and we found out that we were too early. Most of the shop had not open yet so we went to look…

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Wai Sek Kai Revisit @ Jln Pudu

Previously when I went to Wai Sek Kai, this stall didnt open. It is 1 of my favourite stall. So decided to go there again last week to salivate the ………. ‘Orrr Kuih‘ which is soft and the yam taste of it is there. Will be very nice to mix with the chili sauce and sweet sauce ‘Tim Cheong‘. This is the curry pig skin which is one of the famous food in this stall. Here comes my food. ‘Curry…

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