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August 2015

Press Club Project Experimental Kitchen @ Melbourne

Inspired by Masterchef Australia 2015 to land myself in Australia and also into this restaurant, with one of the celebrity judges George Calambaris who owns Press Club is now running a special series next to their kitchen of degustation menu known as Press Club Project Experimental Kitchen. Right after one of the challenge in the reality show that happen in this kitchen, instantly I Google up and find out what is it all about and to my surprise is a…

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Docklands Winter Festival Fireworks 2015 @ Melbourne

I guess I am lucky to be there at the right time as with a few festival being line up and Docklands Winter Festival 2015 is one of them for this super cold winter. For the month of July and August every Friday night, Docklands will be lighted up with cool musical fireworks performance starting on the dot at 7.30pm. Before that there are several performances too which is happening at New Quay Promenade. Tomorrow 28th will be the last…

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Industry Beans Cafe @ Fitzroy, Melbourne

Melbourne had never left my heart since the day I left back to my home country and till recently I visit back the state which had now made them no.1 most livable state in the world for the past 3 years. Coffee scene had evolve so much and Industry Beans is one of the top cafe was recommended to visit by my friend and so did drop by on my first visit when I am back. Industry Beans Cafe is…

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CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry House @ 1 Utama

1-Utama constantly gave me headache for 2 things. First of course could not be missing out is their parking if you visit on weekend and second is what to eat in this mall. Was suppose to head to HOng Kong restaurant next to them till I saw Coco Ichibanya Curry House. Just read in Google that they are actually quite a prominent franchise chain in Japan that specialise in Japanese Curry. I believe that they just opens its door not…

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INCH Food Bar @ 44 Muntri Street, Penang

Ahh, Penang which is my lovely hometown. It had been a while since I last hang out with my friends as the usual group end up with home party instead of hang out on certain places, not till this round I went out with another group of friends as they introduce me this new place which I am dash away with its concept. Located in famous backpackers area, Muntri Street now had slowly emerge as another main classic F&B hub…

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French Gastronomy – Yeast Bistronomy @ Bangsar

How is your week so far? Why not start your week with a lovely breakfast.. I have heard about Yeast for quite a while and never did really plan to step into this outlet till recently as my friend would want me to try it out. It is not about that, as constantly had been let down with my brunch places. I believe YEAST is no stranger to most the folks around the area. Upon walking into their outlet, I…

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