To those of you whom have resides in Australia for a while, how many of you do you actually miss Malaysia Street food and how do you satisfy your cravings for it? Oh well, there is one in particular shop that recently open its door to public since Mid July 2015 and had made a huge attraction to its neighborhood. Lepak Kopitiam was an overnight celebrity to many Malaysians that reside in this neighborhood where the food quality and servings  is 90% near to Malaysian flavours. One of the Best Malaysian Food in Perth.

For folks in Perth, this would be your new found love.


Lepak Kopitam is a small eatery that located in Bateman Commercial Center with capacity of 20 tables only but it is constantly full house. The only one that start its operating hours at 8am had attracted many people to come by to make a take away before heading to work.


In Malaysia we have many versions of well known street food and for this particular Lepak Kopitiam, you will encounter a few dishes will be different compare to your normal eatery as this outlet are focus more on Ipoh Street Food as the owner and chef are from Ipoh themselves and trying to implicated the taste as near and as authentic towards their taste bud. Some of you might find it weird but that is how authentic Ipoh Street food is.


Do note than when it is full house, it is going to be very noisy which resembles a typical kopitiam back in our hometown.


Another of their favourite area among patrons is their self service area where they can get free flow chopped chili, sambal, garlic and others at their convenience. Sambal here is pretty spicy and do take it at your own risk. Many love the challenge and its many Malaysians favourite.




To bring home even closer to you, they have their famous and classic home made nyonya kuih which constantly sold out before lunch.




Dessert of the day is typical Chinese double boiled soup or its chef special of the day depending on which fresh ingredient he got in the market.


Not only brings you back with Nyonya kuih, as they do serve our classic typical morning breakfast with famous kaya and butter toast, with half boil egg and order kopi C to go along to kick start for the day. Teh Tarik and Milo Volcano is available too. . .



This is my set of breakfast with Roti Canai @ AUD 4.50 and thick spicy curry chicken, with toast and Kopi C.



In the classic Roti Bakar @ AUD 3.80  is spread with their homemade kaya which is silky smooth and aromatic with a fine cut of butter to top along.



What about Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun with Chicken & Mushroom @ AUD 5 to hit your taste bud. Not with Penang version of Shrimp paste but this is with some their special homemade sauce and do eat along with green chili to make it even more classic.


Moving to other varieties, with special of the day, do check with their waiter/waitress as I got salted egg chicken  or Marmite Pork.



What about Ipoh Pan Mee with its thin flat noodle?


Meet my best friend Jolyn Cheah that have migrated over here and for dinner at this place is one of her new regular place for Malaysian food.



How can you miss our local famous Nasi Lemak Kampong Style @ AUD 9.80 that serve along with sambal ikan bilis, fragrant coconut rice, and half egg as something that hard for you to resist on their signature.


Next that really impress me is their Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice @ AUD 9.80 as the rice is the signature of all, with fragrant oil rice, with soy sauce and shinny chicken skin and chicken which is cook to perfection.


Curry Noodle Dry @ AUD 9.80


Another of their signature which is the chef special of the day is Dong Po Braised Pork which is cook in limited quantity only. With hours of braised in chef special sauce is something that you would not want to miss.

Skin that nearly melt in your mouth, soft meat and special sauce with sweet end is just perfect for my simple lunch.



If you are craving for Malaysian Street Food, Lepak Kopitiam had certainly become one of the best in this neighbourhood at the moment for Malaysian Food.

Do take note that space are limited and it might take quite a while for any fried item to be serve as compare to any soup base food. During their peak lunch or dinner, you can expect to wait at least 15-45 minutes for a table.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9.5/10 , cravings for Malaysian Flavours, certainly highly Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Lepak Kopitiam
22 Parry Ave,
Bateman WA 6150

Operating Hours : 8am – 8pm (closed Tuesday)


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