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October 2018

Taste Legendary Nasi Lemak

Chow Kit Pasar is one of the oldest market in KL. Also mark of many stalls that had been operating in the area for many decades. This particular stall known as Taste Legendary Nasi Lemak Chow Kit Pasar that had been operting for more than 35 years in this location. It was a location that is hard to find till a few people saw we are lost and asked are we looking for the Nasi LEmak Stall, which is actually…

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An Viet @ Sunway Pyramid

There are only a handful of Vietnamese Restaurant in KL. An Viet is one of the shop that I constantly visit whenever I am thinking of my Vietnamese cuisine. I still remember that I visited their The Gardens outlet when they first open its door many years back and I never blog about it over the years. Menu is not huge, where the most important is my beef noodle. If you are entering this shop for the first time, you…

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Mini River Carnival 2018

Last weekend was quite interesting as I head over to this event Mini River Carnival 2018, River of Life Project KL in conjunction to celebrate World Rivers Day 2018. The event is organized by Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Malaysia and the Global Environment Centre (GEC) as part of river educational activities along to wider efforts to raise public awareness on the Klang River under the River of Life Project. The World Rivers Day is celebrated every year on…

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More than 80 types of wine at 9 Vine Wine Festival 2018

At the end month of September, ended up the month by enjoying wine tasting moments as there are about 80 types of wine at 9 Vine Wine Festival 2018 that took place for about 3 weeks. The event took place at Ampang where there are a stretch of F&B shops that the partner with for wine and dine pairing over the weeks. There are 2 vineyard that I am targeting as they are quite well known for the flavours profile…

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Charcoal Claypot Chicken Rice @ Jalan Ipoh

Since I have move job to a new office that is base around Jalan Ipoh, I am now starting to explore what is good around this area. Exploring food in Jalan Ipoh that leads to my first discovery. This is one of the best claypot chicken rice in Jalan Ipoh.  This Charcoal Claypot Chicken Rice has no name on it as I read from vkeong blog that its worth to give it a try. This uncle had been operating and…

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The Star Coffee Auntie Ang @ Lebuh Nordin

Over the past few months,  this little coffee stall in that tug in Lebuh Nordin had became a bit hit. Was previously a hidden gem in our town but after a few coverage from TV channels and The Star Coffee Auntie Ang had make it big now. Some locals call her as Ang’s Kopi Peng. I was lucky that the queue was not long on the day I visited her. Do bring a pair of umbrella to queue as the…

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