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October 2009

Poker King

Genre: Comedy Texas Hold’ Em had become a trend of poker now which is not like those old old days with the Chow Yun Fatt kind of poker with 5 cards individually in a row. If you love their previous movie La Brassiere then you are going to enjoy this movie too. Louis Khoo in the movie portray as a great online gamer in Texas Hold’ Em but when Lau Cheng Wan ask him to come back immediately to tell…

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Caff Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

It was a time of celebration and farewell that this round we was suggest to go this place for eat all you can. Surprisingly, this is the first time I came across that Italian food also got eat all you can. Since the price is cheap, why not. Was suggest by Jonathan again for this kind of food. Was a bit phobia too of his recommendation but manage to read a few blogger mention that this place is not bad.…

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Buffett Tim Sum RM 22++ , Mandarin Palace Restaurant @ Federal Hotel , KL

I guess it was a season of eat all you can. Jonathan had been looking at a few promotional brochure and keep mentioning this place for quite a while as previously I kept rejecting him cuz I was a bit phobia on tim sum. Eat a few times in a week could scared you off a little but he kept mentioning that its worth see you see.. very nice eh, so the arrangement was on Friday and we went…

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HaiNan Western Food @ Mount Erskine, Penang

Most of the time when I am back to Penang, I would always try to dine in this place or my friend would eventually suggest this place also. This western food stall is quite well known to alot of people in Penang for its price, serving and the quality but it is always a pain in the ass as have to wait quite long. This is the point where you order your choice. With the price list and variety available,…

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Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Kim In @ Sri Petaling

On lunch time, Karen took her car for tyre repair around that area, and we wanted to go for another restaurant but it was close on that day. Lazy to walk around so we thought of pick this shop. This shop, no matter how many times we pass by, the business is always either empty or a few tables in the afternoon, not too sure at night. Order the usual for a Bak Kut Teh meal which is must have:…

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Taiwanese Desert, Snowflake @ SS15, Subang

As I always hunt for desert to eat and my friend been telling me this place for quite sometime and finally, manage to make some time out of it to try out. Located in the heart of SS15 filled with students, most business would be good and this stall is located on level 1 of the shop lot which I believe on weekdays, the crowd is a lot but this round I went on weekend, and its full house too.…

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