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December 2009

Carven Ong 18th Anniversary with Spring/Summer 2010 Collection @ Prince Hotel

Carven Ong – Year 2010 is another brand new year yet could not be be better that I actually got invited to Carven Ong’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection fashion show. It was truly amazing and impress to feel how actually a real stage of fashion is all about. Truely take my breath away for my year 2009 for the very first fashion show I attended. Besides showcasing Carven’s collection, it also part of Carven Ong’s Academy graduation with his students showcasing…

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Rojak & Ma Zhi @ Gurney Hawker Center, Penang

When comes to public holiday or long weekend, this is the place that we locals Penang will try to avoid. First we will stuck in the jam. Second if we do go, its hard to find a parking spot. Third, if manage to find a parking spot its you have to fight for tables with all the local tourist crowd. Gurney Hawker center actually had emerge as one of the hottest tourist spot for local Penang Hawker Food. You can…

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Christmas Present for myself – Blackberry Curve 8900

My Christmas Present for this year would be a brand new phone. Seriously, I do not know what phone to get and never thought of changing one as I still like my old Nokia one of the 6 series that used to be Nokia very first 3G phone that can video call. This would be my longest phone that I have used since end of 2004 till now. The phone is as solid as classic Nokia 3310. No matter how…

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New Blog

I cannot believe that 2009 is coming to an end and time really just flies. Now only I understand the saying of old people keep telling me, don blink when you are after 25 years old. Once blink you will be like us. Dammm..time really flies. Maintaining 1 blog is a challenge and now creating another 1 is a big headache but welcoming the brand new year with new challenge…:D That of course taufulou will be Launching my online selling…

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Sticks Fire Bistro @ Queesbay Mall, Penang

[close down] Penang being a wonderful place for food hunting especially on hawker and street food but Sticks Fire Bistro is one of the latest edition into Penang food paradise. Being in town for so many days I grab the opportunity to visit this place with my best friend as we were out of idea what to eat around Queensbay. When we reach there, my friend got totally excited over the newly build up place and I was quite impress…

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Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee @ SS2

When always comes to Penang food, most people would crave for it but with this famous hawker stall in Penang that now been operating in this area for quite some time where I used to eat here quite often when I was staying around here. It has been quite some time I did not come to eat already and to my surprise they have change their image to more exlcusive to create another competitve market to Papa Rich and Old-Town.…

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