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January 2010

Craft Brews Brewhouse & Restaurant @ Mutiara Damansara

After read a few post on history as this restaurant at Singapore which alot people recommending not to be miss. . As for Malaysians now, need not have to travel so far to enjoy such a beer that Craft Brews is a Non-Halal Restaurant is the latest addtion to our very local F & B market that all of us can enjoy their special brew beers by locating themselves one of the prime location in Mutiara Damansara. Love their, dim…

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Tiger WooHoo

Tiger WooHoo Genre: Drama/ Comedy This movie had been a hit in local movie industry. After a few movie premier and I have heard and read alot of good review about this movie not until recently I manage to watch it. 2 weeks after the movie was release, its still enjoying full house or 80% tickets sold. As far as I could say, after watching this movie, I am proud of our local Chinese movie at last got its very…

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Universal Soldier – Regeneration (A New Begining)

Genre: Action/ Drama/ Sci-Fi This movie I still remember watching it when I was young which at that time Van Damme was still very young in his mid age and in this movie, I just felt that he is just so old. Show on Van Damme was one of the few super solders and the best in that group that created out in the Army research and after the program was close down he was brought under a care of…

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California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC

This year, I guess some couple would be happy and some couples would not be happy as Valentine’s Day this year falls on the first day of Chinese New Year. I would say it as double happiness but to most couple they would most probably be at their each individual family each. To me, every day is also a Valentine’s Day and sure we can bring forward the celebration couples of days earlier. But there in Malaysia there are many…

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Opulent Court Tim Sum @ Pearl International Hotel, Old Klang Road

The task of trying out a few eat all you can Tim Sum with Jonathan had comes to a satisfaction meal. We have been hunting for quite a number till I banned from going to eat tim sum as got phobia of it not until got persuaded to try out the very last one. (today will be a simple post, as with my work load is pilling up.) Never thought that the restaurant here would be decorated so nice but…

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Pos Burger Jelutong @ Leburaya Jelutong, Pg

Most of the time back to Penang, I will always go hunt my fav Ramlee burger not until recently the favourite stall had expand its stall. Its like you play restaurant city in FB. Even the some part of the stall got sponsored by other company. With 1 helper, hire additional 2 to help out but cannot deny that, this is one of the best burger to eat in town. Never fail to impress. -= Ka Ching =- Food Rating…

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