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February 2010

From Paris with Love

Genre: Action/ Crime/ Thriller John Travolta had always been quite yeng in the movie but this movie suddenly give me the feeling of his old movie Saturday Night Fever when he was still very very young, maybe because of the best area of uncut languages that he is using. As John Travolta is one of something like a secret agent hire to act against terrorist but his look does not justify that he works for the government, and he is…

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Kek Lok Si Temple @ Ayer Itam, Penang

In Penang, besides famous for its food, one of the signature landmark that represents the island is known as Kek Lok Si Temple (known as Temple of Supreme Bliss) which is more than 100 years old that is located at Ayer Itam, which is consider one of the biggest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. More info: The Old Guan Yin Statue that had been reconstruct. The new Bronze statue of Guan Yin that completed in the year 2002 had make…

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Here Comes Fortune

Genre: Comedy It has been quite a long time since I watch Alam Tam movie and as far as I can remember, the very old film I watch when I was young that he acted together with ‘King Kong’ and the botak guy they all in a series of comedy movie also. Well, to me it is great to see him re-appearing in the movie screen again, as his action and character is always funny. The same to this movie…

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Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage Street Celebration @ Khoo Kongsi, Penang

After so many years I did not go for the Chinese New Year street heritage trail and this Chinese New Year I went with my parents as I am quite free on that time, then also take the opportunity to do some street photography as I never do before. It was burning hot in the afternoon and my parents plan to go in the evening. This event had attracted more than 100,000 people around the region. This event is held…

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Coffee Lane @ King Street, Penang

In Penang, there are actually a lot of things to discover. The most recent discover was a Coffee Shop that had its very own signature brew. Although I am not a coffee lover but I can still take it. Coffee Lane is located in one of the classic heritage shop housing in the banking zone of Penang. It was our casual meeting up with CK, Lingzie and Ken(only realize he is from PG too) had fantastic lunch introduce by CK and…

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Din Tai Fung @ Pavilion

I have heard a lot about this restaurant about their food quality and the best part is food from Taiwan. I just do not know why when mention about food from there, I would like woaahhhh, its like when people mention about Penang = Food. The term for me is Taiwan = Food as this would be my very first visit to this restaurant, Din Tai Fung. This is their newly renovated and just open its door to public just before…

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