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September 2011

Funny Mountain offer best Soya Bean & Tau fu fah @ Ipoh

Last Hari Raya Break was quite a long break for me as it is pretty boring to to stay in Penang all the time, and I cant really remember when is the last time I had breakfast with my parents, and decided to drove them down to Ipoh for Tim Sum at Foh San which I havent blog about it yet, then head to a few places before last stop, stopping by at this Funny Moutain Soya bean which is…

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Delicious Nan @ Pak Putra, Melaka

Last round when I was in Melaka, we did alot of food hunt and thanks to Jason introduce us one of his all time favourite nan place – Pak Putra. We were already full day of food hunting and this was the last stop before we head back to KL and all of us were already complaining super full max till want to vomit out. Pak Putra is famous among local crowd and now which had grown to draw many…

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Bangkok Trip Day 2 – Part 3 – Shopping in Bangkok

Waking up early, head to one of the famous New York Chain Dean & Deluca for breakfast, head to river cruise for a stroll and now the most anticipating of all time which is the girls cant wait is to dig into their pocket and pay is…..shopppingggg . . . When we reach back the city center or known as business district center, Bangkok is also famous for their massive congested traffic whereby as near as 1km distance can get…

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Sixty 9ine Mansion @ Batu Ferringi, Penang

[Close Down] now known as Starbucks Batu Ferringi Since this week, some of my blog post will be in some different location and lets head to North Malaysia which is Penang, my hometown that I was back during Hari Raya break with a few of my KL friends tagging along and I was in charge of arranging all their accomodation which they stayed one of a cozy nice recommended backpackers inn Ryokan Chic Hostel, also I am in charge of…

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RiceTaurant @ Bangsar Village 2

The funny thing is that, when May Ling ask me to join her for dinner and told me the name of the restaurant I was like hah? again and again. .. as the restaurant name is called Ricetaurant which is located in Bangsar Village 2 which I cant even remember when is the last time that I came here. The changes here is quite alot that now host quite a number of nice cafe’s and restaurant in this building. Get…

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Hennessy Artistry HALO ready to blast you soon!!

I did party hard last year at my very first time attending Hennessy Artistry (click here) and the event was absolutely awesome with great performance line up, that blast our feet away from the floor, with great arrangement at the scene that once walk into the entrance you will pass by this bar mixing 101 for us to learn . . Then photo session of remembrance to post freely which is a good memory .. Best of all I get…

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No Boundaries with Samsung Galaxy S 2

Samsung Galaxy S 2 In smart phone industries, there is always a hype over a brand and the most recent that hype on the market by me and a lot of my friends is one of the latest unit that has vivid, slim and solid screen display. To make it more unique, watch the video below: then 2 weeks ago, as a Galaxy S2 user, I turn up at a video shoot event by Samsung to create a small video…

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Famous Ramlee Burger – OM Burger @ Ampang

I got tempted alot of times when my friends mention to me they found one of the best Ramlee burger stall in KL where some even rate it no.1 in Malaysia. The closest of all devil is Ken! always tell me, kia, lets go tandori chicken which is 2 streets away then go OM Burger, usually already flat out at the Tandori and cant even have space for another burger. It was till this round decided, after Tandori and nan’s…

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[ad] The Cube – One stop mobile portal

Twitter act is one of my information portal, to get the latest update from my friends or some happenings till I see some one mention The Cube. The Cube last week that really makes me cluless on what is it all about where by they didn’t mention any additional info on it, then manage to find out at Google and saw the video in youtube and I thought it was a funny video on how they do it by dancing…

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Holiday gateway to Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa @ Johor

What did you do during last week of Malaysia Day? I guess some of you will have plans as its a bit long weekend for us. As for me, me and my friends heading wayyy south to Johor for holiday which by far the furthest I have travel down south is only Melaka. Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa All of us work hard, just that once a while, we need to take a break, to cool us down, chill…

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