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December 2012

Krocies Seafood Restaurant @ Chow Yang, SS2

Foodies the name itself already shows you are a food lover. When it comes to some exotic food, I am a bit skeptical on certain selection of meat. Crocodile meat certainly falls into that category  I invited a few to join me for this food hunting and all of their reaction are, “Bok.. are you serious or are you pulling our leg?” my response was of course serious. There is a new outlet that recently open in SS2, Chow Yang area…

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the Brew Culture @ Plaza Damas 3, Sri Hartamas

After saw some pictures posted on Jennifer’s Instagram, then on our lazy weekend, we decided to hunt this coffee place, since its nearby to my place. Located in Plaza Damas 3 (New section) that is located on the first floor. If you drive pass by the road daily, you would not have notice this place because of the road heading downwards. I love how the owners play with their concepts. Very simple yet creative. If this outlet is in heritage…

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Movie Review: CZ 12 (Chinese Zodiac, 十二生肖)

Genre: Action/ Comedy It has been a while since I last wrote my review for movie, work pilling up and blogging getting busier. CZ 12 also know as Chinese Zodiac is the latest movie from Jackie Chan or would say in another way will be his last action movie as his age is already catching up. CZ 12 is about on a quest to find the 12 mystical zodiac bronze sculpture that had been taken away from the war back…

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Samsung GALAXY 27th K-Pop Golden Disk Awards @ Sepang, Kuala Lumpur

Samsung GALAXY. Let’s see who doesnt know PSY. I Guess there are many PSY fans out there as he is the first person that make a big hit in Youtube that mark over 1Billion views in the history and still counting. This marvelous person surely take the whole world in storm with his music, with young and old are enjoying his dance along too, “Gangnum Style”. Well, if he is not your favourite artist, or you are a big fan…

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HAPA-GAB Outlet Of The Year: WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Coming to year end, what we usually do is hunt for nice spot to eat and drink with friends and family. Recently came across this outlet located at Bangsar Shopping Center, that had instantly top in my list of recommendation with a great balance of scrumptious food, excellent service, great entertainment and of course, an environment to die for. WIP at bangsar is one of a many favourite hangout spot The name itself already very catchy that evolve from “Work In…

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Christmas Eve & New Year Eve Dinner at Sheraton Imperial, KL

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way. . Christmas season is one of the most happy festive seasons of all, with joyfull mood, every where, nice and huge Christmas decoration and songs around all the malls had made it even more Christmas mode. Its one of a festival that me and my friends always looking forward too. Well, in my country the only thing I was input during I was young is White Christmas, means filled with snow or winter. My…

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