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June 2014

Lameizi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅) @ Nagore Road, Penang

Steamboat is one of many people’s favourite food, that one can be dine happily especially rainy days or friends/family gathering. There are alot of steamboat restaurant out there and only handful of them that serve pretty good or decent one. To me, soup base is one of the most important element for it as its the main ingredient that determine people like it or do not like it. the rest of the ingredient do not play much role as it…

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Maison Francaise @ KL

Bustling city, traffic jam, right in the middle of the city center, hidden this little road that lead to a few bungalow lot in this prime area that sits this one classic restaurant Maison Francaise, which is known as The French House. 5 minutes walking distance from KLCC COnvention Center will lead you to this romantic restaurant that sits quietly in this area.  Upon entering the outlet, you will be greeted by one of the waiter right at the bar…

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Win yourself a 3D/2N Stay for 2 in Datai Langkawi

Now is already mid year and time really flies. Most of you would be thinking where should you head for year end holiday or where should you go for your next holiday retreat. Datai Langkawi would be good! Datai Langkawi would certainly be one of a ideal holiday retreat, running away from all our heavy busy lifestyle in the city and sunk our self in this great holiday property right in the middle of the forest that situated in mystical island of…

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Penang Famous Night Market @ Farlim, Bandar Baru

Often when we travel overseas especially in ASIA, one of the places most people would search which is night market. Night Market is one of the scene that you can find nearly everything under one roof ranging from clothings, food, utensils, houseware and hardware. This applies to nearly the same thing as our very own local market. In Penang, as far as I know, Farlim Pasar Malam or night market that takes place every Wednesday night is one of the…

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Gather’s Cafe @ Raja Uda, Penang

Was on the way back for my cousins wedding last year and my bro did not want to head back home to freshen up and decided to park ourself waiting for 2 hours before the wedding dinner to start. Therefore, I look over the web to see which cafe that we can stop by and found this one, Gathers Cafe which I believe is a family operate cafe. Gathers Cafe park themselves in this industrial  park area that make them…

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