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July 2014

Best Nasi Lemak @ Restaurant Wong Soon Kee, SS14,PJ

[Repost cause old pictures were deleted accidentally] Restaurant Wong Soon Kee is one of my place that I used to eat alot during when I was studying at Metropolitan College back in those very long long time ago. Let me seee…I think should have been around 6 years already as I left Metro was year 2003.hmmmmm….back in those days, would eat late lunch if we crave to go here makan. Cuz they start operating after 2pm. Go too early also…

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Legoland Malaysia @ Nusajaya, Johor

Legoland. Who is not a fan of Lego? I believe most kids would wish to have a set of it even when I was a kid. Great news was when it was first announce a few years back that it did make a buzz that finally a theme park that is what Malaysia need instead of those tons of water theme park that keep rising that do not make any special attraction at all. Still Sunway Lagoon top in the…

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Morning After @ Jaya One, PJ

Well, another all day brunch outlet pop out in Jaya One and guess what? This is not their first outlet as they are opening a few outlets at the same time. I am pretty sure that they do have a great concept that are able to push so many at one shot. Being one of a regular person in Jaya One, I manage to try out their food on their first few weeks and of course I also do held…

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Tai Tau (Big Head) Steamboat @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

I am a steamboat lover and for once we accidentally found this place as in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong that fit alot of food in this area as there are one particular street, its filled with alot of steamboat restaurant that make you amaze over it. One of the reason as there are easily more than half dozen restaurant that operates here and all of them have their own crowd and its constantly full house. So we decided to try out…

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Turkish Food Fair at The Big Bazaar @ Publika

Month of Ramadan you can see every where flocks with good food on the streets and not only that, in malls too you will see all the nicely done decoration. In Publika they are doing it differently as from JULY 11-26: TURKISH FOOD BAZAAR @ THE SQUARE, PUBLIKA. You will be pamper with Turkish delicacies such as Shish Kebab, Lamb Kofta, Tomato Dolmas, Oven-baked Turkish Shortrib, Mercimek Çorbası (lentil soup), Güveç stew, Fattoush salad, Turkish ice-cream and others..     For local…

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Blackberry Z30 Review

Blackberry is one of a phone that most business user or corporate individuals will mostly need it. I were once a Blackberry user before those massive Android platform were widely spread over in the market. Till date Blackberry is still one of a phone that many of corporate people would prefer. I like it because of their 2 main functions, one which is their email services is no doubt still first class and their BBM that never fails to deliver…

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