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April 2018

Rollney Kurtos Kalacs @ Leith Street, Penang

This dessert place is indeed quite a rare and unique item in the market. We have one in Publika KL. Rollney Kurtos Kalacs is one of the latest addition to Penang scene and it is making its mark in the market steadily. One of a new dessert place that operating end of last year and it is a Hungarian classic dessert or pastry. Price point is on the higher mark as I ask the owner where did the ingredient come from…

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Beta KL @ Fraser’s Place

Beta KL is one of the latest instagram hit spot as it is filled with colours with a touch of modern retro. Head down to Frasers place, walk till the end after you found this green wall. Walk through the door, then you are in there. A restaurant which is much focus by using local ingredient or local Malaysia food inspired that will be presented in the plate. chose this place as it seems quite nice for my final birthday…

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Havan Clothing

I have been always in support for kids empowerment especially to needy kids. In support with Havan Clothing as Havan Clothing hopes to inspire adults to stay connected with the children. By infusing their genuine artwork with our daily lives, adults can learn to appreciate and recognize the value of a child’s creation. Lead by both Hany and Ivan whom loves connecting with children with Hany, who is a child counselor by profession and found out the importance of EQ where…

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Medan Kampung Ramadan Buffet 2018 @ New World Hotel, PJ

With the theme Medan Kampung Ramadan Buffet 2018 is happening at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel as the anticipation of gathering with friends and family, strengthening bonds and celebrating togetherness grows strong with the approaching of the holy month. All set to delight guests looking to break fast or just to gather and celebrate, the hotel’s Executive Chef – Alexander Chong, together with his master chefs have skillfully put together a sumptuous buffet spread which feature over 100 mouth-watering dishes of local…

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Tommy Lee Baker @ Kampung Atap, KL

One of a new place that I got introduce by @sYcookie whom is a breadlover herself. Tommy Lee Baker is one of her favourite baker that she had been following. I did not understand the whole vibe of it till I google about them. Truly I am impress as a person whom he bake for passion and with strong believe of his product along grooming young talents. Tommy Lee Baker started way back since 2011 by operating in Viva Residency,…

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16 New Speakeasy Bar at Penang 2018

Penang is hitting with another new wave where there are quite number of Speakeasy bar or even new speakeasy bar that is coming out. Well, here you go on my discovery for 16 New Speakeasy Bar at Penang 2018. If you have limited time in Penang, then head only the top 3 or top 5 speakeasy bar in my list. 1. Out of nowhere Among the speakeasy bar in Penang, this top in my list base on the concept and…

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