Urban Artisan is a brand that hail from Penang that started about year 2016 if I am not mistaken. Recently they have expended their outlet to Johor and the most recent is they have just landed into KL scene that operating in Jalan Petaling or Petaling Street (opposite Merchant Lane). (Click here for Penang post)

Urban Artisan (1)

Urban Artisan (2)

Well, I guess the hype of it is still there or not shall leave you guys to decide on it. They are well know for their mix colour instagramable ice cream. Sad off is only they lack of neon lights in the shop. Their flavour change weekly. So do expect different colour combination from time to time.

Urban Artisan (3)

Urban Artisan (4)

Urban Artisan (5)

Urban Artisan (6)

Urban Artisan (7)

Well this is French Valrhona Chocolate x Oceanic Sea Salt @ RM 12.90

If you like bitter and saltiness, then this is their best seller. Worth to give it a try. Its either you like or do not like.

Urban Artisan (8)

Premium Green Tea X Pure Lychee @ RM 12.90

lychee is very fragrant and addictive. just felt pair with green tea might be a wrong combination.

Urban Artisan (9)

Indeed an ice cream that is pretty for instagramming and this brand seems to have its own followers. Quite number of people are excited over their opening in KL now.

Location is quite prominent as now you can enjoy softserve ice cream after you have your brunch at Merchant Lane.

Urban Artisan
149 Jalan Petaling,


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