Tap Beer At Bamboo Hill, Segambut KL might be one of the first local brew beer that we can ever get. If the fact is correct, then their beer is certainly quite impressive. For both IPA and stout. Tap Room is indeed a perfect place for gatherings. A huge space that able to cater private events.bamboo hillCurrently they are at their hype as it is highly advisable to make reservation before you head over. If not you will ended up like me take chances. I waited for a spot for 45 minutes on that day as half of the section is close for private event. also was lucky cuz there are reservations that did not turn up then we took over the table.


pizza in kl

I read some of the reviews that they are also well known for their pizza.  I would say if you dine in the early evening like 6pm and if weather is right, like just after rain it is a perfect place to be. Enjoy the sound of waterfall, beer on your hand and pretty decent food will be the perfect mood to end the day.

Morning sun is still bearable and if it hit afternoon, do not bother to sit outside. It is really hot unless you are like Guai lou love sun and heat then yes.
bamboo hills uoaTap Beer At Bamboo Hill outdoor seating area.
brewary in kl

This is their bar, as you can see the copper piping flying around, its is connected to behind the wall. I am only assuming the fresh beer brew is directly tap out instead of decor. kl beer brewary
tap room menu

Tap Room Menu is pretty straight forward. A menu with Italy, local and American.

local beer

this is their Paperkite Stout. It is easy to drink, hint of caramel and a bit of coffee bitter end but overall it is smooth. @ RM 22.

Watermelon Meze @ RM 9 – watermelon, chuka wakame, crush peanut and Thai Dressing. Refreshing dish as order this for my niece to try.
mushroom soupMushoom soup turns out to be better than expected as ingredient is grind – MOB soup @ RM 17.80. Interesting profile as they add in fish flakesDSC00712Charming Chic is certainly a dish that fits very well with healthy person. It is a flavourful plate with chicken well season, grill and the spicy sauce enhance it. Quino as the best replacement for rice.
restaurant in bamboo hills bamboo hills Botanica+CoMeaty Platter @ RM 129 is a fun combination with beef (medium rare) nicely grilled pranws and soft of like tandori chicken kinda taste is a great platter to go after.

The fun begins after you start adding in green spicy sauce(which is not spicy actually) it add on the flavour which is needed by each beef and seafood. Do give it a try eat it as it is then add on the spicy sauce. BEST!
 italian restauran in klCreamy Mushroom is nicely plated but nothing fancy to go after.
4 cheese pizzaFormagio @ RM 52 is sort of like thin curst pizza. Nicely burnt on edges yet the cheese is fragrant. The cream make it more interesting to enhance the pizza flavour. This is best to go along with their IPA beer. 
what to eat in bamboo hillsMoonlight Pesto . I am not a big fan of pesto but this is certaily okay. The pesto herb taste is not that strong yet well balance. It is interesting as it is topped with an egg yolk, after you break it, becomes slightly creamier and balance well with the pesto. Chicken is crispy and slight juicy.ginger kl bamboo hillsFor something clasisc, Pad Krapow Rice bowl @ RM 19.80 is a worthy dish to order. Generous with chicken mince meat, topped with crispy egg is a dish that would not disappoint as it is cook flavorful. Better than expected.dessert waffle in klBerryful Waffle @ RM 29.80 there is nothing to shout about as I feel that Inside scoop waffle ice cream is better and cheaper. DSC00697I have read in some reviews that their food was not up in standard, again as a new F&B operator their kitchen usually will take time to stabilize. I was lucky on that day as my service and food were above my expectation. 

Tap Room Bamboo hill

Tap Room Bamboo hill is certainly one of the place I would recommend for gathering and certainly do not mind to come back again for drinks and pizza. Their Tap Room Paperkite Beer could be one of the best Local beer if that is really produce in there. IPA Beer would be recommended if you do not like Stout.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, great ambiance, beer and pizza!!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Tap Room KL Bamboo Hill

Lot P10, Bamboo Hills off Lebuhraya DUKE,

Taman Bamboo, Segambut,

51200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 1am

Tel: 0129428525

Its been a while since you get some food which is umami. Hungry Bacon at Uptown Damansara in PJ is surprisingly one of them. An eatery run by husband and wife along with some of their family recipe is something to look after. 

AS the name says, bacon as this restaurant is all about PORK!

hungry baconA cosy space for family and friends gathering. So are you a hungry bacon, stress bacon? DSCF3220hungry bacon menuMenu is not large but good enough for us to hunt. I was shared by the introductory of the menu and below are some of their signatures we ordered.hungry bacon drinksbacon roll

This is indeed very intersting when it was serve onto the table. Bacon Cones – stuffed with bacon chilli con carne &  topped with sour cream , cheese sauce, pico de galo, &  Jalapenos.

Creatively they presented it in a cones and if you do not realize it like my friends, they thought its actually a cone till I said no, its bacon wrap and perfectly baked till crispy. the flavors of this is burst with overwhelming flavors. I was told that this is their mini version of their signature best seller Nachos. One of a entree that certainly worth to order.
Definitely one of a buddy for beer.
uptown damansara
Bacon Lolipops , Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken drumettes on mayonnaise & bbq sauce. Slight twist from the classic to give you a layer of crips and porkie taste wrap over drumettes.western food in pjWild Boar Peratel , served with white bread and papadoms.

This is also a dish worth for you to discover. Eating itself without any sides, the flavour might be too strong. Best advise to go along with its toasted bread that turns the flavour well balance. First eat might be hit with strong flavours of spices and saltiness however with bread just balance that out. Love it serve in claypot as it still grill abit along the way. We endjoyed some of the burnt edges
pork nasi kerabu

This is not your usual Nasi Kerabu. This is one of their signature Nasi Kerabu with babi percik, blue pea flower rice with solok lada, salted egg, fresh ulam, fish cracker, budu, and sambal belacan. 

Beware when you pour in the sauces. It is highly advise to pour in bits by bits to suits your palate. If you pour all into the plate, the taste will be too overpowering. After addin the sauces, mix well on the rice. The best is the fresh pork lard that is added that gives you a nice balance of crips, oil fragrant and herbs. A nice plate of piggy.

pork burger

Pork Burger with Bacon , 180 gram pork patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelize onions, served with US potato fries. patty is grill nicely that did not overcook it. Soft and juicy while the cheddar gives the hint of saltiness it needed. NIce and well balance. 
best pork chop in pj
pork steak klMighty Tomahawk is only available limited portions a day. If you are looking for something unusual, then this is another dish you can hit after. Brined 48hours and lightly smoked then, slow grill to ensure the juiciness of the meat. best pork steak pj

As you cut thru the  meat, you know its soft and juicy. Each bite is even better if you put some garlic and the sauce on top with hint of smokiness, It gives another level of flavours. 
western food in klbest lava chocolate cake

Ending our meals with high note as I have less expectation of this. Most of the people overcooked it till that the lava of chocolate is not Lava’ish.

Chocolate Lava , served with 40 licks vanilla ice cream. Love the bitterness and pair well with the ice cream.

Great start for new discovery of restaurant and certainly will come back to try some of other items in the menu, one of a nice fusion western food in PJ can aim for.


Hungry Bacon

33, Jalan SS 21/56b,

Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:

Tues – Fri : 5pm – 11pm

Sat & Sun: 12pm – 3pm / 6pm – 10pm

(Monday CLOSED)

tel: 012-355 0857

Last weekend, had a great dining experience that do not cost me a bomb for a lunch menu is at Cassis Restaurant at TTDI, KL. It is one of a fine dining restaurant in KL as they are offering French and Japanese inspired dish. 4 course lunch at RM 180, I find that it is decently priced and for the quality of food and food journey experience is just right.

Cassis Restaurant is not prominent on the main road as they sit just right 1 shop away from LUT, TTDI. Look for a bright yellow lights that lead you up to level 1.

Upon door opening, you will be greeted with soothing French background music, follow by greetings with a friendly staff at the door that will then bring to your seat, if you made a reservation. 

Cassis Restaurant ttdi (1)


modern dining in klLove the interior as deck with classic marble flooring with fresh pot of flowers on every table that gives a nice floral scent.
french dining in klcassis lunch menuCassis Restaurant ttdi (2)Cassis Restaurant ttdi (3)For the 4 course lunch menu, we kick off with Bread Basket that serve with a few homemade butter. 

Chicken Croquette with Black Truffle Baked
Salmon Tartare
Lobster Puff
Confit Octopus with Extra Virgin Olive Cassis Restaurant ttdi (4)Condiements were perfect and packed with flavours. I love the middle is with a bit of alcohol jelly and a pate. It is so good that 

omakase in klCheese is done to perfection that it is serve in a medium hard texture. It is for sharing and I find that having half is just perfect. For the Salmon, I find it goes along every well with the biscuit inside bread basket. cassis
Cassis Restaurant ttdi (5)japanese fusion
Cassis Restaurant ttdi (7)



For soup, you can pick : 

Smoked Clam Chowder
corn, garlic crouton, parsley

Cassis Restaurant ttdi (6)

Little did I know, I order my first dish wrongly as I wanted the puff soup but accidentally order with Smoked Clam Chowder. 

Another which I find it excited is Foie gras (top up RM 60) but turns out not to be a soup. It is a side. Perfectly pan seared foie gras that is crips on the skin layer and melt in your mouth inside base is just perfect. with its dressings on top just add on the flavours it needed.

omakase in pjCassis Restaurant ttdi (8)
wagyu beefMains: 

Opted for Aged MB5 Australia Black Angus Sirloin baby spinach, mushroom, beef jus. I requested medium rare and it is cook to the way I wanted. seared on the outside with a nice little umami taste I like and the jus might be too strong. I prefer to have it by itself is already kinda perfect. I order their Italian red house wine to go with it. I believe its a Shiraz and its goes well with its after taste. a mxiture of shiraz spicy note and jus which is slight bitter and meat seared taste is perfect combo. 

you can choose to upgrade : Miyazaki A5 Sirloin (supplement RM180)

lobster meal

Another main that happy over it is Maine Lobster & Scallop perfectly cooked with the taste sweetness of lobster is still prominent. Scallop is nicely done too. Ordered their house wine Italian White which have a bit of sweet floral note to match the seafood that I have. Liking it. 

comptoirs richard parisBefore dessert, we are given a choice of Coffee or Tea. Rarely I choose for tea this round is because of the brand. I choose fruit tea because I saw the dessert list that i will be having and I believe will match to my personal taste bud. 

When the dessert it serve, I am totally happy over it, with variety explosion of taste. Starting off with: 

restaurant in ttdiStrawberry Cheesecake
Varlhorna Chocolate Truffle
Chocolate ‘n’ Peanut Butter Eclair
Earl Grey Jelly with Vanilla Cream
Shine Muscat Tart

fine dine in kl

Was told by the server that we should start from left to right from the wood platform and end with the chocolate.
comptoirs richard paris tea

It is indeed a pretty satisfying desert ending with variety of flavours to hit on. From mixture of sour, salty and clear earl grey jelly with umami chococlate. Just perfecto!
Cassis Restaurant ttdi (10)

Whenever I travel, at times I will opt for fine dine or good food. For our local and RM 180 for such great food journey, I find that this is certainly one of a recommended menu to all of you. I am satisfied and happy over it. Maybe could be one of a fine dining restaurant in PJ you could consider?

cassis dinner menu

Restaurant is not big, as limited capacity and with 1 private dining room only. Do make your reservations. For menu, you can check them out here.


1st Floor, 32A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11:30am–2pm / 6:30pm–12am

Tel: 0196942561

Penang dining scene indeed have turn up a notch. Not only well know for it street food, however I find that casual dining in Penang have also increase in its quality and more outlets opening too. One of the good feedback I heard is this fusion casual dining Island Problem in Lebuh Campbell is certainly worth to try. Island problem have quite a unique tweak with combination of Thai and Japanese. Turns out to be good!

beach street

To come here, best advise to make reservation as the place is super small. Open concept kitchen that you get to sit at the bar while watching the chef cook. Set back is what every they are cooking you will be very curious and keen to order. island problem penang

Look at the crowd, full house and this is weekday lunch!island problem menucasual dining in penangFor such dining, we start early with Australian white wine to go along with the food we order. wagyu beef donSteak & Butter Rice @ RM 49 : Australian tenderloin steak, range yolk, homemade butter rice.
This is seriously good! the egg yolk that just ooze out perfect match with its butter rice. Beef cook to perfection medium rare and a bit of this with white wine is match made in heaven.
beef with egg
for the test best fine dine in penang


This certainly look like a normal dish, this is actually dish of the day.  It is more like a cold dish where the noodle is cook to perfection. Al-dante with bouncy yet just nice cold. Broth is chill yet very fragrant, clear and pack with flavour. Topped with torch burn scallop to add the umami flavour is chunz!

classic japanese tamago

FInd that its Japanee Tamago is a huge twist. Turn to a special mix to make the surface silky smooth like near eating a tofu! burnt cheese cake penang

We were contemplating to order the Burnt Cheese cake or not yet after see the serving next to us, we make an order. Super soft in the middle, nearly melt inyour mouth, not too sweet, slight burnt and cheese taste is just nice. Not overpowering. Could be one of the best burnt cheese cake in Penang. Set back is expensive. If remember correctly is RM 19 for a small piece.

Fine dining in Penang sure gearing up its quality and I am happy that Island Problem is certainly one of my recommended restaurant dining in Penang. Quality and price I find it affordable. Dining experience some of you might not like it, but I certainly love this kind of ambiance. 

*PORK Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, veli good for Penang standard, lecommended!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Island Problem

61, Lebuh Campbell,

10100 Penang

Operating Hours: 12pm – 10pm (close Wednesday)

Tel: 016-421 8633

Madmen in Tropicana Avenue  had been one of our regular hang out spot with me and my friends, even before MCO. Right till recently, they have revamp the place with Liveband and new Menu. It was then an instant hit as it is rare that you will find a bar with live band in PJ. Madmen certainly is one of them. Check out their daily different live band here: MadMen Live Music, Wine & Beer
madmen tropicana pj
Cozy ambiance as the aircon is on full blast. If you enjoy such environment like me, you will be lurvin it. Right after a few drinks, then you will star to feel warm. Do make bookings if you wish to seat in the mean live band area. It is constantly fully book not to mention especially on Friday and Saturday. On weekdays like Tuesday to T

hursday is often full house. That is why you see most of the table are with reserve.


DSCF7344Chill out place that will never break your pocket and if you are a wine lover, this is one of a wine bar in PJ that you can go after. Not a huge selection but enough to hit your palate with price range from RM 109 onwards.
cocktail in pj
Often we are here for beers, and only till recently they starting off with cocktails. madmen pj menuFor that day, they were on from to order some food before the main famous Modern Jazz Band in PJ go live at 8.30pm.
italian cold cuts

So we start off with Madmen Platter @ RM70 combination of cold cut.  one of an easy combination to go with wine lovers
italian platter
DSCF7365 (1)

If you are a beer drinker like me then these 2 works well. Egg Plant Chips with honey coated @ RM 18. Perfectly goes very well with my Asahi.

Garlic Prawn @ RM 35. Grilled fresh tiger prawns, head fumet reduction, garlic bread and Chives
spanish food

Mains we had Hudang Pasta @ RM 32, Spaghettini, Grilled fresh tiger prawns, cilantro, lime, prawn head infuse olive oil
spaghetti bolognese
Haram-Biata @ RM 28. Love the taste of it as it is generous with mince spicy pork. Spaghetti is cook to al dante. Goes well with wine or beer.

classic carbonaraEggcellent Carbonara @ RM 28. Simple and direct that will never go wrong. Tagliatelle, Smoked bacon, onsen egg, grana padano, white wine creme

wagyu burger in pj

Wah Gyu Brrr-gger @ RM 50. 200g wagyu patty, cheddar cheese, brioche bun,bacon,caramelize  onion.  Cook super  medium rare.wagyu burgerEnding our night with their signature Flaming Brownie @ RM 20

live band in pjMain highlight for the night is this famous Modern Jazz live band in PJ. I didnt know that they do have such a strong follower that one of my friend is also one of their fan. The combination of saxophone : Eddy, Keyboardist : Lee Peng and singer Celist voice is pretty amazing. No wonder they have such strong follower. They are here for the whole month of mid May to June 2022 on every Thursday. Do remember to book a spot!

madmen tropicana avenue

could this be one of the best live band bar in PJ? I think so as every day they do have different genre of band. Check them out here : MadMen Live Music, Wine & Beer


MadMen Live Music, Wine & Beer

PJ 01-17 & 18,

No, Lot P, 12, Persiaran Tropicana,

Tropicana Avenue,

47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 3pm–1am

Tel: 03-76606808

It has been a while since I last dine in an upscale restaurant where MCO just took our 2 years away. I have seen alot influencers in this casual dining resturant in KL known as Blackbyrd KL in Naza Tower which is just a stone throw away from KLCC Petronas Twin Tower or in this area Platinum Park KL.

Blackbyrd KL

It was special treat for me on my special day, was just brought here to enjoy the view, ambiance, food and drinks. Just head all the way up to 55th Floor if I remember correctly.

restaurant sky bar in kl

We are here for early bird as it is still so called “endemic” reservations are divided into 2 sessions. 6-8pm / 8pm till late.

  1. if you choose early session and if you are lucky, you get to see sunset
  2. night just enjoy night view and drink all the way

casual dining in kl


cocktail bar in kl

Dining area are divided into 2, as I was seated in both dining and bar area. I would say you enjoy early dinner then you move to the cocktail bar after 8pm to continue your chilling at the counter or high spender table with the perfect view.

sky bar with klcc view


restaurant with klcc view

The VIP table with the view where you get to see Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower and Merdeka 118 Tower, KL.

Blackbyrd KL menu 2022

I guess to our sheer luck as this would be their new menu of 2022 and was told that what we previously wanted to order is no longer available and it seems that they have new head chef on board.

after looking at the menu, Blackbyrd food seems more like fusion with towards Asian, Indonesian local inspired cuisine. Of course there are a few items that caught my attention.

Blackbyrd signature dish

This is Blackbyrd all time signature: Crispy Nori Crunch @ RM 29 – tempura nori seaweed, spicy salmon, salmon roe and parmeson cheese.


Nicely presented that have colour to it, however I find that it lacks of flavours. Cripsy inside out with a bit of saltiness from fish roe and hint of parmesan.



Of course by name itself, I imagine it sounds simple that caught my attention. Truffle Tagliolini @ RM 59 – fresh truffle and truffle butter.

truffle spaghetti

Upon serving, the smell of truffle is already pretty strong. Topped with 4-5 thin slices of fresh  fresh truffle to make it look more solid. Taste is indeed spot on. Creamy to my liking with a punch of Pretty strong truffle taste. Felt that tagliolini is made fresh with cook to perfection. Slight chewy and al-dante – recommended


indonesian inspired food

After staring for a long while, nothing that caught my attention as I find the rest are quite normal. So I pick something familiar to me. Iga Bakar Sambal Idjo @ RM 145 – Black Angus Short Ribs MB 2, green chili, gurih Rice.

This is certainly one of a atas Indonesian or Balinese kind of food. Flavours are pretty spot on as I just find that the Sambal could be spicier like the one I had in both Jakarta and Bali. Black Angus ribs is marinated and cook well . Certainly do have the taste of atas Indonesian street food version.

bali food


Since I have heard Gordan Ramsey or some cooking show keep using saffron. Originally was suppose to go with King Prawn Saffron Risotto and it was not available. Changed to this Rendang Saffron Risotto (If i remember correctly  which is special of the day)

Risotto is spot on. I have not tasted Saffron before so do not know how to describe.  First time doing this Rendang and risotto apparently the taste seems to blends well.

cocktail in the sky

restaurant for birthday celebration

Was here for my Birthday celebration in Mid February 2022.

Blackbyrd night view

This is the night view of Blackbyrd Skybar KLCC view.

Overall, If we guess correct as since most of the dishes wanted to order on that day menu no longer available and assuming the chef just reported, with its cooking I am impress.

If you are in the mood for atas ambiance dining or for celebration with Asian inspired food flavour with KLCC view then can consider here as one of the options.

*Pork FREE

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okay la good pun but expensive! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Blackbyrd KL
Platinum Park,
Naza Tower,
10, Persiaran KLCC,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-689 8576

Operating Hours: 12pm–12am

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