Among many of my friends that have visited De Wan 1958 by Chef Wan at The Linc, KL indeed gave a good review and thumbs up for this place, till recently I get to try along for a private function. No doubt it is indeed serve pretty good Malay cuisine.

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan

I was here on weekdays so was told the crowd is not huge and it is pretty full house over the weekend. It is highly advisable to make a reservation before you come. This is to avoid any private functions that they have too.

Curious about their menu and price (click here)

chef wan

de wan

Best of all, they have private dining room available that can sit up to 10 pax.

de wan ramadan menu

As the food was serve, the smell of those spicies and curies instantly makes me hungry.

the linc

Cucur Udang is classic street food and it is done right. Dipping with both satay and chili sauce is just perfect.

de wan by chef wan

Starting off with a classic dish – Pucuk Paku that is cook to perfection. Not too soft yet I can still bite slight crunchy texture of the veggie and sqeezing a bit of limau indeed enhance the flavour.

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan (5)

Udang Kari Hijau Telur Masin is indeed one of the highlight for the night. Prawn is fresh and big. Sauce is sticky with a bit of twist. Hint of chili skin after taste and the telur masin not overpowering yet goes very well with the whole flavour.

de wan ramandan



De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan (7)

you will never go wrong with dishes that is bakar. The only thing is the ingredient must be fresh. Jumbo Sotong Bakar with Sambal Colik is indeed spot on. Ia mixture like of Indonesia x local malay taste infuse for the sauces.

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan (8)

We got serve with 2 types of rice and it is recommended.

  1. Nasi Lemuni Berseri Perlils
  2. Nasi Telur Terrenganu


For curries they serve Daging Rendang Selangor. Spices are mix well and with the right amout, every one have their own version of curries recipe and I find it is qood.

Some will be stronger in spices, some is stronger in spicy but I like this. Both balance of spices and mild spicy, that can easily goes well with your rice.

the linc kl

Ayam Masak Merah Chef Wan  is abit more solid. Slightly strong in spicy end with mild sweetness. Chicken is soft and juicy.

de. wan

This is the first time I am having Umbut Kelapa Lemak Solok Lada. I find the taste is quite interesting. cook with a kind of noodle in it and I think those of you have never try before, I believe it is a dish worth to explore.

chef wan restaurant

If you have the budget and looking for nice ambiance or atas great classic Malay food, then I believe you can check out Chef Wan restaurant in KL.

I check their FB, they do have Ramadan buffet for all Muslim friends that wishes to go. For their De.Wan Ramadan Buffet Menu (click here). Best to call them up or visit their website (click here)

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan
The Linc, 360, Jln Tun Razak,
Taman U Thant, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 1700821558

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri : 11am – 4pm/ 6pm – 10pm
Sat/ Sun: 11am–10pm

It has been a while since I last dine in an upscale restaurant where MCO just took our 2 years away. I have seen alot influencers in this casual dining resturant in KL known as Blackbyrd KL in Naza Tower which is just a stone throw away from KLCC Petronas Twin Tower or in this area Platinum Park KL.

Blackbyrd KL

It was special treat for me on my special day, was just brought here to enjoy the view, ambiance, food and drinks. Just head all the way up to 55th Floor if I remember correctly.

restaurant sky bar in kl

We are here for early bird as it is still so called “endemic” reservations are divided into 2 sessions. 6-8pm / 8pm till late.

  1. if you choose early session and if you are lucky, you get to see sunset
  2. night just enjoy night view and drink all the way

casual dining in kl


cocktail bar in kl

Dining area are divided into 2, as I was seated in both dining and bar area. I would say you enjoy early dinner then you move to the cocktail bar after 8pm to continue your chilling at the counter or high spender table with the perfect view.

sky bar with klcc view


restaurant with klcc view

The VIP table with the view where you get to see Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower and Merdeka 118 Tower, KL.

Blackbyrd KL menu 2022

I guess to our sheer luck as this would be their new menu of 2022 and was told that what we previously wanted to order is no longer available and it seems that they have new head chef on board.

after looking at the menu, Blackbyrd food seems more like fusion with towards Asian, Indonesian local inspired cuisine. Of course there are a few items that caught my attention.

Blackbyrd signature dish

This is Blackbyrd all time signature: Crispy Nori Crunch @ RM 29 – tempura nori seaweed, spicy salmon, salmon roe and parmeson cheese.


Nicely presented that have colour to it, however I find that it lacks of flavours. Cripsy inside out with a bit of saltiness from fish roe and hint of parmesan.



Of course by name itself, I imagine it sounds simple that caught my attention. Truffle Tagliolini @ RM 59 – fresh truffle and truffle butter.

truffle spaghetti

Upon serving, the smell of truffle is already pretty strong. Topped with 4-5 thin slices of fresh  fresh truffle to make it look more solid. Taste is indeed spot on. Creamy to my liking with a punch of Pretty strong truffle taste. Felt that tagliolini is made fresh with cook to perfection. Slight chewy and al-dante – recommended


indonesian inspired food

After staring for a long while, nothing that caught my attention as I find the rest are quite normal. So I pick something familiar to me. Iga Bakar Sambal Idjo @ RM 145 – Black Angus Short Ribs MB 2, green chili, gurih Rice.

This is certainly one of a atas Indonesian or Balinese kind of food. Flavours are pretty spot on as I just find that the Sambal could be spicier like the one I had in both Jakarta and Bali. Black Angus ribs is marinated and cook well . Certainly do have the taste of atas Indonesian street food version.

bali food


Since I have heard Gordan Ramsey or some cooking show keep using saffron. Originally was suppose to go with King Prawn Saffron Risotto and it was not available. Changed to this Rendang Saffron Risotto (If i remember correctly  which is special of the day)

Risotto is spot on. I have not tasted Saffron before so do not know how to describe.  First time doing this Rendang and risotto apparently the taste seems to blends well.

cocktail in the sky

restaurant for birthday celebration

Was here for my Birthday celebration in Mid February 2022.

Blackbyrd night view

This is the night view of Blackbyrd Skybar KLCC view.

Overall, If we guess correct as since most of the dishes wanted to order on that day menu no longer available and assuming the chef just reported, with its cooking I am impress.

If you are in the mood for atas ambiance dining or for celebration with Asian inspired food flavour with KLCC view then can consider here as one of the options.

*Pork FREE

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okay la good pun but expensive! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Blackbyrd KL
Platinum Park,
Naza Tower,
10, Persiaran KLCC,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-689 8576

Operating Hours: 12pm–12am

Hameediyah Restaurant is one of the oldest Nasi Kandar In Penang located in Campbell Street. . It could also be one of the first Nasi Kandar In Penang if I read correctly. However, this is one of a famous Penang street food.

nasi kandar beratuur

be prepare to queue if it is normal days and even longer as far as 4-6 shops if its on long weekend. My queue was during CMCO and it is easily 15 minutes queue.

best nasi kandar in penang

They are famous for a certain reason. Their colourful dark colours of curries. When you stand at my spot, you will start to swallow saliva as the smell of curries just poke thru your nose and make you instant hungry. All curries looks super appetizing. A slight close up for you below.

best murtabak in penang

Do note and take at your own risk:

  1. If you take seafood or Lamb, your price to pay might be expensive.

hameediyah nasi kandar

I took lamb and it is not cheap, with lamb curries, veggie and beef. NO doubt that the curries are pack with flavours after our Penang people favourite style: kuah banjir. I did have a side small request package of mix curries to be brought back home.

My damage for those is aready around RM 38 which is more expensive than many others out there.


While I was queueing, this is no doubt maciam best. SO bought 1 Martabak ayam back. Turns out to be better than expected. If you dine there, I believe it would taste better. Something worth for you to explore.

oh well, some people would regard this as the best nasi kandar in Penang. What do you think?

164, Lebuh Campbell,
George Town, 10100, Penang

Tel: 042611095

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Before we coming to end of the year and feeling festive yet not too sure where to go for a nice place to chill. Well, lets head to the new atas food court known as Tiffin At The Yard at Sentul, KL. Love the location as the surroundings is quite oversea with rustic and classic red brick buildings around and Sentul depo is just around the corner. Many instagramble corner can be taken in this premises.

The best part is Tiffin At The Yard is going to be permanent.



Just look at the surroundings.

do note that if you are taking anything for commercial, do apply permit at their office. In Tiffin At the Yard : Who is here and what to eat: check out their page : Tiffin at The Yard

sentul depot

There are plenty of parking space and it is free. Just prepare to walk abit as there are 3 segment of carpark.

tiffin at the yard (2)

tiffin sentul food court

Tiffin At The Yard is going to be a permanent area

tiffin at the yard (3)

food in tiffin at the yard

For this round, these are the vendors that currently taking place. What to expect:

  1. variety of mixture of food is avaiable.
  2. do prepare to fork out some money for it as food here is ranging from RM 15 onwards. Average about RM 25-RM 35 per portion.
  3. what you get in return, is a cool vibe oversea ambiance.

tiffin at the yard


thyme out

casa lisboa

red red botak head

there are vendors like Red Red Botak Head

little people

Little People that sells pastries

superfine tacos

Superfine Tacos

superfine tacos (2)

tiffin at the yard (21)

Thyme Out Mexican food

tiffin at the yard (17)

Casa lisboa

kedai roti universal

Some no stranger from Kedai Roti Universal cafe

yum cha


tiffin at the yard (8)

tiffin at the yard (23)

Feeling chilling and some mixologist corner right at mezzanine floor. Above the area selling wine.

tiffin at the yard (16)

beverage corner and wine corner

wine tiffin at the yard

tiffin at the yard (45)

Tiger beer corner is not operating and beloeve they will operate at night. Quite a cool corner they have.

tiger tiffin at the yard

tiffin at the yard (24)

tiffin at the yard (37)

tiffin at the yard (39)

There are variety of vendors in the area and I find that Olivia Deli is a must hunt stall. I find that their Squid Ink Paella is da bomb @ RM 35! one of the best paella I come across. Did spoke to them as currently they do not have a restaurant yet. This is their first pop up.

Their new restuarant currently under renovation and will be operating in Bangsar. I am looking forward for this.

tiffin at the yard (38)

Serve pippin hot as I was aiming them quite a while and all their service are made to order. Once, this portion is sold out, they will make a new next batch. So aim for the corner area which gives you a little crunch and also this is pack with flavours. With the kind of stock that they are using and it is cook to perfection!

I also tried their Chicken and Duck Paella @ RM 32. It is not too bad, not the usual you can get in KL. Worth to give it a try but still Squid Ink is the best.

tiffin at the yard (27)

tiffin at the yard (41)

tiffin at the yard (43)

Beef Jianbing @ RM35, which is fried rice wrapped with egg, and topped with sous-vide beef shoulder.

tiffin at the yard (35)

Not a bad dish, as it heads towards more on the salty end.

tiffin at the yard (34)

One of my friend is vegan so she opted for Bagellicious.

tiffin at the yard (36)

tiffin at the yard (44)

I see many instagrammer post about this so my sis bought to try it out. Lickin Chan ice cream. Not bad as they got a few interesting flavours.

tiffin at the yard (33)


tiffin at the yard (30)

Another recommended stall is this Philipno Jamaican stall. I totall miss out their stall picture as this stall sits right opposite Red Red Botak Head.

Pretty good dish, as meat is soft and generous with avocado. Pack with spice flavours and it is something unique that I come across. Worth to give it a try as it is at RM 35.

tiffin at the yard (31)


read some other post : Alta burger seems to be a big hit here which I think I miss out or do not see them. Will certainly aim them on my next visit.

2 stalls I think would recommend that I personally think worth to try:

  1. Olivia Deli – Squid Ink Paella
  2. Jamaican Philipno food – oppsite red red botak head stall.

This is a cool place to be in if you are not too sure where to do during this festive season. A great place to chill and catch up. Certainly will come back again!

tiffin at the yard
PT189-PT183-PT185 Jalan Strachan,
Off, Jln Ipoh, Sentul,
51100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Thurs & Fri : 5pm – 12am
Sat & Sun : 10am – 11am

One of our famous Penang Street food is also Mee Goreng. Of course there is this Famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng now have move to a new location right after 50 years of operating in the kopitiam at Bangkok Lane. I am more happy for them to move to this new location, New World Park foodcourt or known as New World Park Food City.

One main reason is of course Parking. Penang is very strict of parking. If you simple park, your car either got towed or got tayar lock. In this new location also you will be offer huge array of other Penang famous street food and my personal favourite stall are at the end of the post

new world park

They have just move to this new location since 1st September. It is hard not to notice them as you will be seeing alot of ppl queuing or ordering. They are operating right the corner lot of the hawker lot.

bangkok lane new work park

for all Penang Kia if you do not know how to speak Malay or English, the owner is well verse in Hokkien. You can just order Mee Goren “chit pua” or he can also talk to you everything in Hokkien.

bangkok lane mee goreng

Price I believe still remain the same and it had been ages since I last this Mee Goreng. Because at their old location I lazy park at the market and walk over which is about 5-10 minutes walk.

mee goreng bangkok lane

Happy that i got the owner to fry my plate. Now he is training his nephew to master the art of mee goreng his style.

penang famous mee goreng

Here is my pippin hot Mee Goreng Sotong at RM 6. Must definately squeeze lime on it to enhance the taste. Mine is extra spicy as I always love my CKT and Mee Goreng Extra spicy to give you the kick of it.

mee goreng in penang

There are variety of Mee Goreng style in Penang. For Bangkok lane, theirs is on the dry side, yet you can taste abit of Wok Hei. The spiciness of sotong and chewiness of it just to my liking.  Complete this with nutmeg juice or ice kacang is just perfect.

By the way, the famous Ice Kacang in New World Park have move all the way to the front as an independent shop already. Same place just walk all the way to the front facing main road.

New World Park Food City

new world park food court (1)

Other of my favourite which I usually will come here tapau before I go back KL is this Yam Rice, then Penang Hokkien Mee next to it or to KL ppl is known as HAr Mee. This untie had been selling for 40 years and one of my favourite. No continuation if she are unable to operate anymore. Enjoy while you can.

new world park food court (2)
Penang Mee Jawa from this young operator also one of my favourite. Or one of the best I come accross cuz he usees fresh lemon juice to enhance the taste of sourness. Just to my liking.


Another 2 stall is the Fried Fritters (CUCUR Udang) at the end of the shop operate by another Indian. His fried fritters with his own special sauce is to die for. This you can’t tapau have to eat fresh.

Next to the stall got 1 stall sell Bak Chang: their Yam CAke is to die for.

New World PArk
Jalan Burma, George Town,
10050 George Town, Penang

Operating hours:
Daily : 11am – 10pm
Stalls will close base on their operating time(which I do not have info on that)


this was a random stumble that we were actually looking for a plant. As we walk till the end of the Plant & Pots Studio, we suddenly smell fresh coffee. We followed the trail and found this Sipping Corner Cafe by Plant & Pot Studio in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. More like a hidden cafe in Puchong.

Plant and Pot (9)

Do not feel lost as the whole shop frontage is indeed selling plants.

hidden cafe

Even the cafe also is also decorated with plants too.

cafe in pj

cafe in bandar puteri

Plant and Pot (7)

They have a few single origins coffee and I found they are all pretty good.

Plant and Pot (8)

Normal coffee menu .

cafe in puchong

Space here is rather compact and filled with only a few tables. So good luck in getting luck for a table.

cakes in puchong

Cakes here is really really unique base on the flavour and presentation that they have. I am sure going to come back for their cakes again if I do come to Bandar Puteri again.

cakes in pj

sipping corner cafe

Coffee here are pretty decent along with cakes. a nice hidden cafe in PJ that work to visit.  Only for coffee and cakes.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okok coffee and cakes-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Sipping Corner by Plant and Pot
78G, Jalan Puteri 5/5,
Bandar Puteri, 47100
Puchong, Selangor.

Operating hours: Daily, 9am-6pm.

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