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Shiki Omakase that is lead by 2 Japanese chef that offers you a modern Japanese Dining Omakase Experience. It is a unique experience that what you are having on the day will be different from another diners that going into for the same menu. Shiki Omakase just sits right above Healy Mac in Publika or even just a few doors away from Red Bean Bag.

A new Omakase restaurant in Publika that just started this year and it is gaining their own popularity especially their lunch crowd. If you do plan to go here for lunch, do make bookings.DSCF7759DSCF7760 (2)mount fujishiki omakase (3)shiki omakase publika

Lets start off the food journey of Omakase as the menu for the day (click here). Just note that what is written in here, every dinners might have slight 20% changes or even 50% changes of ingredients from what I posted or even same chef attending to you, the ingredient used for you and other diners also could be dfiferent. That is why the term Omakase. (You do not know!)

shiki omakase (4)

Basically it is the fresh ingredient of the day that what Chef plan to have in his mind and also along the journey of dining, chef might switch their menu they have in mind to suits the persons taste bud as they discover further if they are part of your conversation. 

shiki omakase

Before kick start the meal, chef show me on the available cuts of tuna and maguro. Just look at that. different types of premium cuts.

shiki omakase (1)

fresh sea urchin

Was fun to talk to the chef as the only seating for the night. He focus conversation with my side by showing all the fresh ingredients that got flown in, in the morning it self. Just look at the colour end texture of Uni. Drool
best omakase in kl

very interesting that how chef play his unique modern infusion style. Some with bird nest, truffle cream, smoked wasabi. The best is, all his flavour combination pairs really well with their house Sake. Fruity, floral and refreshing. It just opens up most of the taste of the flavour profile then end with hint of floral and sweet end. Perfect!
japanese food in klToro sushi with chef special saucefresh tunashiki omakase (2)just cant remember this fish. the texture is very unique yet a taste that rarely tried before. Uniquely good!
fresh blue fin tuna
fresh tunafresh uni

This is the sushi uni with special sushi rice from a province. The sushi rice is actually fatter and shorter than the usual yet chef cook it slightly cooked that give you a nice bite of body texture. 

shiki omakase (6)
japanese food in pj

this is super good. The mini lobster is super fresh and it is actually one of their in house best seller. Lobster Kanitama Motoyaki. The meat is so juicy and meaty. Pair with its side dish that just goes super well.-Recommended shiki omakase (5)omakase in pj

Palate washer is very unique as it is actually savory that serve in chill temperature. Yet a nice mixture of sour that cleanse the palate. 

japanese food in publikaSimple desser to finish off with Japanese Melon and Yuzu Sorbet. One of the best that I come across as chef mention this is their special recipe all the way source from Japan.

modern japanese dining in kl

healy mac publika

This is certainly not your usual Japanese Omakase as Shiki Omakase is the modern Tokyo style. Just go in with open mind and enjoy your food journey. I just located right above Healy Mac or a few doors away from Red Bean Bag Publika.


Jln Solaris Dutamas,

Solaris Dutamas,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: Tues – Sun : 12–2:30pm / 6–10:30pm

Close Monday

Tel: 01136774134

Penang dining scene indeed have turn up a notch. Not only well know for it street food, however I find that casual dining in Penang have also increase in its quality and more outlets opening too. One of the good feedback I heard is this fusion casual dining Island Problem in Lebuh Campbell is certainly worth to try. Island problem have quite a unique tweak with combination of Thai and Japanese. Turns out to be good!

beach street

To come here, best advise to make reservation as the place is super small. Open concept kitchen that you get to sit at the bar while watching the chef cook. Set back is what every they are cooking you will be very curious and keen to order. island problem penang

Look at the crowd, full house and this is weekday lunch!island problem menucasual dining in penangFor such dining, we start early with Australian white wine to go along with the food we order. wagyu beef donSteak & Butter Rice @ RM 49 : Australian tenderloin steak, range yolk, homemade butter rice.
This is seriously good! the egg yolk that just ooze out perfect match with its butter rice. Beef cook to perfection medium rare and a bit of this with white wine is match made in heaven.
beef with egg
for the test best fine dine in penang


This certainly look like a normal dish, this is actually dish of the day.  It is more like a cold dish where the noodle is cook to perfection. Al-dante with bouncy yet just nice cold. Broth is chill yet very fragrant, clear and pack with flavour. Topped with torch burn scallop to add the umami flavour is chunz!

classic japanese tamago

FInd that its Japanee Tamago is a huge twist. Turn to a special mix to make the surface silky smooth like near eating a tofu! burnt cheese cake penang

We were contemplating to order the Burnt Cheese cake or not yet after see the serving next to us, we make an order. Super soft in the middle, nearly melt inyour mouth, not too sweet, slight burnt and cheese taste is just nice. Not overpowering. Could be one of the best burnt cheese cake in Penang. Set back is expensive. If remember correctly is RM 19 for a small piece.

Fine dining in Penang sure gearing up its quality and I am happy that Island Problem is certainly one of my recommended restaurant dining in Penang. Quality and price I find it affordable. Dining experience some of you might not like it, but I certainly love this kind of ambiance. 

*PORK Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, veli good for Penang standard, lecommended!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Island Problem

61, Lebuh Campbell,

10100 Penang

Operating Hours: 12pm – 10pm (close Wednesday)

Tel: 016-421 8633

Oh well, once a while there will be a huge hype over a ramen. The most recent before MCO 2.0 or 3.0 is this Famous authentic Japanese Kanbe Ramen in Retail 163, Mont Kiara. I was told by many that currently this place is their best ramen in KL. Of course to try this place, do prepare to queue for 45-120 minutes. The queue at times can be super crazy.

this is my 5th attempt only to landed it here as the queue was quite fast on weekdays. 20 minutes.

Kanbe Ramen

the shop is run by 3 Japanese Ramen chef and I was shared by the waitress that they are running the business like many Japanese running F&B. Not to compromise on QC. They prep each bowl by themselves and got to know the soup base is cook for 36-38 hours.

Each ramen chef have their own secret recipe and when I was in Japan, I tried 19 Ramen Shop and non of them came even close from soup to noodle. Each of them is so unique.

Kanbe Ramen Retail 163

Seating area is divided by 2 sections. bar counter and normal seating area. If you are looking to sit at Bar counter, you can request from the waitress and you will be put into the waiting list.

kanbe ramen mont kiara

these are the 2 Japanese chef that prep all the ramen for the day.

Kanbe Ramen menu

Kanbe Ramen Menu is not so direct. First time dining here will give you headache as it comes with 7 different soup base and 1 seasonal, with 8 in total.  I ask the watiress to recommend me as she mention Aka is their recommended and  Kuro (garlic base) which is their next top best seller.

I see alot of diners are aftering their famouns Kanbe Tsukemen also. I will aim that next round when I am there. I would say 1 soup and 1 Tsukemen if there are 2 of you.

A bowl of Kanbe Ramen is ranging from RM 32 – RM 45 but you get free oolong tea.

kanbe ramen order

while waiting in line, I have already put in the order I want, with noodle texture to choose and amount of noodle.

how to enjoy kanbe ramen

Each of the table do have one insertion to guide you how to enjoy best with their ramen. I would advise to eat original half of it before you add on any recommended condiments like below.

best ramen in pj

best ramen in kl

best raman in mont kiara

yuzu ramen

For the day, we ordered 2 bowls. This is Aka Ramen with Hard noodle and Chasu. You get to choose level of spiciness and we were advise to opt for level 2 only. So the paste in the middle spiciness, that do not overpower the soup.

Kanbe Ramen (11)

Kanbe Ramen (13)

Noodle texture is not soo hard as I like it to be as I was shared that some Japanese love to eat their ramen in hard noodle. Since then I have been picking up an option hard if there is. I like it better, cuz nicer texture but again on your own preference.

This is the first time I had different texture of chasu, so soft that near melt in your  motuh. Generous piece as 1 bite will give you a nice mouthful satisfyingly pleasure. Aka broth is certainly thicker than many out there. Soup is creamy and thick yet after taste will give you like collagen goie layer in your mouth. I like it.

Kanbe Ramen (14)

Kanbe Ramen (17)

Next was a recommendation from my friend Ivy as she said Yuzu Ramen is an interesting choice and I follow suit. This bowl is certainly you like it or hate it. I find it first few bites is very interesting as like savoury Yuzu version. Pretty prominent flavour of Yuzu yet did not overpower the soup base.

I would highly recommendd this Yuzu version to be shared. It will be too jelak if you are finishing it by yourself

kakuni ramen

Kakuni is one of the best as I have been searching for this type kakuni after one of my favourite ramen shop in Mont Kiara had went under. This is the next nearest which is melt in your mouth, and seasoning is spot on. If you can finish, I would order Chasu with add on Kakuni.


Kanbe Ramen (18)

retail 163

This is the finale on your table. A guide to enjoy this with mixture into your soup. Both this sides are awesomely good. Well seasoned and could just eat it as a side. I add in everything whats in the table just that carefull on the fried garlic, it is not the usual kind like our Malaysian version or it could be already not fresh (I am not too sure – cuz as you bit it sticks on your teeth) try put lesser of it.

retail 163 mont kiara

Put everything mild to get the flavour you like before you add in more.

onsen egg

Their onsen egg is damm good. Just a side note, it is on the salty side cause of long seasoning. Egg yolk is cook to perfection that goie and stick to your teeth a little.

Would I go back here again? Yes, I would want to try a few more other flavour and their Tsukemen. I just would not bother to queue for more than 1 hour for this.

Another of my favourite Ramen is just across the street at Shoplex- Ichikakuya Ramen if I am craving for Ramen and Kane Ramen is queuing too long.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, love it!!!~Recommended-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kanbe Ramen
GF-08, 163 Retail Park, 8,
Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm (or till finish)

One of the new kids in the block is this new Japanese Restaurant in Sri Petaling. JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining is the new dare devil that is currently operating 3 levels of corner shoplot. You will not miss them as them as they are in bright orange building.

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining sri petaling

There are 3 differently levels in total. Juugatsu Ten Is only operating level 1 and Level 2.  Family Izakaya and currently pandemic situation, their private room is one in high demand. Do make a reservation in advance for this. Level 2 is also hosting another of a private dining – Omakase by this young Malaysian Chef that had undergo apprentice from Japanese Chef in Singapore.

Juugatsu omakase

juugatsu japanese omakase

This is the Omakase private dining area, that is able to host only 10 seating.

Juugatsu (44)

Usually when comes to Omakese, you are sure to expect a Japanese Chef However in Juugatsu Ten Japanese Dining, this area is helm by this superb young chef, Chef Jxian as he is only in his early 30’s, I am totally impress by his food journey experience that he had planned out for the night.

Omakese set are usually will set by chef and he will use the best fresh ingredient of the day. What you see in my posting could be slightly different to what you will have or serve upon.

For this Omakese Menu is set at 7 course dinner.

juugatsu japanese restaurant

The first dish Sakizuke – 3 kinds of seasonal appetizer. Serve with :

  1. sea snails as a cold dish: well marinated. soy taste is light yet very fragrant and it is light chill

great start of appetizer.

japanese food in sri pelaling

  1. Premium quality abalone. Chewy and thick.
  2. special marinated tofu is chef signature.

juugatsu sri petaling

omakase in kl

Otsukuri – 3 kind of seasonal item. It was catch of the day and chef share with us that it was best fish that just arrive in the morning. He even he share with is this is the sea water fish from Japan. Little did I know that this fish can be eaten and the meat is fresh, sweet and juicy.

Juugatsu (16)

Juugatsu (10)

We went thru a great dining experience as each dish are explain detailly from chef.  How do we eat it, which sequence, where are the fish from and why this cut of fish he is taking.

Juugatsu (11)

Unique dish that serve with dry ice with its serving effect.  Fish meat is well mixture. Each of the meat gives different mouth bite texture. Certainly it is all sweet and fresh.

Juugatsu (13)


juugatsu private dining

Next we are moving to Chef cooked dish – chef Specials Grill Dishes & fried dishes.

Juugatsu (17)

This is one of my highlight for the night. This is actually octopus tentacles from a huge octopus. only serve 3 dot of the tentacles and imagine how big will this be. Just lightly quick char grill, dip with chef special soy sauce. Omigod! texture is near to a bit rubberish, chewy, fragrant of light soy with hint of charred is just perfect. If you pair it with Sake this is going to be a bomb!

Juugatsu (18)

I have seen hairy crab, but I certainly have not seen such a “yeng” hairy crab. Freshly flown in in the morning and still alive and kicking. Usually this live flown in hairy crab have to consume within 2 days to enjoy its best meat quality.

Juugatsu (19)

Juugatsu (20)

This is how the meat is being prepared. Chef mention that the meat is so fresh, pure and sweet. Maintaining its freshness of this crab by quick boil for the meat then mix with its roe.  I am enjoying every bite of it. Never knew with crab roe you can give such a nice sweetness, and fragrant. The crab claw is just good!

Juugatsu (21)

Juugatsu (22)

Juugatsu (23)

Just look at the waygu. Being carefully handle with layers of special leaves from Japan. Using A5 premium wagyu.

Juugatsu (24)

Quick torch burnt to bring its waygu oil.

Juugatsu (26)

This dish is my super highlight for the night. serve with 2 piece wagyu and each bite is burst with flavours.

  1. Both are filled with foie gras as the base, wrapped with A5 wagyu.
    1. 1 x piece is topped with sea urchin
    2. 1 x piece is topped with freshly slice truffle, and caviar, then topped with gold leaves

Juugatsu (27)

Juugatsu (29)

Wagyu oil blends so well with foie gras, and creamy uni just melts in your mouth. another piece with truffle and caviar, with nice balance of truffle and saltiness of caviar just goes well with it.

foie gras

fresh truffle

Chef show us what kind of Japanese truffle he is slicing for us.


Chawanmushi, this is pack with like seafood flavour. seamegg is silky smooth, and with scallop


Juugatsu (31)

Juugatsu (34)

8 pieces sushi : This is another unique seasonal fish that is currently available from Japan.

Juugatsu (35)

this Japanese clams also freshly flown in from Japan and I have never seen such a big one. It is as nearly as big as my palm. Chef sprinkle a bit of salt to wake it up.

Juugatsu (36)

Juugatsu (37)

Look at this. Upon serving, chef will just clap twice to wake the clam up and we are enjoying it fresh. light crispy, sweet, sea water fragrant and hint of special soy sauce just make this one of the best sushi piece!

Juugatsu (38)

Juugatsu (33)

For sushi, we are all enjoying premium ingredient, with toro, nice cut of tuna, mixture of other fish. The best part of this sushi is how chef cook its rice. Different grains, short yet abit like wheat but each bite of rice you can just seperate it easily in your mouth and nice bite.

Juugatsu (39)

Another 2 is this premium sea urchin which is different from the one serve in the first 2 dish. You can tell by its colour and texture. Follow by one generous big Hokkaido scallop. I try to bite it in one bite, unfortunately my mouth does not fit. Lightly grill and this satisfying.

Juugatsu (40)

Mini palate washer as special marinated. Crispy bite with abit of spicy end.

Juugatsu (41)

Before we end, served with Futamono – a type of soup. As it look simple but this is prep and steam for 2 hours. just look at the clarity of it. As we drink the soup it turns more oily from ingredient that is use, this is the magic, Look oily but does not taste oily

Juugatsu (42)

Love the dessert. Simple and spot on. Very unique kind of grape that we need to suck out the flesh. Then will left its skin perfectly. Follow by ice cream puff and sourish drink.

Juugatsu (43)

Chef share with us on his knife set as each of the knife engraving indicates that he have succesfully master station skillset. Like sushi cutting and others. It is not easy to get this awarded from him Japanese mentor in Singpore with strict perfection guide. Certainly impressive that how the Japanese Chef making this is like part of the graduation program.

I must say as a Malaysian, Chef Jxian is certainly impressive as he is only at his early 30’s.

Best recommended to visit this restaurant on Tuesday/ Friday as where all the fresh ingredient are flown in and you can enjoy maximum quality of it.

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining
Jln Radin Bagus 3,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11.30am – 9pm

Tel: 014-550 0010

Sake that looks like purity of a water is one of the hardest to make. It looks so simple yet the process of it is so complicated. Sake is a signature icon in Japan. Every province have their own specialty and signature. In heart of Japan lies this small province Ikeda Town that have 2 sake brewery know as Daisekkei Sake Brewery and Fukugen Shuzo.

Rise from this small town, yet both of the taste is so huge different.

sake tasting

Not only coming small from the town, this boutique brewery Fukugen is more than 350 years old that founded in 1758 has earned many top honors in the National Sake Appraisal competition, a medal at The International Wine Challenger (IWC) and has been selected SAKE for the Sake for the 21st Century by the Maestro of Sake Tasting.

Ikeda Town

What makes this province have such a unique taste with award winning. The town are enjoying mineral waters from n Northern Japan Alps provides Fukugen with the most appropriate water for sake production . As the ice top melts from the top of the mountain, flows the water from the top all the way to the river. The water are being used to make sake. With long historical art of brewing and skilled artisan that continue the traditions to preserve the sake brewing formula.

Fukugen’s sake is brewed using healthy brewer’s rice grown with minimal pesticides and the cold, clear spring water from the Northern Alps, with brewmaster techniques that have been passed down for over 360 years.

Ikeda Town Mayor (Mr Kiyoaki Motai)

In this meet up, we are honor to meet the Ikeda Town Mayor (Mr Kiyoaki Motai) Daisekkei Sake Brewery, Senior Managing Director (Mr Yuuki Usui) Fukugen Shuzo, General Planning Department (Ms Seiko Hirabayashi 18th Generation Owner). Sharing their passion both from the Town Mayor and also brewery masters.

Founded in 1898, Daisekkei Sake Brewery (Ikeda Town, Nagano Prefecture) at the foot of the Northern Alps, continues to produce sake using melt-water that can be enjoyed at ordinary dining tables. Since it is a mountainous region, there is a large difference in temperature between daytime and night in summer and winter, and as such it is an environment suitable for making rice used for sake. Being blessed by nature, we value the difference in taste five to ten years down the line, and our commitment and attitude to continue making good sake at a high cost cannot be imitated overnight. In 1953, it won the highest award at the National New Sake Awards Ceremony and was selected to be presented to the Imperial Household. In 1966, the chief brewer at the time received the Yellow Ribbon Medal (given to those who have devoted themselves to the work of agriculture, commerce, industry, etc., and have other exemplary skills and achievements).

The sake is named after Mt. Shirouma, one of Japan’s three major snowy valleys, and represents the awe for the mountains and great nature that we look up to every day. The clear air, pure water, abundant rice, and harsh colds of winter that nature creates, all nurture the sake of this region.


sake tasting (2)

As Master Saké Sommelier and saké and food pairing specialist, Danny shared with us on the area that produces the rice are cultivate organically. that enjoys natural resources as water and weather like deep winters and cool summers, with majestic mountain vistas of the Northern Japan Alps. The people of this region take great pride in the richness of their natural surroundings of the Nagano prefecture, host to the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Different types of rice being used to brew sake.

sake rice wine

sake tasting (5)

Sake from the same province. Blown me away with the huge difference in taste. to start off with, we have to kick start with from Left to Right as where the flavours of sake building from the lightest to the heaviest. which is the first 3 bottles is from Daisekkei and last 2 bottle is from Fukugen.

We are lucky today as the sake were bottle end of March and we get to taste it first hand. It is like drinking sake from the province.

Fukugen Shuzo

This is our tasting platter for the day.

Daisekkei Sake Brewery

Bottle 1: Daisekkei – Karakuchi Honjozo. The clarity of it is near to crystal water but the movememnt is slightly heavy where you can see the presence of the alcohol. A bottle that can pair easily with any fresh sashimi or food. The light cripsy body texture is there.

sake tasting (3)

Bottle 2: Daisekkei – Tokubetsu Junmai is one of my favourite bottle. One of the reason of this amazing bottle is that, if you drink in hot, room temperature and cold, it gives you 3 different flavours profile. It is just amazing that how this master brewer able to build the proflile of this in such a huge variance. I find that this is best to drink hot, where you can get to taste clarify, mild body crips and thin paper layer of floral.

A perfect bottle for you and your friends to those who prefer to drink hot or cold. A bottle that brings 2 worlds of preference together.

Fukugen Brewery

Bottle 3: Daisekkei Daiginjo Yamadanishiki is my favourite bottle of the night. I find that this bottle is very universal. that can easily pair with any food. If pair with saashimi, I find it brings sweetness from the fresh and floral of the sake that blends well. If you pair with meat, it goes perfectly well too. It makes the meat juicy yet can separate the flavours in your mouth. Eating with the pickled raddish, it brings a perfect balance of the hint of sourness and sweeness together.

fukugen Sake Brewery

Bottle 4: Fukugen Kita Alps Daiginjo as the serires which is award winning. The sake definately brings different dimension to your palate. It is like drinking aged wine, perhaps 2012/2013 years. Sake body is slightly heavy yet it is so easy to drink. Hint of sweetness notes is presence first follow by the slightly burnt rice flavor.


This is the master flavour of all. Bottle 5 : Fukumimi Junmai Daiginjo Genshu is the most heavy flavour among the 5. I find that either you like it or do not like it. The taste for this is quite drastic and when after you drink this bottle and you drink back the first bottle, you could not taste the freshness of the taste anymore.

sake tasting (6)

Nihon Tsukemono – Pickled Daikon as Master Saké Sommelier specialist Danny taught us to be explorative with our palate. By biting abit of pickled radish then drink a sip of sake. You will be mesmerize how this pickled change the flavour of each sake that you are drinking with after you bite  abit of radish.

sake tasting (7)

Gindara misoyaki – Japanese Styled Grilled Cod Fish. fish that cook to perfection with glazed kind like miso on the too. Every bite is filled with explosive of flavours when you pair with the sake. I like it most with bottle 2 and bottle 3.

sake tasting (8)

Wagyu to Kinoko Isote : WagyuA5 with Saute Mushroom

sake tasting (9)

I never really like oyster in big size. I find that it is too moist. However Nagasaki Nama Kaki : Fresh Oyster from Nagasaki I am going to give this a highway green light. The meat is not so soft yet solid. It was only 3 days old from Japan. The freshness is absolutely top notch and the meat is sweet!!! Drink with hot sake of bottle 2 is the best pairing on my personal thought.

However for clarity it does goes well with bottle 1 and bottle 3.

sake tasting (12)

Mukimi Shiro Ebi to Kampachi Sashimi : White Shrimp and Yellow Tail Sashimi as for this. Need not need to say. Bottle and 2 is the best pairing.

sake tasting (11)

As for some of you out there, was wondering which bottle should I buy. I would recommend:

  1. Bottle 2 for universal easy drinking that suits your mood from cold to warm.
  2. Bottle 3 is for easy drinking or any food pairing as it is very universal. I think might goes well with dai chow also.
  3. Bottle 4 is a bit stronger in taste of its own. But after drinking a while it had its unique unique palate
  4. Bottle 5 is the most unique of all. If you want weird, unique yet strong in taste with perfect smooth body then this is the bottle for you to hunt for.


I am sure that there area few cafe in Puchong that is quite well known. I was there for a meeting then decided to check out what kind of cafe is around the area. Buranchi 日西式早午餐 at Bandar Puteri is one of a well known cafe in this neighborhood. They are offering Japanese  menu.

Buranchi (1)

If you are here during lunch time, be prepare to queue during this CMCO. Small space with limited seating’s during this covid-19.

Buranchi (2)

Their all menu is magazine type . . . .

Buranchi (3)

Buranchi (4)

Buranchi (5)

This is one of the item that caught my attention. I called it the Japanese Porridge. Clear broth topped with wakame, bonito flakes and saba at the side.

Buranchi (7)

Fresh ingredient and indeed cook to perfection. Something simple and nice where the fish skin is crips and meat is soft

Buranchi (8)

add in the broth and just eat it. You can taste the clarity of the soup, wakame which give a bit of mild fresh grassy taste.

Buranchi (14)

japanese food in kl

japanese food in puchong
Buranchi (9)

try out their French Toast. nothing to shout about.

Buranchi (12)

Buranchi (13)

matcha latte is pretty decent. Thick and creamy.

Consider a Hidden cafe in Puchong that it is located quite deep in Bandar Puteri. Maybe a cafe in Pj to visit? Puchong I mean.

72A, Jalan Puteri 5/5,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,

Operating Hours: Daily 830am-530pm.

Tel: 012-330-2506

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