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Trying out 5 Korean Instant Noodle Review. It was just for fun as I do not know what brand vs what brand. Since there is a promotion of 50% of all the item chosen, then why not try it out. Bought 5 in total.


The other one I forgot about it but then there are some which is good and some which is not.

If put it in order, there are a few that I like and a few not. Certainly is the one in round bowl which is the seafood noodle and Char Zhiang Mian which is on the right in the picture. those two are above my expectation. The other 2 or 3 erm, can just nahhh


cook instant noodle this is how I utilize my item to put it on top, cook and pippin hot.

Where to hunt for authentic Korean food in KL? There is one actually, one of the latest addition of Korean food in Solaris is this Kitchen Goheung. Serving one of a classic pork ribs stew pot dish. It is exactly like what I had in one of the shop in Seongsu Dong, Seoul, Korea.

kitchen goheung (1)

Just look at the sign board already tempted you wanted to try it. I have discover this place for quite a while only early this year start giving it a try and to my surprise, I hvae went back 3 times after that. One of the best pork ribs soup you can get. One of the best Korean food in Solaris.

kitchen goheung (2)

This is a shop being patronize by alot of Koreans and usually I am the only local diner there.

kitchen goheung (3)

Their set lunch is quite a bargain menu wise is not extensive. All the basic and signature are there.

kitchen goheung (4)

I have been in for this signature dish a few times already. Pork Bone Stew (M) – enough to feed for 2-3 pax! You can add ramyeon after that. @ RM 55 There are a few ingredient that makes this a great dish which is from the leaves on the bottom right. That gives a slight bitter fragrant flavour yet push it into the kimchi stew soup with their hint of pepper and spicy powder, then mix it all up. The soup gives you a whole new level of taste. Best to go with Soju BomB!

kitchen goheung (5)

kitchen goheung (6)

This 2 mixture do give you a hint of spices that it is needed. A soup base that is sweet, sour, spicy and hint of bitter. A perfect pork bone stew with kimchi pork bone soup base! yumz!

kitchen goheung (7)

kitchen goheung (8)

kitchen goheung (9)

Each of the pork bone are being cook for long as the meat just peel off easily with chopstick!

kitchen goheung (10)

As this round I have more people, then we order their signature Kimchi Spam Fried Rice @ RM 25. A very simple dish yet done to perfection. A taste from sourish kimchi with the fragrant of spam, is blended well. Mix it all up with some spoonfull of pork bone soup is just perfect!

kitchen goheung (11)

Another signature dish that must order is this classic dish that I had in Korea too. Pork Bone with Kimchi Stew @ RM 26

kitchen goheung (12)

Long marinated pork bone wrap with kimchi then slow cooked to compress the sourish flavour of kimchi out. A soup base which is slight thick but punch with flavour. Some of you might not used to the strong sourish taste but it is as good classic dish as it is!

kitchen goheung (13)

When I was in Korea, One of the Ajuma taught me how to eat this dish is by pouring in the cup of rice being served then eat it along. Loving it! Makes them one of the best Korean food in Mont Kiara.

kitchen goheung (14)

Currently this shop makes it to my top 3 best Korean food in KL.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9.5/10, One of my top Korean Food! -Stamped- is

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kitchen Goheung
No.3A, jalan solraris4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 10am – 12am

Tel: 03-6206 1490

When I was back in Penang, pass by this shop Hanjan Eatery Soju Bar. The outlook of it certainly attracts me and arrange a gathering round one at this place. One of a new bar in Penang that serve both food and alcohol.

Hanjan (6)

Love the ambiance of this place. Rustic yet filled with nice furniture and warm lighting. A perfect place for gathering.

Hanjan (2)

Was told by my friend that their food is not bad. Smells good though when the table next to me order some food. I have not try any of it. Only was over for drinks.

Hanjan (3)

Started off with simple – Korean Highball @ RM 28. – Soju, Beer, peychaud bitter, and lemon peel. So it is kinda atas soju bomb.

Hanjan (5)

Tried the cake, Charcoal burnt cheese cake. It is too dense and lack of flavours. RM 20 per piece (if I remember correctly) and quite a small piece though. Certainly the baker can improve on it.

Hanjan (7)

Will come back to try out their food in the future. Maybe if you are looking for Korean food in Penang to try, can check it out here.

*No ratings cuz no food ordered.

56, Lebuh Campbell,
10200, Georgetown, Penang.

Operating Hours:
Mon – Saturday 9 am to 12 am.
(Closed on Sundays.)

Contact Number: 017- 479 9423

Po Cha Korean Restaurant is one of a place that had went viral over last year in this Little Korean in Ampang. Run by a pair of old couple that had been making a huge wave of classic cooking traditional Korean food in Ampang. Consider a hidden gem in Ampang.

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (3)

Operating in a shoplot with rooms that are quite unique as it is build with wood partition and it does look private. If you are a small group, you will be sharing with another group of people in the room. It could get very noisy if every one start to talk loudly.

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (4)

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (5)

You will be handed a handwritten menu, then do place your order at the counter. Do note that they are not good in English and best for you to communicate your best action including body language. 

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (2)

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (6)

This is what I mean.

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (7)

We ordered Army Stew @ RM 53, comes with the usual ingredients such as tofu, ham, sausage and ramyeon. The soup is pretty good, as hint of sweetness from the veggie, nice balance of spicy and sour. Pretty different compare to others.

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (8)

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (9)

Pork BBQ @ RM 16- 200g

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (10)

Simple and classic

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (11)

Po Cha Korean Restaurant (1)

If you are looking for some unique dining experience of Korean food in KL, then perhaps this could be something that you might want to hit on. Classic ambiance that looks like a hidden joint in Korea. Overall, it is not bad and do not mind to come back if do pass by the area.

IT is a bit hard to look for this restaurant as it doesnt have lights and proper signage, as the little green tea is blocking it. The shop name is only hand written.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good with unique ambiance !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Po Cha Korean Restaurant
23, Jalan Sulaiman 1,
Taman Putra Sulaiman, 68000 Ampang

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sun – 5.30pm – 12am

Tel: 014-662 3180

I didnt know there is one new Korean shop that operate in the area of Solaris, Mont Kiara. It was a random hit of a Korea dining as I was actually craving for one. Walked into this shop as it seems new to me. Only then found out from the waiter that Sukdduck Topokki since 1974 (which I cant find details about them in Korea or maybe I am noob in finding details) had been operating for 8 months in the area.

Sukdduck (1)

Sukdduck (2)

Sukdduck (3)

Especially an outlet that serve specialty of Topokki. I am not a big fan of it as I am quite picky over this classic traditional rice cake from Korea. I used to hate it and after travel to Korea couple of times, I started to enjoy this dish more as I found better ones along the way.


Sukdduck (4)

In Malaysia, it is quite hard to find a nice shop that serve this and to me, it boils down to 2 main important element for me.
1. The rice cake must be soft, slightly chewy that you can have some effect of like pulled cheese
2. The gravy is the most important of all as Rice cake is only for the texture not the taste. It must be slightly thick like our curry chicken yet not like a paste. Gravy to be smooth, spicy and mild sourish.

Sukdduck (5)

Sukdduck Topokki hits both of the element perfectly. A classic dish that is done to perfection. Rice cake imported from Korea hence this is one of the best I have eaten in KL. Soft, slight chewy and the most important serve in a long stripe.

Sukdduck (6)

Sauce is spot on. very fragrant, smooth and addictive. With Ramyeon in there is like a icing on the top to finish it perfectly. The first few spoon, you do not feel the heat. After a while, you started to sweat yet you will keep digging in.

Sukdduck (7)

I wish they had the fried rice after it. Little did I know they do serve like how the classic Korean dish ends it. I am going to come back again for this.

Sukdduck (8)

Sukdduck (9)

Sukdduck (10)

Finally, a shop that sells authentic Korean street food Topokki in kl . Love it. If you have not been to Korea yet want to enjoy authentic Korean street food in KL, highly recommending this. Could this be the best Topokki in KL? Saw the boss walking in as this shop is operate by a young Korean Chap.

Gonna come back for more.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, so so, love the Korean Toppoki here – Recommended !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Sukdduck Topokki
3,Ground Floor,
Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris 2,
Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm

Tel: 017-553 0970

It all started off with my Instagram stories as I was looking for a nice Korean BBQ place to try out. Thanks to many of that responded to it and decided to try one of your recommendations in it. Many of you suggested Qing He Gu Korean Restaurant in Uptown Damansara. I am quite surprise not many info about them in Google. I know about this shop and always wanted to try.

Qing he Gu (19)

By the name itself, it seems pretty confusing to me as I would thought it is a China restaurant. However, this turns out to be hidden gem of Korean BBQ in KL. Operate by a couple from Korea.

Qing he Gu (18)

Even premium meat that is special packed.

Qing he Gu (2)

By looking at the menu, I am excited as there are quite number of items that I can order. Will need to bring bigger group to try as they have a few classic dish that I wanted to try.

Qing he Gu (17)

Qing he Gu (15)

Free Ice cream for all of us, which is a nice catch . .

Qing he Gu (14)

One of my favourite Korean rice barley drink @ RM 7. Sweet enough to my liking and quite fragrant.

Qing he Gu (13)

Their signature sauce is pretty spot on for both the sesame oil with sea salt is a must have ontop of your bbq meat. They are using quality sea salt.

Qing he Gu (11)

Rarely you get to see Cow Tongue @ RM 40 and it was a must order for me. Cut to paper thin slice and easily grill. If it is too thick cut, it might become too chewy. Perfectly cooked by the staff to medium. Just a thin slice, add onto the veggie with both their sauces is perfect! End with a sip of soju bomb especially Tsing Tao with Soju (is by far the best combination of all)

Qing he Gu (10)

Pork Belly @ RM 30 which is a piece of meat that I would rarely miss. A nice cut of pork belly and just look at the colour of it. Handling with care and perfectly cooked both side. Meat texture not too dense yet a nice layer of fats in between.

Qing he Gu (9)

Qing he Gu (7)

Qing he Gu (6)

Most of the banchan are pretty good, especially the pumkin honey. I had 3 of it.

Qing he Gu (5)

Qing he Gu (3)

Qing he Gu (4)

Qing he Gu (1)

Qing he Gu (20)

Service is pretty good even though they are foreign workers.

Great meat, great banchan and free ice cream (it is not about the ice cream). I would say that this shop had certainly grow into my top 3 recommended Korean bbq in KL. Pretty good and will certainly come back for more. One of the best Korean BBQ in KL or one of the best Korean bbq in PJ.

Good news is that now they have expended to Mont Kiara which is nearer to me. In Retail 163. 


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, so so, love the Korean BBQ here – Recommended !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Qing He Gu Korean Restaurant
Jalan SS 21/39,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Operating Hours: 12–3pm, 6–11pm

Tel: 03-7732 6655

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