If you are a fan of Korean BBQ, you might want to consider to check out this new place in Sri Petaling. Gu On will be 1st Smoked Korean BBQ Modern Dining in Sri Petaling, KL. I am certainly impress with this new outlet that just open its door recently to many of Korean BBQ lover out there.


The air con is blast that makes you comfort in dining. In the menu, there are  good choices of sides, entry and main meat to choose from. 


korean modern dining

Bringing in the latest Korean Modern Cuisine to KL. I have watch alot of Netflix cooking stuff and this is actually quite near what they are serving compare to many our local Korean BBQ here. I would say one of its first kind! They signature is Smoked Ribs using hay stacks. I have always into those kind of smoked stuff .

kimchi jiggae

Kim Chi Pork Collagen Soup @ RM 30  is indeed something classic, but this is a bowl that looks simple, clear but pack with flavours. First sip will bring you trough some clarity, then follow thru some taste of sweetness from pork, hint of sourness kimchi a soup that gives you a nice touch that you need before starting the meal. It is indeed good ! recommended.DSCF4611

Volcano Steam egg @ RM 16 something simple that I would usually order. For this here is a bit fluffy and airy. Must drop a few drops of their in house soy sauce. Do request from them. It enhance the flavour up. 

korean steamed egg recipe

korean soba noodle

Perilla Cold Noodles @ RM 26 is indeed next in the line that must order. It is a cold noodle that brings you different layers of flavours. Cleverly build up in taste, that sprinkle with slices of fresh apple, that give you the crips and freshness while you start chewing on the cold soba, it gives a very refreshing perspective and the sesame and soy brings you the balance of mild salty it needed. A simple dish to hit on.

korean bbq in kuchai lama

smoked korean bbq

Smoked ribss is a must order. I find that the flavour is well balance. It is not too smokey yet you cant taste the well season meat. Each bite gives you a nice extra kick that it needs and its best to pair with their soju. Just cut thru nicely and bring hint of sweetness after taste. 

Smoked Pork hidden Back 160g @ RM 42  

smoked meat

Beef Brisket with Enoki @100 g RM38smoked korean bbq (2)

famous korean bbq in kl


famous korean bbq

korean bbq in pj

Smoked Beef Short Ribs 280 g @ RM 98

korean bbq in sri petaling

korean bbq

pork skin

Finishing, we add on Smoked Pork skin @ RM 20 and Smoked Fruit Marinated Intestine @ RM 39. The pork skin!!!!!!!is next whole new level. The bounch of it and while grilling it just shoot you with oil. If it is cook perfectly, you will get a nice layer of slight crips one sided skin and another side of skin is soft and chewy. Enjoyed both texture at one go.

korena bbq pork

Intestine is already pre smoked and cook. Just a slight touch of grill on the pan to give its light crispiness it needed, then the bite of each ring is good!

korean bbq in kl

korean bbq in mont kiara

I am certainly impressed with all the side condiments and the style of flavours, and offerings that they have. Truly is like watching Netflix production as this Modern Korean Dining BBQ is certainly one of its kind. If you are explorative and love to try what the new trend flavour of Korea then this is certainly one of the place to hit on now!

DSCF4623Seafood and Green Onion Pancake @ RM 26

   kimchi ice cream

To end , you can choose 3 different types of ice cream flavours. They have 1 indeed quite adventurous is Kimchi Ice Cream.

My Fav is Makgoli. It is smooth, strong makgoli flavours and it is indeed alcoholic refreshing.gu on sri petaling


GU On Korean BBQ

22, Jalan Radin Bagus 8,

Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 57000

Time: 11am – 11pm 


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