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June 2009

Sushi Zanmai @ 1 Utama

This is one of the place where most of my friends like to go, when ask what to eat. Sushi Zanmai~ I also aiii.. why always here. As you know, girls they want something not heavy yet can abit diet so always end up Japanese food which is much more healthy compare to the rest. From left to right: ‘Ebi Mentai’ RM6 – The prawns was not well cooked, and the taste was not as expected as usual dining. The…

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Kepala Ikan [email protected] Chan Sau Lin, KL Revisit

The double K, ajak…lohbakia..go makan! Bring you go. Then reach this place again! Seriously like to come visit this place with the boss along also but cannot denied that the food here is cheap and good. So this round order different kepala ikan. As usual, I know how to eat do not know how to order, so this fish head is called ‘Hong Siew Fish Head’ . After order we just had a short chat and the dish had…

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Kenny Surprise B’day @ Boston, Mt Kiara

It was Kenny’s B’day last month and he purposely came down to KL to celebrate with the rest as there is another guy’s B’day also. So I have research some place to eat and thought of Boston as I was here drinking with my friends months back. With him coming all the way down, of course we do not want to dissapoint him by just having a normal dinner and head to club butinstead of that, we have arrange a…

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Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi The best movie of summer blockbuster so far. No comment for this movie as only a phrase. ‘Darnn GOOD’ 2 thumbs up~. A MUST WATCH MOVIE!! — Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped — Overall ratings 10/10, DAmm DamMM GOOD~ — The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —…

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Fusion Haven Cafe & Rest @ Sri Petaling

I feel that this time lunch is pretty funny, that my Indonesian friends came visit over for holiday then I asked them what they want to eat for lunch, then they said, come I bring you go one place which is not bad. Then I was like ‘uh uh…how u guys know?’ they were like one of her friends bring them there. I was like okay loh~ you guys bring me there then~ So I ended up in Sri Petaling,…

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The Last House on the Left

Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller Watch this show yesterday whereby we have long day of waiting, so watch this movie to kill some time. Some of my friend plan to go in and take a nap cuz they were quite tired. So I chose this movie cuz I want to watch. It ended every 1 did not sleep and ended up watching the whole movie.. keke~ Although it was Father’s day yesterday, but this movie I think should pay…

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