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August 2009

The Wok Cafe @ The Strand Damansara

Just found these pictures back and nearly forgot about it. Wok café seems to be quite famous and been visited by a lot of bloggers, that created my curiosity on their food quality, as it has been given thumbs up. The shop is also famous with mostly Penang Hawker variety which recommended by most of the blogger. Then so coincidently my friend from pg came down and known the chef of the café as she told me that they are…

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Red Tomato

2 days ago, Sidney sms me telling me that, weoiiiii.. you appear in the newspaper loh~ then I was like har..what newspaper.. lol, then it turn up to be in the makan makan outing in SS2 that the lady was Sidney’s friend from Red Tomato interview us regarding on the 1 Malaysia on our point of view. It a new chinese local newspaper and the best thing is FREE. Check out on their Website. I do not know what my…

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Lok Lok @ SS2

My friend told me that they are going to bring me eat nice lok lok and I got excited cuz they mention the lok lok is usually they eat for supper and its very nice. Just missing the dipping and standing with kaki kang kang and head a bit front to avoid the sauce dripping to our clothes. Drive drive drive..till reach SS2 then I was like ha…got lok lok here meh…Then after right the junction and turn..taddaaa..there is actually…

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This is my very first time I feel I got cheated when I was eating KFC last week then saw this new menu and thought its kind tempting with the pic of the shrimp thing so big yet with the price of the set justify the package and also with my hungry stomach. When the lady pass me the set meal..I was like dissapointed. In the picture so yeng, big and nice..ended up..haih… Shrimp Stix Combo is RM10.90 This is…

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Xenri D’Garden Terrace @ Menara Hap Seng

Few weeks back, I got an email from Xenri mention that they are back with promotions. I miss their 50% discounted price during early of the year and now thought of not to miss this opportunity with 20% off on their actual price and the best part is add on RM20 for free flow of wine. Surely we are going for this bargain. Their Actual price is RM 55++ (lunch), RM 68 ++ (Dinner) now promotion + 20% Disc. When…

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De3 Western Cuisine n Cafe @ Sri Petaling

It was lunch and my friend mention that, he saw this shop having promotion in an advertorial paper and since the pictures in the cutting looks tempting, of course do not mind to try out. When I went in there, it looks more like a pub with karaoke session converted to restaurant or maybe afternoon serves food at night served alcohol. All set lunch ranges from RM6.90-RM15.90 All the set lunch comes with mango juice which is so thick of…

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