Few weeks back, I got an email from Xenri mention that they are back with promotions. I miss their 50% discounted price during early of the year and now thought of not to miss this opportunity with 20% off on their actual price and the best part is add on RM20 for free flow of wine. Surely we are going for this bargain.

Their Actual price is RM 55++ (lunch), RM 68 ++ (Dinner) now promotion + 20% Disc.

When I reach the restaurant, we reach pretty early as they said open at 6pm but actually 6.30pm and there is no time limit in dining. So we decided to dine from it open till it close since there were like 14 of us can even sit and talk.

I am very impress on their very own interior concept with a bit modern yet Japanese feel. Lights were dim in the area or I can say, one of the nicest restaurant or more to fine dining.

One of the VIP room which you need privacy, you can sure host your client or family here in one condition. PLEASE make sure no HK feet.
Start to take my rounds around to see what they serve.
Appetizer area.
Drinks selection


The famous young coconut section.

‘Salad Lobster’

Grill Section


Selection of seafood for steamboat

Sashimi area begins.


Pan fried Area – BANNED
They serve South African Red Wine

Cheese Oyster

Tempura and fried menu

In my life, this is the worst Japanese buffet that I ever had therefore i thought of summarize it as it would be easier:

Environment: surely thumbs up.

Appetizer : did not find any nice or good selection.

Drinks selection: too little yet very diluted.

Fruits: kiwi is good.

Desert: repetitive selection, very limited!

Grill selection: only 2 choices.

Steamboat: only 2 selection yet the soup base is very Japanese soy salty.

Sashimi: totally not fresh. GELI!

Sushi Selection: there are certain good sushis there, Sword fish and another 1 which is next to it.

Sashimi: The middle area sashimi infront of Sushi is good.

Pan fried area: Totally sucks!

Tempura and fried menu: HOPELESS!

Wine: Good!

Yet this is the fastest meal that I ever eat for buffet as I took only half an hour to complete my meal as no appetite already, the same goes to the rest.

So beside losing the value of the food, we will never lose out on the wine. So the wine walaping begins. Only a few of us are drinking wine. Then one of the waiter saying that, already full ha, start wine? Happily pouring for us and also said that, aiya, you guys would want to drink more after that with my friend replied, don worry sir.. we cant really drink! after a few rounds, still the same guy saying that, ‘WOW…you guys sure can drink’….. as we ask for more and more rounds, the same guy came back ‘are you sure you guys are not driving,? You guys can really drink a lot!’ till my friend requested can put the whole bottle there ah? It was like a bottle finish for 1 round with 5 drinking.

Then he start beh syok liau. From that moment onwards I think we already finish 5 or 6 bottles already till we request to refill no 1 actually want to refill for us and those waiter that walk pass by pretend to just ignore or just cant see us till my friend are frustrated and shout.. OIIIII… we want refill!!!…. after 2-3 rounds of very hard to call them for refill and they are getting to close for the very last round we decided to finish this and call it a night, then the waiter actually came by and said…we already close the counter! Then my friend like WTF!! CLOSE?? Faster ask them open, yet no lass call….I don care.. faster ask them refill till we ask the person and keep bugging them, why they didn’t tell us there were a last call or anything and directly close up. We just want a last round. That’s all…then the manager and the waiter that serve us damm not satisfied yet still bring us the last bottle.

My friend shouted at the end, izint that this is free flow..if cannot afford to put free flow don lah put in the promotion. Went back 3 sober and the other 2 escape the consequences and we did actually calculate back we drank around 9-10 bottles of wine for 3 gals 2 guys. Damm, sot 1 the girls.!

What I find that, the price do not justify the food with its limited selection and the quality. With my friend complaining I guess this is as bad as I can say but what I heard from my the other friend mentiong that their ALA CART is good. Might tried that instead of their buffet.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 2/10, BANNED~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Xenri D’Garden Terrace
Lot 2.05, Level 2,
Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

For reservations, call 03-2078 6688

Opening Hours: 12pm–3pm (lunch), 6pm–11pm (dinner)


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