My friend told me that they are going to bring me eat nice lok lok and I got excited cuz they mention the lok lok is usually they eat for supper and its very nice. Just missing the dipping and standing with kaki kang kang and head a bit front to avoid the sauce dripping to our clothes.

Drive drive drive..till reach SS2 then I was like ha…got lok lok here meh…Then after right the junction and turn..taddaaa..there is actually a stall there, a mini van.

You just have to dip your lok lok with Satay sauce(a must), tim cheong and one of the damm spicy chili sauce.

This is the very first time I eat lok lok that serve with Tomyam soup. The soup base is spicy and tomyam feel is there. Selected days only.

Offer variety of lok lok and this section is the grill area. Stimm..lurving it.. got pig spare part, taiwan sausages, and many of my fav.

The taukeh preparing the taiwan sausage to grill and end it by putting chili powder..hoh liau!

Will be friend on the high temperature oil for selected food like pig instestine.

Grill selection

My grill lamb. Its very soft and tender with the added on chili powder just adding on the extra kick of it. 1 stick is just not enough.

Ermmm… I would say this is one of far most reasonable lok lok stall.

It usually flock with alot of ppl and I ended up constantly returning back to this stall. I would say, one of my weekly supper.
-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 10/10, Hoh Liau…Recommended! ~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
park infront of 7-11 along the stretch of KFC
In between KFC and Swensen.
Operating Hours: 6pm-3am


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