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May 2014

Under The Tree “Dai Chow” @ Sungai Way, PJ

Lunch time is usually one of the most headache time for us to think and hunt for new food. One good think to have Ken to come by to take care of our on site item, often when its not too busy, we will go out to hunt for cheap nice lunch. One of the latest place he introduce to me that he said “Pan Gi ku Tua Teh” means cheap and good is this Stir Fried dishes under this…

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Standing Theory @ SS2

In SS2 is another place for coffee place that are starting to boom in this area. When they mention this area most people would associate it to main area Wai Sek Kai or the old SS2 and never thought of this cafe is so hidden in one of the housing area in SS2. Consider this one of a great piece of hidden gem yet manage to attract quite alot of young patrons to hunt for it despite the difficulty and…

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Have a BIGGER BREAK, Have a Kit Kat Chunky!

Most of us do work hard and play hard and not only that. That makes us as world top 4 nation to be one of the most workaholic in this area as I believe most of you out there do work long hours most of the time, added up stress and worst of all when you try to apply for long leave, it always got rejected. Even if you are on long leave, you have to on your Blackberry most…

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Hennessy Appreciation X.O 2014 @ Danga Bay, Johor

Here it comes again on as one of the signature exclusive event under Hennessy X.O is another huge event that I always looking forward to go as it really open up your taste bud to a whole new level as they embark on a international young chef to take up the challenge of this journey, this round it would be Chef Viet Pham as he was born in Malaysia before heading to SAn Fransico and grew up there. By the…

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Mr. & Ms. @ Oasis Ara Damansara, PJ

It was one weekend then suddenly keen on trying something new for brunch yet its pretty understand that its pretty expensive, that’s why I rarely hunt for those. Well, decided to give it a try again by hitting on my PC and hunt for good offerings for brunch place. I suggested The Good Batch and my friend was mentioning too pack over weekend. Find some where else then came by to this at Ara Damansara – Mr & Ms that…

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Glenmorangie Orange Party

The world’s most loved single malt whisky, Glenmorangie, will take over Zouk @ Kuala Lumpur this 22 May 2014, as it celebrates all things ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ at its first 2014’s Glenmorangie Orange Party! This party is poised to be an iconic evening with a sensual treat as guests, celebrities and fans of Glenmorangie will be taken for a 3-D journey that artistically illustrates the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ ethos of the House of Glenmorangie. Each 3D art piece comes with…

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