Most of us do work hard and play hard and not only that. That makes us as world top 4 nation to be one of the most workaholic in this area as I believe most of you out there do work long hours most of the time, added up stress and worst of all when you try to apply for long leave, it always got rejected. Even if you are on long leave, you have to on your Blackberry most of the time to standby reply any of the emails or standby calls when boss/director call. Well, below chart will bring you thru.

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Now, in modern working society, most of the new working adults or new generation do have work balance or trying hard to balance it. Work hard, Play hard is one of the motto with many young adults carrying it and that makes Kitkat comes out with this, take a break and get a BIGGER BREAK!

Take a bigger break by travelling, spending time with your love ones or best friends place just by sinking in your butt on a lazy couch that do count too as to some of you, that might consider your bigger break! Most of you right now would take a bigger break by doing a short trip locally, have fun over the weekend and this is just what you need.

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Let’s get Chunky on your road trip. The longer the better it is!

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Good thing is, usually after your break, you take a chillex session then you come back fresh and you are out again to kill your work in a different perspective, of course Big Break do count as like the robot behind me. Big fat one and me chewing away with  the new KitKat Chunk, bigger and better than ever!

Guess what?! I have my Chunky version and so do the King of Comedy Zizan as below:

Don’t Sss Tress out! Now you can take part in this cool Chunky Break Contest that is currently taking lace on Twitter from 19 to 31 May where fans need to follow @KitKatMsia. The question will be tweeted every day at 3pm with the tag #biggerbreak. To stand a chance to win RM100 cash each, fans have to post the right answer in reply to the tweeted question with the hashtag #biggerbreak. The first three correct answers will be announced via Twitter at 6pm everyday.

For more information on Kit Kat Chunky’s Bigger Break Drive, please visit:



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