Back in those days, this is still consider one of my favourite place to hunt for a few good hawker food here and till date, the operator is still the same bunch. Their quality is still there and it was until last round I came back to hunt for those famous white curry noodle then decided to come back here to hunt for this famous char kuih kak in this market.

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Char Koay Kak is another food that will go extinct soon as there are not many stalls left and this are one of the few that are pretty good. This couple been operating here since when I was a kid and since then, they have won a few awards and many media came by to hunt for them too.

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Now its on self service method as its no longer you place order and take a sit whereby they will deliver to you. Price are still very decent and I need to have my plain version.

kuih kak (3)

This is my plain version of Char Koay Kak with extra bean sprouts and “Chai Poh” to make it extra umph. This plate is filled with wok hei and fried near to perfection as the koay/kuih is still moist as I prefer it to be dry and the flavour of dark soy sauce did give it extra punch as its home made by the couple. @ RM 3

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Not only that, as in here you can hunt for quite number of pretty good food and as I was in hurry so I just took a quick bite.

kuih kak (5)

Most of the hawker people here are very friendly.

kuih kak (6)

This would be another stall that is well known to many locals and if you want some good food, here is one of a recommended area. .

Chan Kok Ming Seafood Char Kuih Kak
Stall No. 33
Batu Lanchang Market Food Complex
GPS Coordinates: N5 23.378 E100 18.356
Business hours: Tue – Sat 8.30am to 4.00pm (Closed Sun and Mon, and sometimes not fixed)
Contact: 012 4605 833


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