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June 2014

Palace Rice Vermicelli Restaurant @ Taman Ulek, Cheras

Bored with food around my area and my friend know about it. Then come pick me up over lunch and brought me all the way to Cheras to one of their favourite stall that had been operating around this area for a few years. Popular among the neigbourhood folks as my friend told me that their signature item is their Rice Vermicelli as its home made  recipe and the whole recipe gotten and train all the way from Hong Kong…

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Kopitiam Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock (AMAH) @ Ara Damansara Oasis

Remember that when we were in primary, story telling always start with 3 races that create the harmony of this country. This name really represent our childhood story at school as Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock is one of a quite well know local cuisine in Ara Damansara Oasis that is pretty well know for a few of their local item especially Nasi Lemak is one of the item to hunt for! A very simple dining canteen style setting that…

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H-Artistry 2014 @ SPICE, Penang

Comes to a check point every mid of the year whereby officially kick start huge party mode till end of the year is from this huge H-Artistry event which previously held in Penang. This round of artist line up is pretty impressive for both local and international and its a successful event that attracted more than 2000 people from mostly the northern region to flock into this party.  our new trio that play electro house – Imma Bleep Youup that…

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Myammar home Cook Food with Chef Mohana Gill

Recently I just came back from my Myammar Water Festival Trip and a week later I saw this invitation sitting inside my email to attend Chef Mohana Gill homecook dinner with Myammar cuisine and of course I accept the invitation without any hesitation as I am still very curious to find out how a authentic Myammar food taste like, as I am still very curious on the taste. I was exploare with many different types of taste during my trip…

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Samsung Galaxy Life @ Starlight Cinema, Bukit Kiara Equestrian

Its weekend and headache over looking for places to date? Why not try something unique where you prepare your own pillow, matt, teddy bear or anything that you can think off to make you comfortable. Over this weekend or next weekend you can make your date very interesting by sitting on the floor gazing towards the sky is something you can add on for Samsung Galaxy Life event. pssstt. .. . let me ask you? Something is free if you…

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Lameizi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅) @ Nagore Road, Penang

Steamboat is one of many people’s favourite food, that one can be dine happily especially rainy days or friends/family gathering. There are alot of steamboat restaurant out there and only handful of them that serve pretty good or decent one. To me, soup base is one of the most important element for it as its the main ingredient that determine people like it or do not like it. the rest of the ingredient do not play much role as it…

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