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December 2016

#Croffle at Maison de Gigi @ Ansa Sidewalk Island, Bukit Bintang, KL

To some travelers especially those who love to travel to Japan, there is this waffle shop is popular family own business in Shinsaibashisu Osaka known as Maison de gigi with many attracted to their cat logo. This famous little stall had expanded into the heart of Bukit Bintang. This might be another new pit stop for many travelers or snacks must eat in Kuala Lumpur. They have just open for business 2 days ago and their menu is quite interesting. The menu…

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Kakigori @ Taman Paramount, PJ

Kakigori is actually a Japanese Shave ice version from Japan. The founders are also the owners of Thirdwave in Bangsar. This little dessert place is located at Taman Paramount, Seapark. There have been waves of good review about this place from friends we known. . Love the minimalism concept that they have, that is filled with white walls and some wooden seating area, especially in the center , there is this little garden area with bright natural lights coming through.…

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Wild Honey @ Pavilion, KL

Wild Honey is a Singapore – based cafe that had made a strong pretense in their local context. Moving over to the shore of Malaysia, the first Wild Honey Malaysia is located on Pavilion KL 6th floor by replacing previous tenant Spasso Milano. With its tag line Wild Honey – No Place like Home is one of a cafe that offers all Day Breakfast and I think they did a collaboration or Common Man Coffee Roasters are associate with them?   It…

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Tiger STREATS @ MH Platinum Warehouse in Setapak

No doubt that this round Tiger STREATS is one of its unique kind of vibrant street meets fine dining pop-up restaurant that was held at MH Platinum Warehouse in Setapak. It is a total conversion of this whole empty warehouse into a a 60/70s pop up ambiance. Blown away with the effort for this space conversion. Right after registration, the tunnel leads you lead you into a mini time travel space to reach this classic streets. The world’s first ‘street food…

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The Edison Georgetown Hotel, Penang

This is a recent discovery when I was back at Penang recently. As helping my friend to check into her hotel, little did I know that The Edison Georgetown Hotel, Penang that located behind at the famous Red Garden Kopitiam had transform into a new world class boutique hotel. I am mesmerize by the transformation of that old building to this chic and classy hotel.   As you walked in, you are greeted with dim lights around the area with…

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Yuk Bebek deliver authentic Indonesian Food to You

I always love Indonesian food, since I used to travel to Jakarta a few times a year and my friends always bring me to their local street food to enjoy the best of their local food. On and off I will miss their food where Wareong Penyet is one of my favourite place till Yuk Bebek is founded by two local Malaysians that just came back to Malaysia along to share their favourite authentic Indonesian food with us. Was introduce…

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