I always love Indonesian food, since I used to travel to Jakarta a few times a year and my friends always bring me to their local street food to enjoy the best of their local food. On and off I will miss their food where Wareong Penyet is one of my favourite place till Yuk Bebek is founded by two local Malaysians that just came back to Malaysia along to share their favourite authentic Indonesian food with us.

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Was introduce to Yuk Bebek a month ago where their packaging is still like a simple rice box. We tried their recommendations and my team loves it.

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I love their Gado Gado, where it is quite a local Jakarta street version with peanut sauce which is thick enough that gives you the little sweet fragrant yet slightly creamy.

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We ordered again second round to found out that they have change packaging to striking yellow and black base that shows Yuk Bebek with 25 years of authentic Indonesian Recipe.

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YUK! Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken) @ RM 14.50. Love the rice base as it is known as Nasi Uduk where the rice is so fragrant where it is quite similiar to our nasi minyak. Chicken is well marinated and cook to perfection where the skin is suppose to be slightly flat and a little crisp as how is should be.

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With the saying or their main branding is, YUK! Bebek Goreng Empuk (Signature Fried Duck) @ RM 15.60 is actually their signature item. Love how the duck breast is being prepared where a bit dry on edges, slightly crips on the skin and meat is slightly soft as it should be.

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This is the main highly where it is a must also while enjoying your meal. From 3 types of chili base for you to choose from, I always mix the 3 together that will create you an instant fiery impact. The top red chili is not that spicy as it add on colours and little spicy note into it and the most deceiving is the green chili where it is the spiciest among the three where it is also my favourite. Mild sourish and give you a punch of spiciness as I like. The soup is perfect!

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this is one of my team favorite (most of them are girls) YUK! Pecel Lele Lamongan (Lamongan Fried Catfish) @ RM 12.90 as this do consider their little diet to make them feel less guilty. Soft meat which did not over cook.

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Another chicken.

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YUK! Udang Asam Jawa (Jawa Asam Prawn) @ RM 17 is another option where their Asam prawn taste slightly different from us as they are heading towards slightly more spicy side. It is well marinated on the asam as I like.

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Each set is sent with Indonesian Nasi Uduk, Sayur Asam Soup, Emping Melinjo, and orange. Teh Botol Sosro 250ml is in it too. I certainly do like their homecook version recipi and this is quite near to authentic Indonesian Food as you can get in Malaysia. Hope their quality remains in the future.
It is economically worthwhile. Order through http://www.whattoeat.com.my/yuk-bebek or https://www.foodpanda.my/restaurant/m0va/yuk-bebek OR call 012-420 2437 for minimum order of 5.
Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm
Contact Number: +6012-420 2437
For more information, you may visit their website on below:


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