No doubt that this round Tiger STREATS is one of its unique kind of vibrant street meets fine dining pop-up restaurant that was held at MH Platinum Warehouse in Setapak. It is a total conversion of this whole empty warehouse into a a 60/70s pop up ambiance. Blown away with the effort for this space conversion.

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Right after registration, the tunnel leads you lead you into a mini time travel space to reach this classic streets.

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The world’s first ‘street food meets fine dining’ culinary collaboration featured Hawker Chan, of the first hawker stand to win a prestigious Michelin Star – Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle in Singapore and Jeff Ramsey, former Executive Chef at the Michelin-starred Mandarin Oriental Tokyo hotel, and current owner and chef of progressive modernist restaurant Babe KL.

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In betwee, we got to see this cool little stores as part of the gastronomy where after the mains is serve, guests get to hunt all these little hawker stalls for more food. It is a food with some twist in it to suits in this fine dining street version.  Prepared by renowned food establishments in Malaysia – Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill, Chocha Foodstores, Hoppers, and Inside Scoop – the hawker stations carried contemporary interpretations of local street food where guests were able to have a bite of traditional food with a touch of modernity.

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We are all then pamper with Tiger beers. With all 3 series available from their Tiger Classic beer, to Tiger Radler and Tiger White.

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To bring you back to memories, they have this huge Tikam Wall where you just tear out any of the stickers and pair with another person with the same image to redeem a gift.

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Menu for the night.

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Start off with : Down the Rabbit Hole follow by Laksa Injection (by Chef Ramsey) Trio of Assam, curry and Sarawak Laksa that pairs with prawns & shrimp.

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This is the moment that most of us are waiting for. Hakwer Chan – Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle in Singapore that is the first hawker stand to win a prestigious Michelin Star.

With very first comment from many diners is where is my chilli sauce. We are so used to eat our Chicken rice with the homemade chili sauce, only then some of us mention it is Singapore style. Guess they do not have chili sauce. Hawker Chan chicken rice sure do taste very different from our local context as his sauce is slightly sweet and fragrant yet it is like using thick soy sauce base. Chicken is decent and quite similiar to the Hong Kong soy Chicken just that Hawker Chan version gravy is thicker.

If to compare with our Hainanese Chicken Rice – I guess have to skip that as it is two different context. To queue for 2 hours in Singapore for this, I will also skip it. 🙂

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Two Makes a Blossom by Chef Ramsey and Hawker Chan. A very clever twist of dessert with its presentation do look like a Classic Chee Cheong Fun as it has Asian Pears with a rosewater and honey mousse enhances the homely taste of the classic flower jelly. Fermented Roselle and its syrup coupled with a min garnishing tops off this breezy dessert. One of the best for the  night.

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Other little hawker with a unique twist that we have tasted is this Glutinous rice & roti Ice Cream.

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Apam Marsala.

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As the night went on, guests were presented with an unexpected Tiger STREATS inspired Yee Sang dish in conjunction with the commencement of Tiger Beer’s Chinese New Year 2017 campaign. Prepared with a new twist on tradition to kick off the new lunar year, the Yee Sang dish was filled with unexpected ingredients such as dried prawn crackers and satay sauce for added abundance and prosperity in the year ahead.

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Great to see this two chef to come together to prepare some great food for us that night.

I have experience Chef Ramsey Culinary Dining and it is worth to go at least one to try it out. (click here to read more)


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