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July 2009


Genre:Thriller/Drama/Crime? I always anticipated for Chinese movie as I feel that now its very hard to catch a good Chinese movie. I love comedy but currently showing is this…. But what surprise me in this movie also that Jack Neo is also one of the production ppl. In this movie is about the high tech hearing device that tap on the money laundering, wash away drug lords money. Then the conversation of the big boss owner giving tips of a…

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Xian Ting Wei Tw Tea Room @ Sunway Pyramid

Few weeks ago, while I was waiting for my friend to yam cha at Bucks Sunway, then I saw this restaurant and the best thing is with UOB credit card holder get’s 50% on selected items. So went to check out on the menu, which is kind of tempting and will be back for it. So it was a call that went to try out this shop. With all the staff being friendly by greeting you ‘Huan Ying’(welcome in mandarin)…

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Kedai Makanan Tian Kee @ Salak South

I have always heard them mention pan mee quite a number of times till they actually bring me here. When on they way, the feeling game me was, how dalam dalam is this place. It is actually located inside some where of no where inside a housing area. Do not have to worry about the parking of this place. There are plenty of it. They were the auntie punya customer. So she kinda know’s what they are ordering. As usual.…

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Uncle Duck @ Low Yatt Plaza, KL

What I have been told that this shop serve nice duck rice by my friend. So last 2 weeks I was around and had a late lunch, so head to Low Yatt Plaza to try out as my friends want to get some hardware around there. Uncle Duck The restaurant was packed even though it was late lunch. In the menu, offer variety of Hong Kong Food range with the usual, curry fish ball, fish ball soup and others. So the…

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Ghost From Girlfriend’s Past Movie Premier

Genre: Comedy/ Romance As watch on the preview, this show did not disappoint all of us~ Indeed it was a great love comedy movie. With lots of funny terms you can learn. It’s a great laugh all the way. The story is about childhood lover Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey, his parents past away, things start to change from that moments. In the process of growing up a lot of things had changed. The two got separated and yet still…

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Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens

I used to be very curious when every time I walk pass this restaurant for couple of times before trying it last year. There were always huge crowds waiting outside this restaurant. I have revisited this restaurant numerous times as most of my friends like this. Then bring my parents to try out the variety here. While we were seated outside and waiting patiently, this time I am quite surprise that, they actually have some one served Lime Juice to…

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