I used to be very curious when every time I walk pass this restaurant for couple of times before trying it last year. There were always huge crowds waiting outside this restaurant. I have revisited this restaurant numerous times as most of my friends like this. Then bring my parents to try out the variety here.

While we were seated outside and waiting patiently, this time I am quite surprise that, they actually have some one served Lime Juice to the entire waiting customer. So each of us grab one and my dad instantly fell in love with that drink (which is one of my favorite)


My dad were pretty impress by the design of the restaurant and keep kutuk this restaurant saying that ‘why this restaurant have so many customer ha?’ So nice meh? So good meh?’ then told him that, after you try then let me know.

This place as always packed with ppl no matter what time and day.

The food menu offered had wide range to choose from. It ranges from snack, to main course, sets and to deserts (which is pretty impressive).

My mom try out the ‘Apple Yogurt’ which is a bit thick in taste but rich with apple flavor. A smart way to bring out the fragrance of it. RM7.30

My sister ordered ‘Papaya Milk’ which I find it quite geli at first. Blend then some more add milk…Yucks! But after were force by my sis to try it out, the taste is quite impressive, while you drinks it, you are able to suck out the mini cubes of papaya and the taste of milk is to make it sweet. Quite a nice drink that I would recommend. RM7.30

‘Sweet Potato Ball’ this has always been a hit with most of the customer that I would say its their signature item. This has to be eaten hot. Real hot, this can just burn your tongue. For the first time I ate this, I throw the whole ball into my mouth and my tongue got burn after that. A sign of greedy’ness without realizing the consequence. This is good as the outer layer is a bit crispy and the filling inside is soft. RM5.30

‘Baked Sausage’ is something that I always enjoy to eat as Taiwan snacks but for this sausage, there is nothing special to comment about as I find it quite plan which I prefer those in pasar malam. RM6.30

‘Beef Soup Dumpling’ is far one of the most geli food I dine in here. The skin is thick on the outer layer and the filling inside is a bit cold (not warm even), the soup base is just salty. Only manage to finish 2 biji. Totally banned this item from my list! RM9.80

‘Taiwan Pig Intestine Mee Sua’ is my high time favorite dish in here. The soup is thick and filled with the mini layer of intestine that had been cook to its softness, a bit chewy and not smelly. Goes along very well with the taste. RM9.80

This is ‘Fried Rice with Rice Wine’. It looks baldly plain, but certainly it has the ‘wok hei’ in the rice and was fried to perfection with the fragrance of rice wine detected. When it got served, it was finish within minutes. RM12.80

Another signature of the restaurant which is ‘Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish’ My mom ordered this as she always like to eat something with fish. The sauce of it, goes very well with the rice as tangy, sour and sweet. The egg was fried to its softness that my sis and dad keep attacking the egg. The fish was very soft showing the sign of fresh fish they are using. Always been a hit to the crowd. Highly Recommended! RM19.80

Then my dad took the ‘Spare Rips with Sweet & Sour Sauce’ Spare rips was fried to its crispy and again fried along with the sauce. The fragrance of the sweet and sour sauce just melted in the ribs and while eating it, the fragrance just travels along in your mouth. The ribs is good. RM19.80

Most of the meal serve with its mini side dish.There will be a slight different ranges from different sets.
‘BBQ Drumstick’ For this dish, is noting special that we thought off. Just a normal bbq chicken, noting special on the sauce but surely it was grilled to its perfection. RM19.80

One of my bro, sis and my favourite. It is something like gorden blue in the western food menu but amend it to the Taiwan version which turns out to be ‘Cheesy Pork Chop Rice’ Fried rice was well fried filled with wok hei, not too salty in the inside and the fragrance of egg that wraps on it add on the taste. My sister were very excited when saw my bro cutting on the pork cullet with the cheese melting out and she starts attacking on that part. The pork was fried to golden brown and the meat is soft that combines very well with the cheese. Highly Recommended! RM19.80

My sister order ‘Miso Fish Set’ as she is like my mom, loves fish a lot. There are 2 pieces of cod fish, The sauce they are using to paint on top of it is taste perfect and the cod fish was grill just nice. When cut it out its soft on the inside and we found out that one piece is fresh the other piece is so so. My sister enjoys it a lot~ RM29.80

At the end of the day, the last meal was served ‘Taiwan Minced Meat Sos Noodle’ which we find it nothing special. The mince meat is something normal which you can taste it anywhere outside and although the noodle is very soft and nice but just could not find the kick in it. RM17.80

At the end of the meal, every 1 is just so full. Satisfied with the food and quality they have.

-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 8/10 , –Good~ Try it out~

–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
Lot T208 3rd Floor
The Gardens Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03- 2282 8699
(Non Halal. Open daily till 10pm.)



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