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November 2009


Genre: Action/ Drama/ Sci-Fi/ ThrillerOne of the most anticipated movie of the year, which showcase what humans had done to mother earth and global warming had cause the weather change effect. If the world really comes to an end? What would you do if you do not have such money to buy yourself a ticket (Euro 1 Billion per ticket) to board that ship…with tsunami as high as ¾ of Mount Everest. North pole had change to some where in…

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Time Travellers Wife

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Sci-fi I do not know what is so nice about this movie and till yesterday as the cinema was still quite full and I was seated the first front 4 rows. It was about Eric Bana who owns an ability to travel through time randomly any time to the past and somewhere near future of its own randomly without having the ability to control it. Just disappear and travel in time just like that and when the…

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Partying mah way to M.C Asia Music Factory @ KL Live Center

Recently I stand a chance to party my way with International DJ’s from Europe. With their quality of music it makes me so miss the best Trance locally at Melbourne when I was studying that party during weekend which is after club then head to second session Hard Candy(if I remember correctly) which the entrance located at one of the alley. That was my very first exposure to local scene of Hardcore Trance. Then with yearly event GodsKitchen was one…

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Pho Hoa – Vietnamese Food @ Tropicana City Mall

My first try on Vietnamese food was during my college time where there is one quite famous Vietnamese restaurant at Taipan, USJ which is called Vietnam Kitchen. Went to this restaurant quite frequent and I love their soursop drink a lot! Wondering is the restaurant still there and is the quality still the same? Till my very last exposure which I had a satisfying meal was at Pho Hoa months back. Then recently got a chance to try out their…

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Challenge yourself to Sushi King – Big Bowl Challenge into Malaysia Book of Record

I still remember when I was very young, I have always wanted to eat Sushi King yet my dad stopped me from eating it for a reason, its raw not good for your stomach yet he tell me how nice and how nice when he went out with his client and that time I still remember I was like around 13 or 14 years old. Till the very first branch that open in Penang as I can remember it was…

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Taufulou got a Namecard~

Previously when I start blogging, I never thought of the day that I would actually have a name card for my blog not till very recently that meet up with quite a number of bloggers and also not to mention on food review, part of it that I keep seeing people exchanging name cards and thought its time for me that I needed one too. Of course when it comes to design, the first person that would certainly come into…

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