This month is totally full of birthday, it comes in a row that now my pocket had got burn a big hole. First was my mom, then colleage, and 3 more friend and last and upcoming next week is my best friend Yeong. Usually I got kinda phobia when it comes to birthday which usually buy Secret Recepi cake and eat till want to vomit already. Its always those few flavours and then change to Beard Story or History cake which I cannot remember but it is located in the lower ground of Mid Valley in the center court as that shop do sell nice and cheap cakes.

Till then it came to my mind that why not I order a cake from a good friend of mine, Sunny which he had baking history of more than 15 years yet he did feature in newspaper a few times. I did try out his cake before and the taste does come to my liking which is one thing. Not too sweet. With the price about the same as secret recipe of course I do rather choose him over that shop.

For the very first order we did came up a prank as plan with Kebbie to give them a little surprise. Then called up Sunny and ask him is he able to do that cake or not. The response was a big YES and requested 3-D look alike with a few features, he also mention that 4-D also can loh….. Then both of us were very excited yet very curious how it is gonna look like.






Our very own design of ‘Walnut Cake’ in Ku Ku Ciau version, then the whole camwhore session involve and was told not to post any of the pics beside the ku ku ciau cake in the blog. If not I will die very terrible like terrorist plot and attack against you. Kekek.

The cake is good, moist enough which is not too dry yet when you bite on the cake, its soft and get to enjoy biting on the chunks of walnut.

Next a cake ordering is for Kebbie’s son, Hamburger which had turn to 1 years old. Lol, why hamburger is that the son is so cuteeee and so chubby that looks like Hamburger yet we do have another nick for him as he grow then will turn into whopper but every time we mention this, sure kena kick or walap 1 without this mischievous person we could not get a good laugh, Karen. The demon.

‘Pancake Marble Gauteaux’ consists of vanilla mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake and end up with a thin layer of pan cakes which makes it very flavourful. All of us were attacking on that piece. The cake we moist and the flavour is there exactly what been made off. A cake that we would miss.

Florence order ‘Mango Moose Cake’ for our boss birthday. A carefull bend of the chocolate swirl that added on it with a few of the Macaron were requested as its good that taste something like cookie but its not.

The bosses got surprise when try on the cake as the were expecting the cake to be sweet but it does not as it suits to their liking. Most of them had more than 1 pieces and some even took more. For us we like it as it was build on with a layer of mango, a layer of sponge cake, a thin layer of moose and end up with a thin layer of icing. The mango were very sweet and blended well with the soft sponge cake. It was best to be eaten it cold as the flavor of mango was preserve. Surely we are going to get more order from Sunny in the future.

And thanks to Sunny from Bigboysoven for meeting up our fussy request and for cakes order they can be contacted at their website.


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