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May 2010

The Bee @ Jaya One

To most of us, Jaya One is no longer a place which is a stranger to us, which is currently now hosting a lot of restaurant, café’s and Bar in that building itself. If you do not know what to eat or having headache on variety, take a stroll around the area that you can find variety of food range available. One of the latest editions into the family is The Bee which just started their operation about 3 weeks…

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Back to the past at The Bird Restaurant @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Yesterday the traffic was bad as it’s a long weekend and I guess some people travelling back to their hometown, but it did not stop me to travel from KL to Kepong that took me around 1 hour to reach the restaurant as it was my first time to dine at Kepong and thought of I should not miss this. The Bird Restaurant A restaurant that operate for around 6 years which is located in the heart of Business Center, Bandar Menjalara…

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Halal Tim Sum, A Kad Kar @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

There is one of a tim sum restaurant that located in nearby Columbia Hospital, Puchong, that serve Halal Tim Sum, A Kad Kar, which their main aim is also let other races to enjoy this wonderful cuisine. This restaurant is established around March and their main branch is in Subang, as they are going to establish more outlets soon by year end as they aim to expose and educate more people in this food. With their interior decoration decorated with…

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Prince of Persia Movie Review

Prince of Persia Movie Review Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Fantasy/ Romance Since when the first computer was invented with the big square disk, the very first game that I played during when I was in primary school was Prince of Persia, till then the game had evolve now till the latest in PS3 with such a stunning graphics. The game is famous for its jumping action flick and adventure but now, Mike Well as the director had bring the game character…

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I wanna watch Toy Story 3

I remembered when I was young and Toy Story came out for the first time I was so excited as it was one of the animation cartoon that we don normally get to watch every day, and I fell in love with it and watch over many times with my brother when we got to do. Toy Story 3 With Toy Story 3 coming back on screen, I definately would want to watch it again as I still remember how Woody…

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Casual Nights at The Library @ The Curve

When it comes to weekend, most of us will tend to hang out, finding a nice spot to gather with our friends. One of the café or bistro known as The Library which is no strangers to all of us which is located at The Curve, that is usually pack during weekend especially at night. [No Longer in Operation] I have heard a lot of my friends keep mentioning about this place, The Library since last year but not until…

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Kidnapper Movie Review

Kidnapper Movie Review Genre:Action/ Thriller Another film features Jack Lim where this round he act as one of the cold blooded kidnapper with no mercy to get his ransom. In the mist of his kidnapping, he had kidnap the wrong kid which belongs to a taxi driver, and the ransom of 1million have to be collected within 36 hours. In this flick, a lot of touching moments that you can see how much a dad willing to sacrifice himself for…

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Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

With the latest technology now, the world seems getting smaller everyday latest edition of smart phone into our society, with much people now owning I-phone or Blackberry seems like a hit, and previously I owe a dumb phone nokia 8900 which the most important to me, which is can call and sms. Even though after I had change to BB Curve, till today I still consider it a dumb phone that I never fully utilize it. It is dumb enough…

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Restaurant Kan Eng @ Hatyai, Songkhla

When we were having good times at Songkran water festival (click here), Jonathan suggest that a restaurant that we must not miss and its highly recommended- Restaurant Kan Eng, which during last round of his trip there he did not manage to eat it as the restaurant is so sardine packed! Then on that day, he said that no matter what die die also must go, then lead us walk one big round in the city area as we read…

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Up Close and Personal with Chef Najib and Taff Family

It was on Sunday, with the sun shining brightly with a clear blue sky and all of us are on a task which leads us to a bungalow house covers with some jati wood on the porch, a classic wooden door open concept shower on the compound with some long plants growing and covering part of it which is just by the side of a swimming pool that located at Shah Alam. Up Close and Personal with Chef Najib and Taff…

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