Yesterday the traffic was bad as it’s a long weekend and I guess some people travelling back to their hometown, but it did not stop me to travel from KL to Kepong that took me around 1 hour to reach the restaurant as it was my first time to dine at Kepong and thought of I should not miss this. The Bird Restaurant

A restaurant that operate for around 6 years which is located in the heart of Business Center, Bandar Menjalara that blew my mind off with their interior and friendly owner which origin from Melacca and Sarawak, it was another dimension that I have not felt before. This is not just only a casual dinning and I strongly believe that our parents or grandfather/mother would fall in love deeply with this place.


Bird (2)
What can we expect from this restaurant which is lightly dim.

Bird (3)
That had created a good ambiance when I walked in and it open up my eyes and gives me the feeling that I am not at the present moment.

Bird (4)
With and old classic fan as one of their decoration set.

Bird (5)
Let me bring you a moment back to the past, giving you glimpse of what history would be with one of the owner loves buying antique, unique and historical stuff as he treated this as one of his hobbies.

Bird (6)
The restaurant interior is fully decorated with classic art painting and photos that some of them are originally taken during that era, souvenir that had been more than 100 years ago.

Bird (7)

An archive of collection with a big clock from pos office before world war 1, classic movie poster and famous celebrity pictures 50 years ago.

Bird (8)

Bird (9)

I just love this ‘Wa Chan'(in hokkien) a 4 piece of round mug that combine up to be one piece as it is used to store food. It gives me my childhood memories that when I was a kid, my parents order food from a caterer and used to get this hanging outside my door for my lunch and dinner, as my parents are busy working.

Bird (10)

I just love the classic flowery design of it with what’s the menu in for the day.

Bird (11)

Bird (12)

Bird (13)

With this glass cabinet, I still remember that I used to sit at the counter taking care of my grand father’s shop when I was a  kid, it was when I love playing the casher with the sound ‘Ka Ching!’ everytime press enter to make the money drawer slide out.

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  1. I last visit here was at noon, I didn’t meet with the owner wor….

    PS: The De’Champion Duck that I posted earlier just opposite The Bird!!!

    • Taufulou Reply

      ohh..really? but mostly 3 of the owner r there during night time`

  2. interesting, i never knew there was something like dis around here. i find restaurants putting up old pictures are kind of eerie hehe. def go check it out 😀

  3. No doubt The Bird is a unique restaurant with its old photos on the walls and memorabilia, but I think your photos you took flatter this restaurant. I found the restaurant rather dingy and dirty.

    I ordered their set lunch, and it was good though not exceptional. However, I made a mistake by going to their toilet and found it dirty. The toilet walls were also decorated with almost nude, girlie pictures. Are the owners trying to encourage their patrons to play with themselves in the toilet?

    Today was my first and last visit.


    • Taufulou Reply

      hey? are you okay a not?

      what every they decorate the place is just purely for deocration..

      never thought that you would comment like that.. ermm? are you still underage?

      • I am forty, but it doesn’t matter if I’m 4, 40, or 400 years old. When the owners place such pictures in a public toilet, it sends out the wrong message. No one would look at those pictures and think, “Wow, such a retro decoration!”

        Try putting such pictures in your own toilet or bedroom, and your friends and family members will give a dirty look for certain.

  4. Samantha khoo Reply

    Let me feel like home, and the food very nice, as im also a baba group.
    Worker friendly.and im plan next trip to celebrate my hubby birthday again at
    here. this is the second time i organise my hubby birthday at ” the bird “.

  5. I really like the Better king Chicken……….I totally fall in love that……….

  6. A week , we already have eaten for 4 days to The Bird restaurant……I intro my colleague go and eat , they also like it……(^.^)/ even child also like it….. Delicious!!! =)

    • Taufulou Reply

      wow..4 days ha..happy that the quality still maintain. . .

  7. I come later again………. =) with my all colleague……….. Funny is this morning when my colleague saw me then said ” today lunch go the bird restaurant ” ……… =D i said deal ! hahahahaha…….
    last few days , i with my best friend come here , and intro her where is my company , then she said ” here have the 1 restaurant the butter king very nice , i said ” ya , i always go eat ” , she said “nxt time lunch find me go together the bird restaurant……….” =) happy to hear that………. coz lst time bcoz of misunderstand we no more talking , but now we nothing and still is best friend………
    Have a nice day !

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