To most of us, Jaya One is no longer a place which is a stranger to us, which is currently now hosting a lot of restaurant, café’s and Bar in that building itself. If you do not know what to eat or having headache on variety, take a stroll around the area that you can find variety of food range available.

One of the latest editions into the family is The Bee which just started their operation about 3 weeks and the crowds already start to love this place.

[close down on Jan 2014]


Most of us do watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S as they usually hang out in a café, but what I feel The Bee has is that similar kind of concept which is a perfect place gathering place for friends and colleague.

Bee (2)

I love their interior that really portray classic style café that I have went when I was at Melbourne, build up with red brick design and coffee counter with cake display fridge and a mini menu of food to choose from.

Bee (3)

A mini bar table type area with wifi and plug available for your online convenience.

Bee (4)

One thing that I love about their concept is that this cake display fridge is that they are going to feature most of our local bakers to sell in this fridge as part to promote local baker talent.


Bee (5)

They have not really launch the place yet and this is their only temporary menu.

Bee (6)

With currently limited choices to choose from but will be more starting from June.

Bee (7)

‘Dukkah Prawn Salad’ RM16

If you love salad for lunch or dinner, then I would say you will surely fall in love with their salad range. Fresh salad that dress with their very own, homemade salad dressing, top with fresh grilled prawns is something I enjoy.

Bee (8)

If you want more healthy or diet meal, then ‘Roasted Pumpkin Couscous Salad’ would be the preffered choice also caught my attention more, RM18 comes with fresh softly baked pumpkin with their own seasoning to enhance the flavor up and sprinkle with the white crumbs(which I forgot the word), and I just can finish this alone. –Recommended~

Bee (9)

One of their in house specialties ‘The Bee Burger’

Bee (13)

With their very own handmade beef patties which is certainly well mince, grill till its soft and juicy then baked with a layer melted cheese on top of it and its nice! – Recommended~

Bee (10)

‘Huevos Rancheros’ wrap with egg, bacon, melted cheeze, sauces, then perfectly toast till the skin is crispy and solid yet not burn with bacon is very aromatic, and so far it is the best I had. – Recommended~

Bee (11)

‘Ebi Fry Burger’ is something unique that I came across.

Bee (12)

Deep fried Ebi which the prawn is solid and fried perfectly add in with their own salad dressing to make it juicy, worth a try.

Bee (16)

‘Chicken Avocado Burger’ with chicken grilled to perfection coated with cheeze.

Opening Promo – ALL burger and drink for RM15 (which is certainly a great bargain)

Bee (14)

‘Deep Fried Ebi’ is something have not include in the current menu that would be added in their new menu very soon. The unique is the sauce that by dipping in it, our tongue get to taste sour yet sweet and spicy and its good till we dip it the whole sauce dry.

Bee (17)

‘Churros’ is something that I tried at Victoria market and not many people enjoy this desert which is very new in Malaysia, as I love to have mine, cripy on the outer layer and very soft in the middle then sprinkle with with cinnamon sugar is good~

I love this place and certainly, to all those who love burgers, go after their burger range which I felt very delectable as the catch is they have hired one of a very famous young lady chef from Australia to prepare the café’s menu and train their chef, thanks for hosting us that night.

The Bee
Jaya One
72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
(behind The Brussels Beer Cafe)
*Pork Free



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  1. Really like the high ceilings…makes the place even more spacious. Hmm…so near my office, gotta go check out the burgers! 🙂

    • Taufulou Reply

      eh, you work near there meh? worth to get lar..their set 15.90 with a drink~

  2. wah…the ebi looks nice ler…i mean the burger…very unique ler…the food looks yummy…nice pics!

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah, the food there is pretty good, the young chef design it.. the taste is quite impressive~

      • Hi there,
        im confuse. The menu very nice but they selling beer n wine ?

        • Taufulou Reply

          hi Aini,

          Yeah, its a pork free restaurant and they do sell beer and wine. . . 🙂

        • Nope, it is not Halal. The fish and chip, for instance, is battered with beer. Halal food does not only means pork-free but there NO alcohol must be used in the making of it, among others. Hope, now the webmaster would understand the difference between pork-free only and halal food so that you wont confuse your readers in the future.

          • Taufulou

            i don think i did put any fish and chips in my blog . . as I do understand between pork free and halal status . .

            that time i went was their very grand opening as i understand it was pork free at that moment . .

            i guess what you have seen is what been served now .. thanks for the update and highlights… will updated accordingly ..

          • Taufulou

            yeap, i definately understand the status and I have double check with the restaurant that their status is really pork-Free, as according to them, only 2 dishes are using a bit of alcohol, and the rest of the item pork-free. . .

            well, i guess its the restaurant to decide then . . it would be good u can give them a ring too..

        • I was there for an event on May 10, 2011. The host had preordered everything so when the food arrived (the first plate was fish and chip) I asked the waiter whether it is halal. He said nope. Then I just left and went to a mamak’s. To be fair, I didnt ask abt the rest of the dishes. .

  3. awesome.. brought my friend there.. she loved the place. thanks mate!

    • Taufulou Reply

      aiks~ glad to hear that you like that place..i have been there few times arleady,:)

  4. Omg! I think i ate Churros before in Singapore Night Safari n i can’t find them anywhere now!! Dunno whether i got the right one….

    The one i ate is a long stick wrapped in cinnamon sugar.

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