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November 2011

OverTime @ Pavilion, KL

Finally, I get to write up on this place. Most of my friend since beginning of this hear, when asked . . Where do you go Yum Cha, often the answer is OverTime. It is one of the latest hit hang out spot in town, started in KL and growing rapidly in some other states too. [Close down] OverTime had turn into a drinking place for alot of office workers or bosses as I guess with  its great ambiance and unique brew…

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Samsung Galaxy S 2

Galaxy S2 had been my first smart phone and had change my lifestyle in a few ways, with the love of its big screen that often convinients me to spend sometime on checking out on internet, images and other software, doesn’t mean that I am old that I need bigger screen. Just that I love its size of it. Well, one of the good reason of this phone is that, it can manage all my social media under one area,…

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Movie Review: Puss in Boots & Happy Feet Two : 3-D

Happy Feet Two  Genre: Animation/ Comedy/ Family A movie that rated quite high by my friend which is the latest animation Puss in Boots, whereby a wanted cat is being hunt also looking for a magic nuts that will grow with a bit combination of Jack and the Beanstalk, and Humpty Dumpty to blend into this animation. filled with a bit laughter and not bad. . .I watch in 3-D too . . If compare with Happy Feet, I prefer…

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Suki-Ya : Eat all you can Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion

When you are in downtown shopping, in Pavilion, there are something new for you guys to explore is the newly renovated Tokyo Street located on the 6th floor in Pavilion. Its a section that house many Japanese eateries, Japanese products and some house hold goods for you to explore. After they have open quite a while, this is my first time being here and SukiYa is one of my favourite. Under this section, the whole area is filled with Japanese ambiance with…

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Ushering the Year of Dragon with RM3.3mil prize to be won by G.A.B

Its all festive season around the corner especially Christmas and I know this is abit way too early to post on Chinese New Year as many people are bracing up to usher the year of Dragon, many people getting married and would want dragon kids, not dragon ball yah . . and last night G.A.B unveil their Chinese New Year 2012 campaign aptly themed “9 Grand Treasures for the Year of the Dragon”. As part of the campaign, consumers of…

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Cheap Japanese Meal at Nihon Kai @ Old Klang Road, KL

I might have been selfish in sharing food places at times or another way to say it, I have forgotten to blog about it till I look thru my old folder. If you are craving for Japanese food yet you are a bit tight in pocket? well, there is this place I went so often with my ex-colleague and friends, is this Nihon Kai, Japanese Restaurant located at Old Klang Road which is a hidden gem in the area. For…

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