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May 2012

UEFA Champions League Final with Heinaken @ GSC Signature

I know I know that I am a bit late as the whole UEFA Champions League already over and you guys already know who are the winner. Yes, Chelsea finally manage to lift the European Cup 2012 as they had dream for many seasons. Congrats to them!~!~ Well, I am just saying that I had a great night from the event that organize from Heineken that had experience one of the unique way to watch the Final match. Know where is this…

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Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain @ Bercham, Ipoh

As on the way back to KL, and I just love my friend Ian as he always love to find food during his sales discover over the other states then will bring me there whenever he had the chance or when I follow him, cuz he knows I love to eat in those kind of hidden places. Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain is one of a good recommendation. This journey, he decided to stop by Ipoh and bring me to this Bercham…

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Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee @ Damansara Uptown

One of the places that Ken wanted to bring me here that not too far from our house is this Restaurant Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee. Many times that I did FFK (in a term of cantonese) and till finally I have decided to tag along this round. It is this wan tan mee stall that only sell wan tan mee in this particular restaurant over the morning till lunch. He brought me here on weekend with one of the…

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Get your hands on Samsung Galaxy S3 first with CELCOM

One of the latest buzz in smartphone industry is S3 had just recently launch in Malaysia and of course many services providers are going to offer the best deal and to be first in the line, Celcom had taken the lead to be the first in the line to let end user experience this latest smart phone. Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest smart phone breed from Samsung itself and had taken the phone to another whole new level.…

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Launching @ One World Hotel

Heading to mid year 2012, as there are many things happening and one of the most anticipated phone by many user with a lot of improvement on the previous version, by making a remarkable sale with 20 millions units being sold world wide since its first day launch was Samsung Galaxy S2 and now many of the Android platform or in Smart phone industry, the latest unit of Samsung Galaxy S3 had being reveal and I got the privileged being…

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Red Sky Bar @ Central World, Bangkok

Continuing on my last trip at Bangkok, the last night itself we wanted to visit some sky bar in the city itself as I have seen many bloggers went to many nice sky bar that available in Bangkok. Then told Goft about it and she mention to us that she will be bringing us to this Red Sky Bar which is located in Centara Grand Hotel in Central World. As you head upon the bar you need to do a lift transfer…

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