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January 2015

Madame Waffle @ Mid Valley

Another trend that is picking up its pace is waffle. Not the typical Daily Fresh type of waffle but its this new kind known as Belgian Waffle that is small in size. Have its own fermentation that create a special texture, chewy and airy base. I have not step into Mid Valley for quite a while and suprise to see this whole new section of nearby GSC Cinema had given a whole new level of upgrading works and now house…

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Bohol Trip : Day 3 – Abatan River, Anda Beach & Lamanoc Island

First 2 days of our trip is rather interesting as the historical place in this island do amaze me.(Day 2 click here) Now on our third day, lets head to the villagers zone as our first stop of the day is Abatan River life tour located at Cortes, Bohol. The Abatan River flows over 13.5km and the word “Abat” is taken over the context of “converge” where fresh water meets sea water at the Abatan River. Along the river, lies a…

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A Pie Thing @ Uptown Damansara

I guess to hunt for food nowdays is to see the hype. Another previous hype that was all over the place which I did not really even bother to queue until it slowly died down which is recently, I drop by with my friends to check them out. A Pie Thing is one of its kind or you can put it in a way that they can be consider the first outlet that sells purely pie which is very similiar…

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LavieFlo – Flowers, Preserved from 100% Real Flowers

For year 2015, Chinese New Year is not only around the corner but also Valentine’s Day is just a few days before it, and of course when comes to Valentines Day, usually couples would spend of dinner along with a nice bouquet of flowers for some couples. As far I as heard for this year flowers are pretty limited because of weather and landslides that have cause it. There is already a sudden price hike on roses as demand are…

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The Royale Bintang @ Penang

Penang are not only growing in food chains like Cafe or hawker center. New hotels are coming up too as one of the latest hotel being added into the area which is located strategically at heritage zone is this newly built The Royale Bintang Penang. For those of you who are looking to move around the heritage zone, they are conveniently located 5 minutes bike ride away and opposite the pier. Not only that, as if night Penang new nightlife…

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Milkcow @ The Garden Mall, KL

I guess Korean Waves sure do hit our shores badly after a huge hype of whats going on stage a week ago. Not only that. We do have a big issue here too as Korean snacks are hitting our shores quite instant with Jipangi making its waves at Sunway Pyramid and now another big hype is this Milkcow Korean Soft Ice Cream that just operated about 2 months back. You used to see a long queue for this ice cream…

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