Upon arrival, I was shock as we were arrange to meet Governor or Bohol. As Bohol was hit by a strong earthquake few years ago, there are quite a number of buildings are damage, including the governor office. So this is his temporary working office.

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day 2 (3)

Governor of Bohol, Gov. Edgar Chatto is a friendly man, his love and passion on contributing and puttng a mark in the island for international tourist is remarkable.

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day 2 (6)

When in this town, I find that their mode of transportation change as in Manila, its more like a huge long Limousin version and here is more like pimping a motorcycle and easily a few people cramp in here to move around and to save cost too.

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day 2 (8)

Our very first stop in this island is Blood Compact Shrine which located in Barangay Bool of the Tagbilaran City. It has a great history as this monument were built by Napoleon Abueva, a fellow Boholano artist in commemoration of the Sikatuna-Legaspi blood compact in 1565; a treaty of friendship between Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Bohol chieftain Datu Sikatuna


day 2 (9)

With its history, this place now serve as one of a stop for tourist attraction. There are locals who help you to take pictures with the monument then print it as souvenir if you wish to walk away with it as souvenir. Any how, sourvenir here are more cheap compare to other places that we have went, and its a recommendation to buy it here if you plan to buy anything back for your colleague or friends.

Blood Compact Shrine
Tagbilaran East Road,
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
day 2 (12)
Next is this Baclayon Church. One of the oldest church in Philippines and currently its under storing process as it was damage by the quake few years back. This is also my first time entering a church.

day 2 (10)

The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church, the Baclayon Church stands as the oldest Christian settlement as it was founded in the year 1596 while the construction of the church itself was completed in 1727.

day 2 (11)

As we were taking pictures here and there, then saw this little ticketing counter with friendly lady smiling at us, where she mention “entry is just 50 peso”, as it cost us RM 3.70 which is to cover their current restoring job only and of course we paid and went in to check it out.

day 2 (13)

day 2 (14)

During the quake, they still manage to safe as much statue as possible and now these are those that in good shape.

day 2 (15)

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day 2 (17)

When I walk into the main hall of the church, I am totally mesmerize as the structure, colour, the detail of the wall is amazing.

day 2 (18)

The main hall – altar of the Baclayon Church, untouched and complete.

day 2 (19)

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day 2 (23)

Then we move upstairs to further check out what’s up there.day 2 (25)

The past and now where the top tower is damage by 7.2 quake previously.

Baclayon Church
Baclayon Bohol, Philippines 
(Along the Tagbilaran East Road)

day 2 (24)

Our next destination where we will have our lunch on the cruise with live music. Lobac river is another destination for tourist to enjoy

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day 2 (27)

while waiting, this 2 fellow non stop selfie. .

day 2 (28)

Village Floating Resto & Cruises, the boat cruises down Loboc River for about an hour or so and makes a stop by a village where there are locals waiting to sing you songs and perform unique dances for you to enjoy. Donations are encourage by end of their performance but its really up to your generosity.

day 2 (29)

This is another well known old church being damage also from the quake.

day 2 (30)

As all the table arrangement and setting is already done and welcome us, we have coconut drink to start off with and while we are on the way up to the stream ..

day 2 (32)

There is this guy on board already started singing, cheering adding in the ambiance to be more relaxing.

day 2 (33)

day 2 (34)

Lunch on board for the packages were decent. .

day 2 (35)

day 2 (36)

The boat driver is seated far behind and wonder how does he navigate his route.

day 2 (37)

While you wish to chill, they even have hammock for you.

day 2 (39)

For safety purposes, they also do have lifeguard around the river area. . .

day 2 (40)

AS we reach the final bank of the upstream, there are a few mini waterfalls and also a platform at the side for us to take pictures.

day 2 (41)

day 2 (42)

As we are heading back, then we stop by at this village for the villager to perform. .

day 2 (43)

Its very interesting how they get the villager to come out and participate in dancing, singing and greet us by showing their culture.

day 2 (44)

day 2 (45)

day 2 (46)

For the package of the river cruise, I find it reasonable as for PHP 450 – PHP 500 (RM 33 – RM 37) per person but that includes the entrance fee, river cruise and food costs plus other maintenance needs. (its like Pau Ka Liau) and its something worth to explore.
Barangay Valladolid,
Loboc, Bohol

day 2 (47)

Follow by we were brought to this Tarsier Conservation area. To me, I associate Tarsier close to MAgadascar charactor. 😀

day 2 (48)

Entry is PHP 60 (RM4.20)

day 2 (49)

Tarsiers is one of the tiniest primates ever and now they are now considered an endangered species around the world and are actually found in Asia and some in even in Europe. In fact, they’re also available in Sabah, Malaysia. (Never know we have tarsier in Malaysia – maybe in Zoo?)

day 2 (50)

This s a preserve area and you have to walking along the trail to reach those little hut that have been built for them to rest.

day 2 (51)

Arent they small? But they sure do have long tails.

day 2 (52)

day 2 (53)

day 2 (54)

day 2 (55)

Ellie trying to be the big Tarsier. . keke.

Upper Bonbon, Loboc,
6316, Bohol

day 2 (56)

Let the adventure begin, as we are at this famous Chocolate hills adventure park (CHAP)

day 2 (57)

day 2 (59)

Entrance to the park will set you off PHP 60 per person and there will be additinal charges if you decieded to go other extra adventure.

day 2 (58)

day 2 (60)

Let’s go . ..

day 2 (61)

day 2 (62)

Heading to the butterfly farm first. .

day 2 (63)

I have goose bumps when I see this Caterpillar.

day 2 (64)

 Then taking this gigantic Caterpillar is interesting. .

day 2 (65)

Photo opp with the butterfly . .

day 2 (67)

day 2 (68)

Mini gimmick and see, Now I can fly . . . .

day 2 (69)

day 2 (70)

Next to our very first adventure yet very exciting. .

day 2 (71)

Before taking on this adventure, we have to sign off first for any casualties happen is at our own risk . .

day 2 (72)

Then taking blood pressure to check are you suitable for it or not.

day 2 (73)

Your first fitness test, before you ride on your bicycle in the air .. Lets go to the viewing deck.

day 2 (74)

day 2 (75)

Photo,opp. . Behind is is also famous Chocolate hills, whereby there are tons of mini hills that being form out. This is the only place in the world where you can find this mini hills.

day 2 (76)

day 2 (77)

Getting ready for my exciting ride up there. A Bike Zip is where you cycle thru to another end and cycle back.

day 2 (78)

day 2 (79)

day 2 (80)

I just love this sign. Chicken out? Make a U-turn la. . .

day 2 (81)


day 2 (82)

Do not worry as its so safe that you can just let go both of your hands and pose! The only interesting thing on this is when its windy, you will find that you are cycling left and right and its quite scary as is estimated 15 floor levels from ground.

day 2 (83)

Entrance Fee: PHP 60
The Rush (Bike Zip): PHP 400
The Snake Ladder (Tree Top RCA): PHP 200
The Pentagon (Tree Top RCB): PHP 350
Gymnaskids (Child Rope Course): PHP 300
Eco-Hiking Trail: PHP 200
Chicken & Fish Feeding: PHP 50
Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
Camanayon Brgy Buenos Aires
Carmen, Bohol


day 2 (84)

AFter our adventure park, we are not heading for our dinner place. Another well known place for dinner among the folks here is this place known as Bohol Bee Farm. Nope we are not eating bee, nor a place filled with bee also extends as a Bed & Breakfast hostel for those who wants such great amenities by their doorsteps and holds a souvenir shop that sells delicious foods such as mango spreads, honey spreads and other specialties to boot.

day 2 (85)

Its a short walk from the main area all the way down to this restaurant. Believe its located next to the seaside and it will be a perfect view if we reach before the sunset.

day 2 (86)

itself also extends as a Bed & Breakfast hostel for those who wants such great amenities by their doorsteps and holds a souvenir shop that sells delicious foods such as mango spreads, honey spreads and other specialties to boot.

day 2 (87)

day 2 (88)

This is one of my favourite as their homemade bread is just so soft and pair with their restaurant special made jam which is available outside the souvenir shop. Butter honey, garlic butter honey and mango butter.

day 2 (89)

Love their organic salad as the dressing is very appetizing, seafood lasagna is also my next favoruite as its quite cheezy, follow by their organic red rice. Interesting texture as it looks dry yet eating it its not.

day 2 (90)

day 2 (91)

Their Hot sauce is pretty spicy and yet you would still want to continue dipping it.

day 2 (92)

Their homemade gelato is a must try item too . .

day 2 (93)

This is interesting as its Rice coffee. Taste is certainly not acidic but do taste more like our kopi in the usual run down kopitiam yet slightly more diluted and aromatic.

Bohol Bee Farm

Dao, Dauis,
Panglao Island, Bohol




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