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December 2015

Mork Chocolate Brew House @ North Melbourne

During my studies at Melbourne, the hype of chocolatier and chocolate drink series boils down to only 2 shop, Koko Black & Max Brenner. Mork Chocolate Brew House This round during my visit, my friend brought me to this newly joint which currently stand high in her list for one of a best chocolate drink. Not only that, as I have learnt that they are serving one of the best chocolate at the moment in Melbourne and also supplies to many…

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Banana Leaf Rice – Kanna Curry House @ Section 17, PJ

By working in this area for long time, and whenever my colleague craving for banana leaf rice, we would always end up in Kanna Curry House which located in Section 17. Be advise to come here earlier to avoid crazy crowd and also parking problems. Most of them would double park and parking would be havoc especially if you do come on Friday lunch time. An array of curry dishes for you to choose or hunt. If not those server…

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Chez Dre Patisserie Boulangerie @ South Melbourne

Was looking around for good Patisserie for my visit and found this place was recommended by many. Chez Dre Patisserie Boulangerie is located a stone throw away from South Melbourne Market. If you are coming from South Melbourne Market, it is abit tricky to locate this show as the signage on top of the unit is not actually the cafe as it is another outlet. You have to walk till the end on the orange colour building and a small…

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Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House @ Flinders Lane, Melbourne

I have been walking pass this street for numerous time while walking around aimlessly without any direction during my holiday visit. For a few days been walking pass this outlet and I am surely impress with the amount of crazy crowd that queuing till out from the outlet and next to the little ally for their coffee in peak working hours and also during after lunch break. Dukes Coffee Roasters is one of a super star well know to the folks…

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Market Lane Coffee @ Therry Street, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Coffee places in Melbourne is crazy. I have been hunting quite number of outlets and on my last day there are a few friends and also instagramers that I must check this place out as many rate them as one of their favourite. The visit did pay off as this small little outlet – Market Lane Coffee that sits directly next to Queen Victoria Market or if you can locate MacD, then you are at the right place as it…

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Barry @ Northcote, Melbourne

It was random as originally as we were suppose to head to another eatery Estelle under Josh Pelham. Eventually we came on the wrong day as they were closed.  A few doors away, tuck this busy cafe – Barry that caught our attention that we should try this cafe in Northcote too. Base on their crowd and their food presentation that we peep over the window while on the way picking up our car, had created an intention for us…

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